Don't think about anything, just let yourself go.

Don't think about anything, just let yourself go.

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German philosopher Schopenhauer said:

in fact, too many people are the same in life.

as long as there is a little movement in the outside world, everyone begins to fight on the inside.

little do you know that if you care too much about what other people think, you are just torturing yourself.


there is a kind of tiredness called wishful thinking

once read a cartoon by Wu Zhihong, in which the heroine Ah Hua is a delicate girl.

when she was doing her work report, she accidentally saw her boss frown and began to guess nervously whether it was because she spoke too badly.

after the meeting is over, Hua is still worried about this matter.

until the boss came up to her and said, "this week's data is very good, keep going."

she was completely relieved.

when she came out of the bathroom, she saw her colleagues drinking milk tea.

A Hua feels that they don't call themselves even if they buy milk tea, and they suddenly feel isolated.

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then began to feel uncomfortable again: "sure enough, no one likes me."

unexpectedly, after work, my colleague asked her to eat her favorite hot pot.

when she received a call from Sister Zhang, Hua remembered the material that Sister Zhang asked her to help translate. She hasn't finished yet.

so she apologized nervously to Sister Zhang, but Sister Zhang told her, "it's all right, no need."

now Ah Hua feels more guilty. After hanging up the phone, she has been wondering if Sister Zhang is disappointed in her.

after thinking it over for a long time, she sent Sister Zhang a Wechat explanation and apology.

Sister Zhang told her that it's all right. She recently hired an intern and handed over the translation work to the intern.

I have to say that in real life, sensitive people are like this.

other people's casual words, eyes, and movements can make them panic and face the enemy.

as long as the people around them are a little abnormal, they begin to reflect on whether they have done something wrong.

do not know that excessive introspection is a kind of internal friction, which will only make us very tired.

some people say:

this is true, but such ups and downs will inevitably consume a lot of time and energy.

people who are easy to think too much are doomed to live a hard life.


being oversensitive is a social disaster.

I have seen a question on Zhihu:

there is an answer at the bottom:

"speaking and doing things in front of each other will become careful, and you have to pay attention to each other's mood changes all the time.

because you never know which of your words will hurt him. "

in fact, in interpersonal communication, people who are too sensitive will not only make others tired, but also easily embarrass themselves.

I used to be a sensitive person, and I almost lost a friend.

for a while, I had some professional questions and needed to ask a friend for advice.

but she was always chatting with me on Wechat, and suddenly she didn't reply to me.

I could stand it once or twice, and then more times, I finally couldn't contain my anger and deleted her directly.

because I can feel from her attitude that she is very disrespectful to me and even doesn't take me seriously.

the more I think about it, the angrier I get, and I'm even ready to break up with her.

the next day, my friend found that he had been deleted by me and added me back.

she sheepishly explained to me that she often did this, watching a play while chatting with others, and then forgot to reply.

because of this bad habit, she has also been criticized by other friends several times.

then I realized that she didn't target me on purpose, but that I was thinking too much.

the relationship between people is subtle and fragile.

in the process of getting along, it is inevitable that there will be friction, large and small.

sometimes we attribute some uncomfortable behavior to the fact that the other person looks down on us and deliberately targets us.

is oversensitive, a projection of inner self-confidence, and a social disaster.

not all people in life can be considerate of our emotions.

in dealing with people, only by relaxing your mind can you not get tired of getting along with each other.


Don't think too much about everything.

in the variety show "my Girl", Wu Xin invited his good friend Shen Ling to be a guest at home.

while they were chatting and chatting at dinner, Wu Xin suddenly burst into tears.

she said, "I have a very competitive thing, but I haven't told anyone either."

it turns out that there was a New year's Eve party on Mango Station, and 10 hosts all prepared programs.

Wu Xin's program was removed by the director's team because of the overtime.

at that time, as soon as she finished, she broke down and cried bitterly, and after crying, she put on makeup and continued to host.

but this matter has become an impassable hurdle in her heart.

when she talked about this after many years, she could not help choking:

she said, "this blow is fatal."

Wu Xin's words are distressing to netizens, but this is not the case.

the New year's party that collapsed Wu Xin actually cut the shows of Vega and some other hosts.

it's just that Wu Xin cares so much about other people's opinions that she is bitter about the setback.

listenAfter a period of saying:

"it is common to be unhappy in the world, and there are very few things that can be obedient to you.

if you have to worry about it, no one or thing can satisfy you.

Why do you have to mess with yourself when you live a lifetime? The width of the heart is an inch, and the width of the road is one inch. "

when we are alive, what we fear most is not the negation of others, but the struggle between ourselves and ourselves.

A lot of things, you have to worry about it deeply, but you are just torturing yourself.

Don't think too much about anything and don't delve into it.

keeping the clouds light and the wind light is the only way to let yourself go.


there is a long way to go in life.

everyone will encounter a lot of bad things in his life.

but most of the time, what hurts us is not the thing itself, but our view of it.

people who are overly introspective always magnify their shortcomings, so they are prone to physical and mental exhaustion.

people who are overly sensitive always magnify other people's words and deeds, so they often live unhappily.

people who like to think too much just embarrass themselves in the end.

when we walk in the world, we all need to retain a little insensitivity.

only in this way can we resolve the inevitable minor setbacks along the way.

there is a saying: "Life has a long way to go."

May we be more open-minded people for the rest of our lives.

when things go wrong, happiness will knock on the door.

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