Do you really like writing?

Do you really like writing?

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"do you really like writing?"

I received such a question backstage yesterday. I didn't know how to answer this fan for a moment, because I felt very lost after yesterday's tweet. But it's not because of the nonsense of reading and retweeting, but because I think I repeat things all the time. There is no real progress in saying the same thing in different ways. Moreover, the more you say in the article that you should cherish your time, the more annoying you will become when you waste your time.

yesterday, he Caitou wrote an article about "Little Square" in his Subscription account's "trough side past", in which he said:

walking for such a long time and alone, people can't help but want to create something. In the middle of a long journey, you always want to create something out of nothing, even if it is a little light and a little noise. For this reason, it is worth running tirelessly like a small square. Even, you may think it would be a great happiness to be like that little square.

so if someone tells you that he likes writing, he is probably lying to you.

I have to say that when I read this passage, it was like a balloon punctured in my heart, and any lofty words borrowed from the dictionary were lost. I have also told others that I like writing, in fact, I really like it, but what I like may not be writing itself, I may just like what it brings to me. It gives me a goal that is not set by others every day, it allows me to talk boldly about my ideas when chatting with my family, and it allows me to introduce only "chaos" in my first meeting with others.

so in fact, I have long forgotten the original intention of writing. Sometimes some fans will kindly remind me backstage, "Don't forget my original intention in order to accomplish my mission." then I can't help but ask, "what is my original intention?" They were surprised by my honesty, but they were also embarrassed to bypass me as a "client" and express what they saw as a "disorganized original intention". However, this situation is allowed to exist, that is, you think the original intention is different from what I think, it can be explained by literary theory, called "over-interpretation". However, my academic level is too low to know whether we should support "over-interpretation" or "legal interpretation".

but I hope you will stop worrying about me, because I have long forgotten what my original intention is. Just like you learn to play the guitar, maybe you learned to be handsome at first, but when you think of the look in other people's eyes when you play the guitar on the grass, you may forget about being handsome and get more involved in playing the guitar. It can be seen that the original intention is not necessarily a good thing.

what's more important is how you should feel now, right?

in fact, our life has been so boring all the time, if we don't add to it, I'm afraid our life will be tarnished. There is a group of guys who like to talk about guitar in my next class. when they return to the dormitory after class, they start to play the latest songs, and then they also play the guitar when they review before the exam, even when I am playing games. They just play the guitar for no reason, when they are sad, when they are happy, when they are bored, they seem to have nothing more important than playing the guitar in their lives, but they just play like this. I watched them shine on the stage at the HKCSS evening last year, and I saw them sing a song by Jay Chou at the 520 Lawn Concert last month. Even my monitor began to learn to play guitar from them this semester and began to play day and night.

if I ask them, "do you really like playing guitar?"

they may stand there like me, not knowing what words to describe and modify, and what logic should be used to convince me of the importance of this outsider guitar.

then they picked up the guitar at their feet and sang a song they had been practicing recently.

just like I am sitting in front of the computer writing this article.

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