Desire (good text in depth)

Desire (good text in depth)

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Schopenhauer once said:

I think so.

people are full of desire.

Life itself is the body of desire, desire is innocent, but excessive desire is evil.

if one cannot restrain and restrain oneself, then it is easy to be confused by material desires and eventually become depraved and difficult to extricate oneself.


appetite: overeat, illness comes to

in 2019, an ID anchor named "Dafei" in order to show netizens how good his "appetite", in the live broadcast heavy drinking salad oil and liquor, causing physical discomfort, and then stopped breathing in the process of being sent to the hospital for treatment.

in 2020, Mr. Wang, a 30-year-old "eat broadcast" blogger in Shenyang, suddenly developed symptoms such as numbness and dizziness while preparing for a live broadcast. The hospital still failed to save his life after seven consecutive days of rescue.

in 2021, Douyin 29-year-old "eating and broadcasting Internet celebrity" Bobble died unexpectedly, and his health was destroyed by years of uncontrolled overeating.


there are many other examples.

A 26-year-old girl went to the hospital because of stomach discomfort. After CT examination, the doctor found that the girl's stomach had been enlarged to the position of the pelvic cavity.

the doctor asserted: "if not treated in time, she will have stomach perforation or acute stomach rupture, resulting in septic shock and death."

the girl is in such a dangerous situation because she eats too much.

in daily life, "eating" is what we use to maintain life, but many people put the cart before the horse and are simply "eating" with their lives.

I saw a message on the Internet:

"suicidal" eating and hospitalization three times in a month are all caused by gluttony.

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it turned out that Uncle Li, 59, had always been strong, but he was found to have cardiac cancer. He recovered well after total gastrectomy, ate and drank heavily after being discharged from the hospital, and was hospitalized again the next day because of intestinal obstruction.

Uncle Li was discharged from the hospital after a series of treatment, but speechless, Uncle Li was hospitalized again with intestinal obstruction a week later.

every time the patient is hospitalized because of the "suicidal" eating, the appetite is strong, and he wants to eat two bites when he sees anything.

Aristotle said:

I agree.

I have heard such a saying:

the real success is that there is a pursuit in life, a bottom line in life, and a trade-off in life.

unrestrained desires, if allowed to develop, will only destroy themselves in the end.


material desires: pursue extravagance and build up extravagance

that is to say:

Contemporary young people have no money at all.

there is a very interesting sentence, which vividly sums up the current situation of contemporary young people:

with a salary of 3000 yuan and living a life of 30000 yuan, he is supported by credit cards and flowers behind his splendor; he looks more exquisite than anyone else, but in fact he is heavily in debt and is already riddled with holes.

in an interview with people Weekly, Jia Zhangke was asked what was the biggest problem for young people.

he said:

"there is a 20-year-old economic model at the age of 20 and a 25-year-old at the age of 25. Don't try to cross it."

A 16-year-old girl doesn't have to worry about not having a LV or Dior bag.

nowadays many young people have a desire to cross his age. "

although indulgence is human nature, overcoming desire should also be a human instinct.

there is a psychological concept called "hungry mouse effect".

what is said is: proper abstinence, good development, overindulgence, premature senility and short life.

overindulge your desires, and you will often face a lot of unnecessary pain and remorse instead of the beauty you think.

most of the time, desire always forces us to want to have everything, which makes us do a lot of things that are eager for quick success and quick profit.

Baudrillard once said:

"people never consume things in themselves, and people always use things as symbols that can highlight themselves."

have deep feelings.

desire is like a drug. When you pursue it, it may not only bring you illusory pleasure and satisfaction, but also nibble away at your mind and soul.

finally you will find that the heart occupied by material desires is so empty.

Chen Daoming also said:

only by subtracting matter can happiness be added.


greed: if you indulge yourself, you will be eaten back.

there is a saying in Indian Ink:

when a person is in an environment full of temptations, whether he can grasp the yardstick and not be deceived by desire is the key to success in life.

Tolstoy told a story:

there was a man who wanted to own a piece of land.

God said to him, "early in the morning, you run out of here and plant a flagpole for a while. As long as you get back before sunset, all the land planted with the flagpole belongs to you."

that person doesn't want to die.Running to the west of the sun, he was not satisfied.

although he ran back before sunset, he was so exhausted that he fell and was never able to stand up again.

so someone dug a hole and buried him on the spot.

when praying for this man, the priest said:

"how much land does a person want?" It's only this big. "

in fact, none of the property owned by each of us, whether it is a house, a car, money, etc., is tangible or intangible.

those things are only temporarily placed on you, some for you to use temporarily, and some for you to keep temporarily.

in the end, the owner of the thing is unknown.

so the wise man regards all this wealth as something outside the body.

to tell the truth, it is only natural to have desires.

but these desires are like gullies that cannot be filled, and if you indulge, the more you will be led by the nose.

when you have money, you want more money; when you have a house, you want more land; when you have fame and fortune, you want more power; you have money, power and name, and you want to have a longer life to possess it.

lust is hard to fill.

temptation is everywhere in the world. Really smart people are never at the mercy of desire, but know how to restrain themselves.

sometimes you have to have it in your life, but don't force it all the time.

Han Han's book says: as long as you control your desires, what you lack can become a lot.

you know, only those who can withstand the temptation of desire can really control their own life.

Zhou Guoping said:

people are inherently greedy, and desire is like a snowball, which only gets bigger and bigger.

you satisfy your desires today, but you have bigger desires waiting for you tomorrow.