Dismantling and mending the platform (good in depth)

Dismantling and mending the platform (good in depth)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

I have seen a short animated film with moral meaning.

on the single-log bridge, bears and deer come from both ends of the bridge, and no one wants to let the other pass first.

at this time, squirrels and rabbits coming from both sides also wanted to cross the bridge.

as a result, the bear picked up the squirrel and threw it out, and the deer kicked the rabbit away.

in a fit of anger, the squirrel and the rabbit broke the rope on one side, and the bear and deer fell into the river.

at the moment, only half of the single-log bridge was supported, and the squirrel and the rabbit went to the middle of the bridge and thought for a moment.

the squirrel squatted down and let the rabbit step on it, and he crossed the bridge easily.

the end of the short film says: narrow paths meet, co-survivors win.

the same is true of life. If you don't make it easier for others, you won't have a good time for yourself.


the weak break up and both lose

there is an old saying: "set up each other, stage after stage; dismantle each other, and everyone collapses." The Yuan brothers in the Romance of the three Kingdoms are living examples.

during the war and chaos in the Eastern Han Dynasty, Yuan Shu and Yuan Shao each dominated the south and the north, echoing each other, and had the momentum of unifying the world.

even Dong Zhuo is not afraid: "but if you kill two Yuaner, the world will be subdued."

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however, because of the unequal status of half-parents, the two brothers have always disliked each other and are unwilling to be outdone.

at the critical moment of the princes' crusade against Dong Zhuo, the two men dismantled each other and competed with each other.

Yuan Shu formed an alliance with Yuan Shao's sworn enemy, Gong Sun Zan, while Yuan Shao fought with Yuan Shu's formidable enemy Liu Biao all day long.

later, Yuan Shu won the title of emperor by the jade seal, but he was defeated by Cao Cao because of his failure to govern the country.

Yuan Shao sat on the sidelines all the time and even wanted to step on it.

after Yuan Shu's death, Cao Cao turned to attack Yuan Shao and finally succeeded in "killing two Yuan" and became the biggest winner.

the two brothers work together to win the world, but they tear each other apart, making it cheaper for outsiders.

as Dong Qing said in the "host contest": "after the gunshot, there is no winner."

all people and things in this world are mutual.

dismantled other people's platforms and dug holes for themselves.

blocked other people's roads and blocked their own roads.

when we pick up the mud and throw it at others, it is our own hands that get dirty first.


strong people make up for each other

see a question in Zhihu: what do successful people have in common?

A high praise replied: "all those who have made achievements are good at setting up the stage and are better at mending it."

the netizen @ wheat field has shared such a story.

Grandpa likes going to the theatre and often takes her to the cinema in her hometown.

for a while, the cinema sang the famous Henan opera "copy Red" for several days.

it is said that the matchmaker sent Ying to Zhang Sheng's study for a rendezvous. After the incident, Mrs. Cui tortured the matchmaker.

the matchmaker argued for reason, arguing that this was caused by her wife's betrothal and dependent marriage, and Mrs. Cui had no choice but to agree to the marriage.

on the last night, the actor who played the matchmaker was obviously not energetic enough on the stage and sang his lines wrong.

but the words played by Mrs. Cui are just right, and every move is a play.

Grandpa applauded off the stage: "what a master!"

others do not understand: "Why is it high?"

Grandpa said, "the matchmaker is not in good shape today. Mrs. Cui is mending the stage for her."

after the show ended, I heard that the matchmaker was tired and ill because of the night play for several days. Today, she took the stage with illness, and the "Mrs. Cui" who played the show was the leader.

the blogger finally lamented:

"I didn't understand it when I was young, but I didn't realize the true meaning until I was an adult. That is, the partnership is full of prosperity and loss.

people of high level will make up the stage. Because he knows that if something goes wrong, both sides will lose. "

in life, the longest relationship between people is cooperation and coexistence.

Hongding businessman Hu Xueyan knows this very well.

once a poor cloth merchant approached Hu Xueyan and wanted to resell his family business at a low price of 2200.

Hu Xueyan told his men to inquire about the market price.

in the end, he gave it to the cloth merchant at the market price of 5200, saying that he would only take care of his property temporarily and redeem it at any time after tide over the difficulties.

after the cloth merchants made a comeback, they in turn did their best to help each other, resulting in Hu Xueyan's business legend.

as entrepreneur Li Shufu said, this is not an era in which one can succeed alone.

when you fulfill others, you actually achieve yourself in another way.

harm others, never be selfish.

you can reach yourself only by helping others.


in the end of life, the pattern is spelled

what is the pattern?

seeing the success of others, some people just want to dismount each other, while others applaud each other.

when they have achieved a little, some people choose to be narcissistic, while others choose to contend with a hundred schools of thought.

this is the difference between patterns.

Sima Yi said: "along the way, there are no enemies. All I see are friends and division commanders."

A person who knows how to respect and appreciate his opponent is really strong.

two years ago, Huawei made waves in the industry after it independently developed the Hongmeng system.

founder Ren Zhengfei accepted an exclusive interview with CNBC in the United States and asked the question "do you think it is possible for Hong Meng to replace Android?"

he calmly replied: "We will not replace Android in the future, but also support the development of Android."

coincidentally, Li Ziqi attended the Weibo Night Gala in February and won the title of "Hot person of the year".

was asked by the reporter during the interview: "there have been more and more bloggers of homemade content in the past two years. Are you worried about being replaced?"

she responded generously:

"even if some people shoot the same country style, or traditional craftsmanship, I think these are particularly good things.

I hope to show more people all over the world that China has a lot of excellent traditional culture. "

people who really have a pattern often have a different bearing from ordinary people.

what Ren Zhengfei considers is not whether or not to replace his opponent, but to succeed together with his peers on the road of self-improvement.

Li Ziqi is not concerned about whether he will be replaced, but how to better carry forward our traditional culture.

Yang Lan once sighed: "your way of life is your pattern."

the smaller the pattern, the more happy it is to dismantle Taiwan, destroy people tirelessly, and the road becomes narrower and narrower.

the larger the pattern of people, the more they support each other, grow together, and eventually move forward steadily.

finally, let's take a look at a cartoon:

as an old saying goes, "divide means two defeats, cooperation means two benefits."

people who always make things difficult for each other, two people are like tug-of-war, bearing the weight of each other, no one can win favor.

walk the world, always help each other, put aside a little gain and loss in front of you, so that you will not be alone.