Don't mind two things when you are over forty; when you reach fifty, you don't care about two people!

Don't mind two things when you are over forty; when you reach fifty, you don't care about two people!

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what you can't stop is time when you live a lifetime, and what you can't resist is aging.

with the passage of time and the increase of age, people will become more and more mature and live more and more thoroughly, especially after forty or fifty.

when people reach forty, they are already middle-aged, have experienced ups and downs, have seen through human feelings and the world, and should understand that the family is the most important.

when you reach fifty, you are in the middle of your old age. Don't make trouble, stay away from disputes, and manage your old age well.

remember: when you are forty, don't mind two things, and when you are fifty, you can live the rest of your life.


when you reach forty, don't worry about two things

1. If you can't do anything, don't worry about

you are not immortal. Not everything can be solved. It's a good thing to help others, but you should act according to your ability.

Don't do anything that is beyond your ability.

Don't worry about what you can't do.

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once you take care of it, but you can't do it, and in the end, if you don't do it, it will arouse resentment and bring trouble to yourself.

2. Don't worry about other people's affairs.

there are always a lot of meddling in life. Smart people know that they will never turn a blind eye.

because meddling, mostly none of your business, meddling, not only will not be appreciated, but also offend people, a waste of energy and time, but also the loss of money.

when people reach middle age and have family children, they will have more responsibilities. Stop doing whatever you want and do something risky. You should learn to rein in your temper, restrain yourself, consider for the sake of your family, and avoid getting involved in right and wrong.


50, Morley

1, hypocritical friends, Morley

friends, not the more the better, but the more the better.

when people reach 50 and experience everything, they have already understood the hearts of the people, know what is true, and understand what is false. True friends should walk more, and false friends should not contact each other.

after all, people with false feelings will never be sincere to you. Instead, they will not meet you and set you up.

2. The villain with bad conduct, Morley

would rather be light with the gentleman than have a deep acquaintance with the villain. The villain is a person with a narrow mind, and a villain is a person with bad conduct. They have evil intentions in their hearts and only care about money and interests, not emotional relationships.

if you get along with them, you will only suffer losses, go against them, and you will be retaliated.

for your own safety, ignore it if you can.

when people are fifty, they are not as energetic as they used to be, and they cannot stand the deception of false friends and the plots of villains, so they must stay away from these two kinds of people, associate with worthy people, and make deep acquaintances with honest people in order to have a peaceful old age. When a man is forty, don't take care of two things. He is responsible for his family.

when you reach fifty, you are protecting yourself.

No matter what age you are, you should see people clearly, distinguish things clearly, do not interfere in things that should not be handled, do not approach those who cannot reason, leave time and energy to your family and people who are worthy of it, and live a good life. It will be easy to have a comfortable rest of life, is success!