Don't rush me to get better.

Don't rush me to get better.

Every now and then, don't cheer up.

that's how thorns suddenly described themselves in the group last night.

his girlfriend vivi advised him: "Don't go."

as a result, his laptop ran out of electricity as soon as he arrived in Guangzhou, and he forgot to bring his charger, so it was useless to go to the office.

later, I went back to Dongguan to see vivi.

"what on earth are you doing?"

I was on the long-distance bus, shaking my mind out of my mind, but I had some thoughts unconsciously.

recently, everyone's work condition is not good. Although they still joke and brush emojis on weekdays, they have long been scattered everywhere for all kinds of things.

there was no positive response, including me, who was silent because of guilt. This probably aggravates the thorns and anxiety of being a boss.

is he forgetting his charger? is it a daily omission, or is he absent-minded?

not coming back right away, are you too tired or don't want to accept this trip in vain?

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the attitude is positive, but the action is weak.

when speaking, you must keep your eyes firm, clench your fist with both hands, and make a posture that soars into the sky, as if all the difficult problems in the next second can be easily solved by my efforts, just like the heroine of Japanese TV series herself.

my boyfriend always taunts me every now and then.

when I said I would write well today, he would pick his eyebrows, curl his mouth, spread out his hands, and finally nod.

I often start to feel tired when I turn on the computer. I don't want to read materials. I wonder why I have to control the number of words when I write a manuscript and put it on a paper, but I can't push a thousand words in half a day.

at this time, even the hostess of Japanese TV series had to admit: "that's true. Even if others can see it, I really can't."

it's very easy for people to break down at such times, thinking in frustration: "in that case, forget it."

so "I will try!" It's for myself.

is I'm afraid that others will think "you can't" and that you can't answer that sentence.

for several days in a row, I forced myself not to go home if I hadn't written enough words. When I wrote in the office until 11:30 at night, the whole floor was gone and I almost missed the last subway. The declaration of effort made by

is not consistent with the actual operation, and it is easy to be discouraged in the event of an accident.

such as giving up writing, such as browsing a movie, or playing games all afternoon.

that kind of feeling is like standing in the hot summer sun, getting dizzy in the sun, but before you get heatstroke, you can still go on step by step, but it's hard to think about it.

A voice came out from the bottom of my heart: "I can't do it. I can't do it."

sometimes I go out for a change of mindset,

or ask my boyfriend for a hug.

they say, "what are you doing?" hurry up. "

so at the end of that night, I only replied," I miss vivi. "


everyone changed to three or even four drafts. I am one draft.

I envisioned whether I'm going to be finished.

you know, like that, you think there is still a long way to go, with the increase in the number of sweat wiping, anxiety is about to reach its peak, but suddenly turn a corner to the destination.

but after a short period of excitement, I was thinking that if I went on, it was not just cold deadline and fear that sustained me. If there are people around me with warm refueling and companionship, I should be more confident and more powerful.

that's all.



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