Don't think too much, it's the best way to keep good health.

Don't think too much, it's the best way to keep good health.

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I have heard a piercing remark: "nothing in the world is happiest than those who think too much."


they always use excessive imagination to make up some unwarranted problems, which make themselves physically and mentally exhausted.

 A famous American psychologist also said: "overthinking is a disease."  

A lot of troubles are caused by wishful thinking.


the world is hard to live and life is not easy, so why bother to make it difficult for yourself?

when things are over, there will be another world.



there is nothing to worry about in the world


once saw a netizen's self-report on Zhihu that she accidentally added to the Wechat of an older generation whom she admired very much.

 at first they chatted happily, but suddenly they stopped answering her messages.  

she began to think that she had said the wrong thing and made her seniors angry.


or talking to her is too boring, so the seniors don't want to talk to her anymore?

or do you think she doesn't deserve it and just block her?


but more than an hour later, she received another Wechat from her predecessor:


someone said: "more than 80% of the troubles in life come from thinking too much."

 because you think too much, you can complicate a simple problem or even create a problem that doesn't exist at all, thus getting yourself into endless trouble.  

like the netizen in the story, just because the other person's cell phone is out of power, he or she makes up for a tortuous play to torture himself.

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people who think too much live the most tired, and sensitive people are the most likely to be heartbroken.


other people do not reply a single message, an ordinary "hehe", or an exclamatory circle of friends, they will sit in the right seat, thinking that the other person is aimed at them, and then their hearts are broken.

 being overly sensitive and caring is a disease that can make people live like scared birds.  

at the end of the day, it means nothing but exhausting yourself physically and mentally.

 A famous American psychologist once did an experiment in which a group of experimenters were asked to write down their troubles for the next seven days and put them in a box.  

three weeks later, it was found that 90% of the troubles did not occur.

 then he threw the rest of the troubles into the cardboard box again, but three weeks later, he found that those troubles were no longer troubles.  

the trouble you think does not necessarily happen; even if it is a big problem, it has its own solution.

 Stevenson put it well:  

what should come cannot be stopped, and what should not come cannot be obtained.


 when you adjust your mindset, life is free and carefree everywhere.  


thinking too much is self-torture


some people say:

because there is no action, there is no point in thinking more. It just pains your heart and even misses the opportunity.  
 when the "computer king" An Wang played in his childhood, he got a bird's nest that fell from a tree, and there was a young bird that could not fly.  

An Wang wanted to take the chicks home to feed, but he was afraid of being scolded by his mother.

 because his mother has always objected to him raising small animals, he is afraid that after bringing the bird home, his mother will be furious or throw the bird directly out of the house.  

after thinking it over, he decided to hide the bird's nest in a hidden place first, and then hesitated for a long time to get home.


but when he got home, his mother unexpectedly supported him in raising birds and praised him for his love.


but when he returned to the place where the bird was hidden, the nestling had disappeared, and only a wildcat was licking its lips by the nest.


An Wang had a chance to bring the bird home, but because of his many worries, he not only made himself tired, but also cost the chick his life.

 there was a popular saying on the Internet:

think about it, it is true.


doing things is bad, but thinking too much is not necessarily good!

thinking too much about the past will only leave you stuck in regret and remorse, making it difficult for you to move on.

I like Jack Ma's sentence very much: "do the right thing first, then do the right thing."

Don't always say that if you don't have so many ifs in life, you will only get results if you do it.

instead of thinking about it, let it go.

if it succeeds, it is called wonderful; if it fails, it gives you a confession.


Why struggle in life is a sunny day

troubles are created by yourself.

the so-called troubles are nothing but troubles. If you want to be open, you will be at ease.

but the peasant woman said that although the sun is good, it can also bring heat and worry about scorching the crops.

but the peasant woman still looks sad: "if it doesn't stop raining, the crops can't stand it!"

if, like a peasant woman, she thinks the worst of everything, it is a tragedy every day; if she follows the farmer's state of mind, there is joy everywhere.

as the saying goes, "those who care are tired, but those who don't care don't care."

the heart has thousands of knots, life is full of entanglements; if there is nothing in the mind, life will be at ease all the time.

if you have an open mind, you will be blessed; if you think about things, you can dispel the haze; if you change your state of mind, you will be able to change your state.


Buddhist saying: "worry has no root, if you don't pick it up, there will be no source of confusion. It's easy if you don't correct it."

if you think too much, your heart will be shackled; if you think too little, thousands of troubles can be eliminated.

it is not difficult to be happy. If you think about it, you will be blessed, and if you open your mind, you will find a way out.

May every day in the future, you and I can not worry about things, every day is a good time of life!