Eat all the top ten restaurants in Guangzhou during the May Day holiday.

Eat all the top ten restaurants in Guangzhou during the May Day holiday.

Why not eat up Guangzhou TOP 10 together during Labour Day holiday?

when New Year's Day this year, the official account "Bian du" launched a "2014 Guangzhou Top Ten Restaurant list", which includes all kinds of delicacies. In order to satisfy my tongue, I tried to clock in during the winter vacation. In order to satisfy everyone's curiosity, just sort it out a little bit. I hope this report can satisfy everyone's aesthetic and appetite.

1.The Market Cafe Kaifei Hall-"Best cafeteria\"

the only three-star "unforgettable" rating on the list, and the only restaurant that tried before the list was launched. In terms of dining experience and food level, it is indeed an "unforgettable" level.

people who have been there must find the atmosphere of the restaurant unspeakably comfortable, with a bird's-eye view of Guangzhou from the window.

and I think the most special thing is that Kaifei broke away from the "shackles" of the pick-up area and turned the area of the general cafeteria with large dishes and pots into an open kitchen. Tell the cook what you want to eat, and he will process the food and deliver it.

the food is very fine, and the quantity setting is reasonable. What is rare is that Chinese food, western food and Japanese food are all very good. At the same time, salad and spaghetti are made freshly, desserts must be liked, strawberry tarts are highly recommended.

⊕ 22 /F, R & F Grand Hyatt Hotel, 12 Zhujiang New Town West Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City (exit A1 of Metro Zhujiang Metro Station)

☎ 020-83961234-3366

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◐ 12:00pm-2:30pm/5:30pm-9:30pm

¥buffet dinner: Monday to Thursday RMB498+15%, Friday to Sunday RMB588+15%  2.Hoi Fan Restaurant-"Best innovative Cantonese Restaurant"

in terms of price, food itself and location This is one of the most people-friendly on the list, so it would be a good choice if you want to start clocking in.

A very impressive highlight is that after the dishes are served, the waiter does not directly say "here we go", but "Please have dinner".

personally, I think that the difference between "new school" Cantonese cuisine and traditional Cantonese cuisine mainly lies in the steps of "adding color" such as seasoning and cooking, and the main ingredients and recipes are basically unchanged. On the other hand, the seasoning of the new Cantonese cuisine tries to create a more comprehensive flavor-you can't say whether it is sweet or salty, and it may also be mixed with milk or fish sauce, but everything is in harmony. It must have been reconciled by many talented people from different places.

the sweet-scented osmanthus and pork chop buns in the store are strongly pushed, and several traditional Cantonese dishes can also be tried.

⊕ 3 /F, Wanlinghui, 230232 Tianhe Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City (exit An of Shipaiqiao Station, Metro)

◐ 11:00am-10:00pm  ¥per capita RMB70

3.Lime Garden Qingyue Vietnamese cuisine-"Best Vietnamese Restaurant"

the name and "Vietnamese food" are really small and fresh, but the atmosphere in the restaurant is more like a western restaurant.

compared with other Southeast Asian restaurants, Qingyuesheng uses fresh ingredients, the teeth and cheeks of the salad stay fragrant, and the mouth is full of the smell of vegetables and perilla. Vietnamese famous dishes spring rolls and river noodles also perform well. Spring rolls are eaten with lettuce, vanilla and perilla. While adding flavor, vegetables are also used to neutralize deep-fried "fire". When eating river noodles, there are also brown sugar, chili, sweet and sour sauce, fish sauce and other spices to choose from.

Curry is not as greasy as others and has more stamina. A special highlight is the water in the store, which seems to have added some rice juice or spices, which is unique and refreshing.

serving food is so fast that when checking out, the waiter will smile and ask, "do you like today's food?" The comfortable environment and service, as well as Vietnamese food that is crisp, sour and sweet, make Qingyue a very suitable place for a first date and an important relationship.

