Don't let down those who treat you well.

Don't let down those who treat you well.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

in this lifetime, I have met countless people.

and of all the people you know, have you counted how many are really good for you?

the writer Qi Pansy year said:

Yes, there are many people coming and going, but most of them are just passers-by, and there are only a handful of people who treat each other sincerely.

there are few sincere people in the world, so you should know how to cherish it when you should cherish it. Don't miss it.


Family affection can not afford to waste

from birth to adulthood, parents will never be able to worry about you.

they take great pains to raise you, and when they grow up, they worry about your job, your marriage, your next generation.

and all they do is ask for nothing but hope that you have a good life.

however, when you enter the society, in the face of all kinds of pressure, you often ignore them, become more and more impatient with their nagging, communicate and meet less and less, and the most you have ever said is "wait for the next time".

however, there are many things you can't afford to wait for, especially in the days of parents.

in ancient times, there was a man named Han Boyu who grew up and his mother would beat him every time he made a mistake, but he never cried.

later, he made a mistake again. His mother beat him, but he cried sadly.

Mother was surprised and asked him what was wrong, and he replied:

"before, you hit me and it hurt, but I could feel that you were doing this to educate me, so I didn't cry.

but today, when you hit me, you have much less strength, and you can no longer feel the pain, which means that you are old, and the time for me to honor you is getting shorter and shorter. When I think of this, I can't help but cry. "

there is a saying:

work is busy and life is tiring, but in any case, don't forget to set aside some time for your parents and patiently listen to them.

Don't wait until you are free. Things will change later, so pay more attention to your parents.


Friendship can't stand indifference

in the previous life, Xu Fei and Shang Wenjie successively boarded Weibo for hot search.

the two took part in the 2006 Super Girl together, and 14 years later, they met again on the "ace to ace" show.

according to common sense, the next step should be a beautiful period of "sisterhood", but the development of things is regrettable.

Shang Wenjie sighs with emotion about the past, saying that she has always missed it.

Xu Fei put it bluntly:

"We often get together, but you never attend. You don't give Wechat when you ask for it, and you ignore Weibo private messages."

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the implication is that if you think we are important, why lose us?

Friends who once worked together and supported each other ended up in discord, which made people feel infinitely sad.

the friendship of adults, which is rare and easy to lose, cannot stand the slightest apathy and trouble.

when I was a child, I quarreled with my friends, and soon after I broke up with my friends, I was always able to make up with each other without bitterness, but now, once I overdraw the capacity of friendship, I can only drift away.

after all, no one wants to put a hot face on a cold ass. If you don't reply to my message, I don't bother to ask again. Every time I look for you, you look like you are thousands of miles away, and I no longer give enthusiasm.

No matter how well friends get along, they may become the most familiar strangers because of years of estrangement and repeated neglect.

Friends, go all the way, lose all the way.

however, for those friends who are sincere to you, it will be a permanent regret to lose them.

so, in friendship, don't use selfishness and indifference to make each other strange.


Love, can't afford to splurge

see a listener's message:

"I have lost a person who loves me with all my heart. During our years together, he has always been very caring and considerate to me.

but in the back, I am more and more dissatisfied. No matter how well he does, I will find fault and keep asking him.

I take it for granted that he has done for me, but I don't know that he also needs my understanding and care.

when I realized it, I had lost him forever. "

sometimes, you get used to a person's kindness to you and ignore the feedback. Only when you lose it do you remember that the other person is really nice to you.

sometimes, you think that the people around you will always belong to you, but you forget to be kind to them, only to find that they are far away when you want to cherish them.

the feelings between people are mutual, and no one will always trade their sincerity for chills.

A person is willing to do his best to be kind to you, not because he owes you or how outstanding you are, but because he loves you, so he is willing to tolerate and take care of you.

the flowers must be folded when they bloom, but don't wait for the flowers to break empty.

cherish the feelings in front of you, and don't take it for granted.

in this world, the most regrettable thing is not to ask but not to have it, but to have it, but to lose it because you don't cherish it, and then you can never go back.

people's hearts are relative, exchanging the truth for the truth; feelings are mutual, and the heart warms the heart.

whether relatives, friends or loved ones, be kind to them and live up to their kindness to you. After all, the true love in the world is rare, so cherish it.