Don't let down those who are good to you!

Don't let down those who are good to you!

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the writer Qi pansy year said:

in this world, if you meet one person who is really good to you, there will be one less.

Don't lose someone who is kind to you; don't let down a heart that treats you sincerely. "

those who are really kind to you can be met but not sought.

but we often push people farther and farther away because of our capriciousness and ignorance.

anyone's kindness to you is not taken for granted.

if the heart is not warm, it will be cold, and the feelings will be fragile.

Don't let down those who are full of passion for you, let alone wait until you lose it.


others have never "should"

some people say, "if a fish swims in the water, it will forget the water; when a bird flies in the wind, it will not know the wind."

when people enjoy being loved, they are most likely to take the efforts of others for granted.

blindly accept the good of others, but lose the heart of gratitude, is a kind of rogue mentality.

in the TV series "everything is fine", Su Mingcheng enjoyed the modesty of his brother and sister and the preferential treatment of his parents from an early age.

even when he grows up, his mother often takes money to subsidize him by buying him a house and a car.

he is used to this.

after my mother died, my father offered to live in a new house.

both the eldest brother and his sister contributed money and efforts. Not only did he not pay, he also made up the idea of selling the old house.

he called his eldest brother aside and wanted to replace the three-bedroom he was going to buy with a two-bedroom, and the rest of the money was given to him for investment unit projects.

Big Brother said that the money is for his father to buy a house, and not a penny can be embezzled.

Su Mingcheng immediately turned his face and roared:

in Su Mingcheng's eyes, it was taken for granted that his brother and sister made way for him and his parents paid for him.

until his father took out his ledger and calculated them one by one, he was fooled.

his scoundrel disappointed his brothers and sisters so much that his wife Julie divorced him and even lost her job.

Su Mingcheng is like this, so are we.

but where in the world should it be?

others treat you well, never "should", just because of love.

there is a famous "Beber's law" in psychology:

means that a person will feel insignificant or psychologically unsatisfied in the face of a relatively low degree of stimulation after receiving some strong stimulus for a long time.

when a person is used to the goodness of others, he will no longer be strongly moved by it, but will forget his gratitude and stick out a long tongue of greed.

if someone else gives it, it should, but if they don't, it's a mistake.

do you know that what you take for granted is a gift of tenderness from others, which they don't have to do.

Don't be afraid when you are favored, the spring will dry up someday, not to mention human feelings.


between people, there is a need to go both ways

someone is asking Zhihu, "what is the most lasting relationship?"

highly praised the answer: "the relationship that is close to each other lasts longer."

emotion is a bridge between people. If a person tries his best, he or she can't hold it up. Only when they rely on each other can they become stronger.

the friendship between German poet Goethe and Schiller has become a story.

but little is known that they didn't get to know each other well at the beginning of their acquaintance, even with a little disdain.

Goethe thinks that Schiller is recalcitrant, and Schiller thinks that Goethe is not as famous as meeting each other.

but when Goethe learned that Schiller's life was tight, he couldn't bear it, so he took the initiative to recommend Schiller to teach at the University of Jena.

Schiller let go of the shackles of Goethe's heart when he saw that Goethe was so friendly and talked with him from the bottom of his heart.

after that, they urged each other to write.

when Goethe wrote the Age of William Maester, Schiller would repeatedly read Goethe's manuscripts, then write down his views and understanding and send them to Goethe to help Goethe complete his creation.

Goethe learned that Schiller's play "Wallenstein" had not been finished, and was well aware of his procrastination habits, so he let the troupe release in Weimar first to spur Schiller.

in this way, they have become best friends for life in the course of coming and going.

Goethe left, Schiller right

the Book of songs says: "throw it with peaches and return it with Qiongyao."

if you give me a grain of sugar and I will give you a jar of honey, the Libra of emotion will be stable.

A relationship paid unilaterally is only a brief encounter, and it is difficult to continue.

behind sadness is taking, and behind happiness is giving.

there is a good saying: "between people, it all depends on one heart; between feelings, it all depends on an inch of truth."

exchange heart for heart, exchange emotion for emotion, what kind of emotion you give, what kind of feedback you will get.

A solid relationship does not arise out of thin air, let alone a generous gift from one side and a calm acceptance by the other, but the result of going both ways.

put each other in mind, the distance between the heart and the heart is the shortest, so as to live up to the fate of falling.


the heart is easy to cool, don't let the one who loves you sad

not everyone will love you, and not everyone will wait for you.

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you don't have to be nice to everyone, but you mustn't make the one who loves you sad.

in reality, too many people feel that their relationship is stable and don't need to work hard for each other anymore.

easily fall into the abyss of indifference, smashing the originally intimate relationship to pieces.

I saw a section some time ago.Well, the experience of one of the couples is impressive.

one night, the husband had a severe stomachache and could not bear to disturb his wife's sleep, so he waited for dawn.

the next day, the two got up to go to the hospital. The husband waited for more than two hours to endure the pain, while the wife was still putting on makeup and choosing clothes.

the husband ignored it several times and tore his wife's skirt in a fit of anger.

when the wife saw that her skirt was torn, she quarreled with her husband and filed for divorce and slammed the door, regardless of her husband's discomfort.

the husband can only make it to the hospital alone, and it is found to be a kidney stone.

in the interweaving of colic and sadness, the husband recalled his wife's disregard and indifference after marriage, and his heart gradually cooled and agreed to the divorce.

until she really divorced, the wife finally realized her mistake and repented.

she hoped that her husband would give her another chance to get back together, but her husband's heart was dead and resolutely refused.

easily fall into the abyss of indifference, smashing the originally intimate relationship to pieces.

as the saying goes, "it takes a long time to warm a heart; it only takes an instant to break a heart."

A word of indifference, a look of disregard, will become a thorn in the hearts of others, vaguely painful.

No matter how good a relationship is, it will be lost to ruthlessness; no matter how good a relationship is, it will be lost to indifference.

feelings are fragile and people's hearts are easy to cool. Don't let daily indifference cool the warmth of each other's hearts.

Cai Kangyong once said:

"there is an emotional account between people. Every time they make each other happy, they save a little more, and every time they make each other sad, they save less."

Don't blindly withdraw from it and feel willfully that your money will never be wasted. No, when your savings become zero, it is time for the other party to leave. "


likes a passage in "the Kite Runner":

"the man who used to pick up kites for me thousands of times has passed away." If you miss it in your life, you will never get it again.

maybe we will repent and redeem, but it seems to be too late.

whenever we fly a kite, we should ask ourselves whether we really cherish what we have. "

too many people just run forward and ignore the people who accompany you silently until it is too late to repent.

Life is short, it is too difficult to meet, once lost, it is forever.

the world is so flashy that it is not as good as company.

the greatest happiness in life is that when you cry, someone hands you a tissue and when you are helpless, someone gives you a helping hand.

Don't let down those who treat you well. They are your most precious asset.

while it's still early and the one who loves you is not far away, please hold on and hug each other hard.