◐ 11:00am-10:00pm

¥per capita RMB140

exit C of Tianhe City Plaza, 228 Tianhe Road, Guangzhou City. Longshanghang-"Best Northwest Restaurant"

located in the alley of Pearl River New Town, it is not particularly easy to find, the sign is inconspicuous, even a bit "Hong Kong style", but the name can tell it is the Northwest Restaurant.

the general northwest restaurant gives me the impression of a slightly crude storefront and casual display and use, but it just does the opposite, blending the delicacy of the south and the rugged randomness of the north into the restaurant environment and products.

because it is a northwest dish, it may also be more suitable for carnivores. The beef and mutton in the store is indeed very impressive. A variety of different beef and mutton varieties and various cooking methods not only maximize the delicacy of the ingredients, but also meet the taste needs of different diners.

because I don't eat mutton, I chose two kinds of beef with a large span this time-- authentic boiled yak steak and fat beef with sauerkraut, both of which are the hallmarks of the store. The yak steak licks its bones for several rounds. The fat cow absorbs the taste of sauerkraut, pepper and spices at the bottom of the soup, and the taste is very layered.

finally, when we couldn't finish packing, the waiter also quietly told us that the soup bottom of sauerkraut and fat beef was almost the best in the store, and many people had to pack up the soup and cook noodles after eating meat.

surprisingly, vegetables, stews and yogurt can all get high marks. The large dish is very fresh and mixed with vinegar and salad oil. The meat in the stew is rotten.The medicinal herbs and mushrooms are still refreshing, and the milk flavor of yogurt is strong, mixed with sesame seeds, red dates, almonds and so on. Such delicacy makes me suspect that my boss is from Hong Kong.

⊕ Building 2, Huali Road, Zhujiang New City, Guangzhou (2nd floor, R & F Edinburgh) (exit B1 of Metro Pearl River Metro Station)

☎ 020-38663658

◐ 11:30am-2:30pm/5:30pm-10:00pm

per capita RMB80

5.Paulaner Br ä uhaus-"Best German Restaurant"

We have come to Shipaiqiao area again. Swire Huihua is the high consumption zone of Guangzhou, and this one is no exception. Therefore, the performance-to-price ratio is not very high compared with the previous ones. However, as a multi-award-winning restaurant, the product is still as good as the previous ones.

first of all, the environment, the interior of the restaurant is very big, it is said that there is a band singing in the evening, but at noon the sun is good, everyone chose the table outside, that is, the service outside is not as good as the one inside.

German food feels different from ordinary western food. Although the atmosphere of the restaurant is the same, the salad is also different from the general salad. The German salad dressing is sour and sour cucumber is added to the salad. It is worth mentioning that the carrot salad is mixed with orange juice. It seems that Germans like sour and pickled things very much.

here we have to mention the famous German cuisine Pork Hock Seasoned with Soy Sauce and roast sausage. Because I couldn't eat, I didn't order pig elbow, but the sausage was amazing. It is said that German sausage is different from place to place. We tried Munich sausage with sauerkraut, the skin of the sausage was crisp, but there was gravy flowing out when the fork was pierced. After the entrance, I was amazed at how such a small piece of meat could give off such a strong meat flavor.

sausages are a perfect match with German mustard (yellow and sour). As the baked sausage is relatively hot, so we still have to eat some sauerkraut to reduce the fire. There is also spaghetti, tomato juice is made of small tomatoes, compared with the big tomatoes are not so sour, more sweet and fragrant. The original dark beer in the store is also very good.

