Cultivate the heart! (it's really well written)

Cultivate the heart! (it's really well written)

Good morning, accompany you to read.

there is nothing in the world to worry about.

if the heart is clear, then everything is light in the wind and light in the clouds; if the heart is not in the way, every day is a quiet time.

all the spiritual practice in one's life is actually the process of spiritual cultivation.

if the heart is not tired, the tired life can survive; if the heart is not bored, the biggest thing can survive.

in fact, all the things we encounter in our lives are lost, together and separated, which is a process of testing our hearts.

what happens to our world is what happens to our heart! To cultivate the mind is to exercise the following skills!


"relax" in the face of troubles

Life is not as good as you want, and the best thing to do is to always think about it, not think about it.

be open to everything, be nice to yourself, and don't bother yourself with trifles. Some people are angry with you, and we have a big fight with him, but we just want it.

Don't be silly, because those who are not worth it are angry and make those who are angry with you proud.

people who are worth it, we treat them kindly, and those who are not worth it, we ignore them. Sometimes, ignore a person, but that person will be nervous.

"determination" in the face of wind and rain

Life's ups and downs will not stop! Some things don't happen just because you don't want to.

each and every one of us is walking in the wind and rain. We cannot escape or shout to stop. There is no other way but to stick to it.

in this life, especially in middle age, most of the time, when we face all kinds of life, we have to grit our teeth and move forward.

be determined to face everything, constantly improve your resilience, and keep going. Those who can't beat you will eventually make you stronger.


"kindness" faces others

No matter who you get along with, you can't be less kind-hearted.

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nurture our kindness and lend a helping hand when others need it. Treat life enthusiastically and live full of sunshine. Only in this way can we have more.

if you give people a slap, they will not give you a smile; if you give help, they will not give you a cold face. In this world, the insatiable person is an individual, or there are many people who know how to be grateful.

the accumulation of contacts comes from our inner enthusiasm and goodwill. When you learn to be kind to others and be generous and tolerant, it will not only make your character better and better, but also let you meet more distinguished people.

"Happy" after the end of life

the road of life is already rugged. We will meet all kinds of people, and different people will bring you different insights.

the person who treats you is happy, but the person who hurts you makes you grow in an instant. Be grateful to all the people we meet, because of them, we are destined to be different.

No matter how unhappy this society is, we should learn to face it happily.

when you learn to smile at the world, the world will give you more warm feedback.