Don't please anyone who responds to you on Wechat like this.

Don't please anyone who responds to you on Wechat like this.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

read a paragraph:

if you don't reply to my message once, I think you are busy;

twice, I think you have no electricity;

if you don't reply to my message three times, I think you are not there;

if you don't reply to my message four times, I think you are dead. No matter how good the relationship is, it can't afford to be perfunctory again and again.

all the drifting away in an intimate relationship comes from disappointment, so you can only pull over consciously.

writer Zhang Haochen said:

"when he does not like you, it is useless for you to appear beautifully by his side. The candy you send him is not sweet. In his eyes, your 'what are you doing' is the same as the nature of the sales text message, and he can't understand your updated thoughts in the state.

he is the background of your life, and you are his A, B, C, D. "

if a relationship wears you out and makes you feel aggrieved, give it up.

some people ignore you, so they might as well get together and break up.

in life, it is superfluous to reach out for the things you can't grasp.


people who don't love you are always busy

brush into a circle of friends late at night:

I think so.

listen to friend Nini break up with her boyfriend recently, the reason is:

boyfriend often doesn't reply messages.

the two have been dating for a year, and their boyfriends often disappear.

once in the middle of the night, suddenly there was no news of my boyfriend. I thought he was working overtime, so he didn't reply to Wechat or answer his phone.

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as a result, at 2 o'clock in the morning, there was still no news from her boyfriend. Nini was so worried that she contacted her boyfriend's best brother. She didn't expect her boyfriend to be KTV high.

later she questioned her boyfriend:

boyfriend said: "busy forgot."

A "busy" word breaks everything, just like all those who can't read back and don't answer the phone can be summed up in five words:

I'm busy forgetting.

like this:

Let's have dinner together! I'm busy.

go to the movies! I'm busy.

reply a message! I'm busy.

"I'm busy" again and again is like a basin of cold water poured into your heart.

whether someone loves you or not depends on how much time he gives you. All those "I'm busy" are a kind of refusal, telling you: I don't love you.

only children ask, why are you ignoring me? Adults know that

the end of a relationship begins with never returning a message.

Zhang ailing said:

the road of life is not afraid of being slow, but afraid of waiting.

those who don't love you have blocked you in their hearts.


if you don't contact

, you don't care if you have ever had such an experience:

Wechat chat, you will always be the active one.

if you don't look for him, he will never come to you.

if you don't open your mouth, he is like a mute.

chat history, starting with you and ending with you.

always ask "how are you?" In the end, they are also the ones who are hurt the most.

people who really care about you will take the initiative to contact you.

once, when we had a departmental dinner, the place where we ate was a little remote and the signal was not good.

as soon as he arrived there, his colleague Huazi was restless and anxious.

his cell phone ran out of power and automatically turned off. As soon as he connected the charger and charged 10% of the battery, he looked for all kinds of signals and wanted to call his girlfriend.

his colleagues all teased him and said, "you are such a pussy. You must be a strict wife."

he said, "if you don't take the initiative to call her, she will be worried."

in fact, we envy his girlfriend because Huazi always thinks from her point of view.

wherever Huazi goes, he will take the initiative to contact his girlfriend and report his own situation.

you see, people who really care about you will never let you wait passively.

the so-called love one:

things are clear, and the details are clear.

whether a person loves you, the way of chat will tell you; whether a person loves you or not, actions are more important than words.

those who have you in their hearts will take the initiative to contact you; those who don't have you in their hearts will automatically ignore you.

not contacting doesn't mean you don't care, but it must be estranged.

because it doesn't matter if you don't take the initiative.

I have read a sentence:

"if I send Wechat with someone I like and he has not replied, I will delete that dialog box. I always feel that I see that dialog box, as if I saw my own humility and flattery."

look at whether a person cares about you, do not ask, remember:

not taking the initiative is the answer, silence is a refusal.


without you, I don't love deeply enough

someone asks:

I have never appeared in his circle of friends. Does he love me after all?

someone answered:

True love is open, but not love is hidden.

there was a topic in the tree hole at night:

see a person's moment thoroughly?

there is a sad message:

I have been in love with my boyfriend for 2 years, and he has never taken me to meet his friend, nor has he ever made me public in moments.

I have no trace in his social circle.

every time I want to send his picture to my moments, he won't let me post it, as if he is afraid that others will know about our relationship.

I don't know what I'm holding on to. Maybe I should have let go a long time ago.

emotion is not an one-man show, but a seesaw for two.

if the one you love makes you live carefully, don't waste your time. Either ask him bravely if he loves you, or make a clean break with him.

True love cannot be forced. Loving someone who doesn't love you is like holding a cactus. The more tightly you hold it, the more painful your heart will be.

the truth is, he doesn't like you that much.

No matter how hard it is for dead wood to be in spring, it is hard for rotten wood to become a forest.

those who don't love you will forget each other and be well with each other.

No one is stupid, whether it's true or not, love or not, you can feel it.


A popular saying in moments:

people who like you tell you that I have gone to take a shower, and then they will tell you that I have finished; while people who do not like you say that I went to take a shower, and then it is like dying in the bathroom;

people who like you tell you that I have gone to eat, and then they will tell you that I have finished eating; but people who do not like you tell you that I am going to eat, and then it is like dying at the dinner table.

people who like you tell you I'm going to bed, and then they'll tell you I'm awake, while people who don't like you seem to have died in bed ever since.

you see, it's really obvious whether a person loves you or not. if you've had enough disappointment, it's time to let go.

Don't be full of blood to stick to the cold ass, don't pretend to be strong, don't try your best to please, this disturbs others and humbles yourself.

remember, adult love is sober and interesting. Love is only when two people miss each other.

Lighting is watching, for those who treat you as grass, why should you regard him as a treasure?

if one day, you suddenly think of me, I hope you do not regret, do not look back, because, I am not here.