Determine the length of life, not in exercise, not in drinking water, please pay attention to these three principles!

Determine the length of life, not in exercise, not in drinking water, please pay attention to these three principles!

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as the saying goes: if a man has no foresight, he must have immediate worries; if he has no consciousness of longevity, he must not have a healthy body.

longevity has always been a topic that people like to talk about, and it is also the goal that people pursue tirelessly.

in fact, the best secrets of longevity are all around us, and they are all free!

the following three rules, if you do, you will live longer than you thought!


Li Ruzhen, a novelist of the Qing Dynasty, depicts many interesting countries in Flower in the Mirror:

Black Tooth country, two-sided country, Republic of Labor, daughter country, Gentleman country and so on.

among them, there is a country of worry, in which every citizen dares not go to sleep because they are always worried that "if they don't wake up, they will lose their lives."

so everyone is sleepy and chaotic from birth, and there is no happy day.

due to chronic lack of sleep, coupled with excessive anxiety, the life expectancy of people who worry is also very short.

the story is very interesting, lack of sleep will lose your life, and it is not just a story.

according to research, there are 711 gene functional changes in adults who sleep less than six hours a day.

these more than 700 genes are directly linked to our metabolism, inflammatory reaction, mental state and mental state.

in short, their changes can lead to hair loss, memory loss, diabetes, dementia, accelerated aging, and increased cancer risk.

and adults who sleep less than four hours a day have 180% higher mortality than others.

Shakespeare once said:

it's late at night. When you are quiet, you should turn off your computer and cell phone, and try to go to sleep before 11:00, so as to save energy for tomorrow and health for the future.

when you work, work well; when it's time to sleep, have a good rest.

Life is good if you sleep well.



Hippocrates said:

eating is daily, but it is no small matter.

can eat and drink is not healthy, can eat and drink is healthy, eating and drinking will suffer.

there is a saying: breakfast for emperors, lunch for ministers, dinner for beggars.

many health experts also advocate that you should have a good breakfast, a full lunch and a little dinner.

but in reality, many people just skip breakfast, make do with lunch and have enough dinner.

having a good meal is a kind of health preservation. Appropriate eating habits are less cooking methods such as frying, not picky food, reasonable collocation of meat and vegetables, and eat some coarse grains, fine grains and fruits to ensure balanced nutrition.

A monk once asked the Zen master, "how hard has the monk been working lately?"

the Zen master replied, "eat and sleep when you are hungry."

the monk is puzzled: "Don't ordinary people eat and sleep?" Is this also called spiritual practice? "

the Zen master replied: "ordinary people care about everything when they eat and refuse to eat obediently; they think a lot when they sleep and refuse to sleep obediently." People who eat well know not only the value of health, but also the wisdom of health preservation.

three meals a day is a life practice.


emotionally stable

Cui Yongyuan interviewed linguist Mr. Zhou Youguang and asked the old man the secret of longevity.

Zhou Youguang replied, "always look forward and be open-minded."

Cui Yongyuan joked: "what if I can't get over it?"

Zhou Youguang said, "if you turn a corner, you'll get over it."

as the ancients said: a broad mind is self-prolonging, and a great quantity of wisdom is self-sufficient. If you relax your heart, you will naturally prolong your life; if you have more magnanimity, you will have more wisdom in life.

Life is never plain sailing. There is always something that makes us angry; there is always someone who makes us resentful.

A wise person should know how to "pretend to be confused". Life is serious, but not serious; if you don't quarrel with others, you won't stay angry at night; don't keep your anger in your heart and don't punish yourself for other people's mistakes.

in the book "fatal emotion", it is pointed out that

many diseases of the human body are related to bad mood.

is often depressed, and the risk of heart disease increases by 50%.

is always patient, and the risk of cancer is three times that of normal people.

people with cancer personality are more likely to develop cancer than ordinary people.

A bad mood is not innocuous. Because of trivial things, you can't sleep with anger, your heart is blocked, and your body is often brewing a serious illness.

temper is not everything in life, but it determines the quality of life.

know how to manage emotions, have a good temper, and make yourself happy and live a long life.

as the saying goes: a broad mind can support a boat and live a healthy and long life for a hundred years.

it is not difficult to live a long and healthy life. If you maintain a good state of mind and living habits, you will have a healthy body, reduce illness and live longer than a hundred years.

keeping healthy is a lifelong task. Health starts every day, every day is healthy, and you will be healthy all your life.

have you achieved all the above "longevity secrets"?

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