"daughter, why don't I let you marry a poor boy?"

"daughter, why don't I let you marry a poor boy?"

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what's the experience of marrying a poor boy?

A girl in Zhihu told her story:

I can endure hard times for a while, but there must be some hope for these hard days. In the past, he lived a good life with good food and clothes. after being with him, he was able to walk without taking a car, and he felt guilty about eating a meal worth more than 20 yuan, and he never worked hard, received the education of his ancestors, and was satisfied with "not starving to death."

in fact, temporary material poverty does not matter, just for fear that he is willing to be poor and does not create good living conditions.

poor mind, poor thinking, poor future.

I advise you not to marry such a poor boy.


Don't marry a man with a poor mind

never marry a man with a poor mind.

because they are unable to pay their due responsibilities to their families.

Cao Yunjin and Tang Aster, who once attended variety shows, when the host asked them about their family's financial situation, Tang Aster said that they were going to go Dutch, while Cao Yunjin said inexplicably, "Why should I pay a lot of money?"

then Tang Aster refuted him: "because you are the father."

during the lactation period of Tang Aster, Cao Yunjin was exposed to have more than one date with a beautiful woman.

when the child was more than one year old, Cao Yunjin issued a divorce declaration. The agent said the reason for the divorce was: "the man supports the family, but the woman has no income."

his wife gave up her fledgling career and stayed at home to have children. She had no financial resources, but she was used by him as an excuse for divorce.

people with poor minds do not take responsibility, but will only shift the blame to others.

in their view, families are not as good as their own actual interests, much less will they stick to their promises.

in the Road that few people take, it is said that when you grow up, you need to know self-discipline and take responsibility for your own life.

A mature man must learn to be responsible for his family.

put aside your childishness and live a good life.

I know a boy who is very smart and has a lot of ideas, but he has a fatal disadvantage, that is, he is immature, impractical and does not have much sense of responsibility.

he and his wife were together at the age of 18. His family was poor, his family could only make ends meet, and he had a sister in primary school.

but the woman is willing to marry him precisely because she takes a fancy to his talent and intelligence and is determined that he will have a future.

on the other hand, he is preoccupied with the dream of making a fortune, always thinking higher than the sky, not thinking about his family, taking the old capital of the family and the money given by the woman, but losing all his money to start a business again and again.

almost all the money for getting married and buying a house is paid by the woman's family. After giving birth to a child, he did not assume the responsibility of being a father, and it was very difficult for him to provide the child with food and clothing.

Life overwhelms love and finally leads to divorce. Even after the divorce, he still failed to pay alimony.

being with a man with a poor mind will make a girl suffer all the hardships of life.

Pride and Prejudice has such a sentence:

A man who really loves you will be willing to change himself for you and will know how to take responsibility for starting a family.

before getting married, be sure to keep your eyes open and people with poor minds should not marry.


people with poor thinking

people with poor thinking should not marry.

people with "poor thinking" will lead a narrower and narrower life.

give up more long-term big profits for the sake of immediate trivial profits.

like to be greedy for petty gain, like to bother others, and consume human feelings.

complain and blame others every day, but never reflect on yourself. Be strict with others and be lenient with yourself.

Xiao Chao technical secondary school degree, usually do express delivery, go home after work to watch TV, play games and go to bed, and occasionally play cards and drink with my brothers.

he met a girl on a blind date last year and got a license to get married three months later. At first, girls liked Xiao Chao because of his sense of humor. after a long time, she found that there were a lot of problems between them.

the girl was aggrieved at work and wanted Xiao Chao to comfort her, but he didn't.

sometimes she and Xiao Chao discuss some opinions, but they can't talk to each other either.

she thinks it's too hard to be a courier and wants Xiao Chao to change her job. But Xiao Chao said, "that's good. Forget it. I don't know what job to look for."

A person with poor thinking has not only been poor materially, but also cannot empathize with him spiritually.

A really good love is when two people grow up together and nourish each other.

Gao Xiaosong said:

"the longer people live, the more they find that love is not the most important thing, and to become a better self is."

what is the best self? Is the pure self. We have each become better ourselves, and that is the best love, whether through a period or a lifetime, when two free souls fall in love. "

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A person with poor thinking will not care about the spiritual improvement of himself and each other and the resonance of the soul. He will only haggle over trifles and care about material and superficial things.