⊕ Shop L307, 3rd floor, Taiguhui, 383 Tianhe Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City (exit D, Shipaiqiao Station, Metro Line 3)

☎ 020-28086333

◐ lunch 11:00am-2:00am (early next morning)

¥per capita RMB150

6.Il Matto -\ "Best Italian restaurant\"

this restaurant is located opposite Longshanghang, so I found it at once. The furnishings of the restaurant are partial to Mediterranean style and free at will. The kitchen is located on the mezzanine and is an open kitchen.

you should know that Italian food is originally the ancestor of western food, and the popular "western restaurant" on the market has also reconciled the Chinese people in terms of environment and food. Il Matto did not deliberately create a dark and quiet atmosphere like most western restaurants. Instead, this "return to basics" won my favor.

there are all foreign faces from cooks to customers, so it's a little awkward to go in. After sitting down, the waiter will serve bread and unique sauce as an appetizer, and then ask whether the water should be breathless or airless, and the water is also imported from Italy. It has a super good impression, but it is only found that it is a compulsory consumption after checking out (laughter).

after compulsory consumption, the waiter will recommend the same day's Chef Special, which is usually a very unique dish. We tried it. Spaghetti, tomato juice and seafood are baked in tin foil. The taste is simply the best ever. You know, most of the essence of western food is in the sauce, so we secretly licked the tin foil and plate after eating spaghetti.

We also tried Pizza, the authentic Italian Pizza is very thin, tomato and basil and other spices are melted into the cheese, not greasy at all, but very crisp. It's a pity that I didn't try Tira Misu.

⊕ 1 /F Poly Champagne Garden, 22 Huaxun Street, Zhujiang Xincheng Road, Guangzhou

☎ 020-38049719

◐ 12:00pm-2:00pm/6:00pm-0:00


7. Tianshui-Creative vegetable cuisine-"Best Vegetarian Restaurant"

the only restaurant on the list that is not in Tianhe District, is also the only vegetarian restaurant. The restaurant is located in a secluded courtyard with few locations and more flowers than diners; the atmosphere is excellent after sitting down, and cats come to rub your legs during tea.

since meals need to be prepared according to the number of people, the restaurant needs to book at least one day in advance. At the same time, there is no need to order, waiting for the waiter to unveil them little by little, the whole meal seems to be a special adventure.

the concept of the restaurant is somewhat similar to that of Huaishi cuisine-the extreme pursuit of "user experience", exquisite dishes and dishes, and pay attention to the original ingredients, mutual matching and health preservation.

Dinner for two served a soup, an appetizer, six hot dishes and a dessert, from kudzu Agaricus blazei Murrill soup to appetizers, Dongyin Gong hot pot, vegetable rolls, iron plate apricot abalone mushrooms, glutinous rice brewed tofu, soup vegetables and chocolate mousse. The whole set tastes like Huai Shi cuisine, "the monk puts a warm stone on his abdomen during meditation." it is actually a good medicine to warm the stomach and nourish the stomach in winter.

what I have to mention is the exquisite appetizer. On the far right is tofu in a wooden cup with sweet and sour sauce, bread slices with small tomatoes and strawberries in the middle, and a salad of pear, guava and passion fruit on the far left, with mint leaves, a very good interpretation of "complement each other".

after eating, I specially thanked the cook, and then I knew that the menu changed with the season.In fact, it should be obvious), determined to do it again.

☎ 13580470717

◐ 11:00am-9:00pm

¥RMB100/, 2 people, you need to make an appointment by phone first

8. Lu Dingji-the Best Sichuan Restaurant

the hardest restaurant to eat among all the restaurants. When I went for the first time, I was told that I had to wait two hours, so I made a reservation a week in advance and finally got it. The storefront is not very fume, but also very clean; the decoration and atmosphere are very different from ordinary Chinese restaurants, with the motivation of young people.

after being seated, the waiter poured hot tea with a long-nosed pot. The tea is also very special, which is mixed with chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, Siraitia grosvenorii, red jujube, wolfberry and so on. I ordered several specialty dishes according to the recommendation of my friend. First of all, Boiled Fish with Pickled Cabbage and Chili, the spice is very sufficient, two jin of bass after the bones are removed, there is not much meat left, is cooked fragrance overflowing, the entrance is melted, that is, remember to crush with your tongue or you will chew pepper, it is highly recommended to add fresh bamboo shoots or fungus.