Cross people, hearts, and oneself

Cross people, hearts, and oneself

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the Mai family said: "Life is a sea of mountains and rivers."

people's life is a vast sea and thousands of miles of rivers and mountains. There will be high winds and torrential rains, and there will be confusion, and there will be helplessness.

but the really wonderful thing is to know how to see the clear sky after the storm, how to find a glimmer of light in the maze, how to go from being at a loss to the sea and sky, and how to find a world in helplessness.

and all this depends on "crossing".

develop patterns in crossing people, acquire wisdom in crossing oneself, and cultivate one's character when crossing one's mind.


Ferry people walk the world with countless passengers, some add color to the mountains and rivers, others make the sun and moon dim.

but no one is an island, and no one will be plain sailing.

when others are in trouble, give them a helping hand and help them out of difficulties as soon as possible.

when the other person is confused, give him some advice so that he is no longer hovering in place.

when others are in trouble, give them a step down, know how to forgive others and forgive others, but also to cross people.

Life is a long river. You are both a river crossing and a ferryman.

even if you can't change his river, even if you can't shape his bones.

but isn't it a merit that it can make others shine in their hearts in times of suffering, twinkle in their eyes when they don't know what to do, and stop scratching the ground with their toes when they are embarrassed?

in life, as long as you have more kindness, the world will be more bright, and as long as you can be more kind, the world will be more beautiful.

some people have hurt you, some people have made things difficult for you.

in the face of these people, you can still look at their strengths, help them with their difficulties, and forget their weaknesses. Perhaps this is true magnanimity.

the world is wide in the belly, so that there can always be a ferry in the heart.

crossing people is not only a kind of kindness, but also a pattern.

there is a saying in the New Book: "those who love come back, and those who are blessed come back."

sometimes, to help others is to help yourself; to be kind to others is to be kind to yourself; to be kind to others is to fulfill yourself.

he who crosses others will eventually cross himself.


crossing oneself is wisdom

people will face all kinds of situations and problems in this life.

there are successes and failures; there are the best parts and troughs; there is light and darkness.

one second I was the favourite of heaven, but the next I may fall off the altar.

the more you grow up, the more you will understand that justice, pain and suffering are destined to be a part of life in front of fate.

Martin once said:

every strong person has clenched his teeth for a period of time when there is no help, no support, no one to ask for warmth. Can't get through, beg for mercy, this is your bottomless pit, but in the past, this is your bar mitzvah.

indeed, the sea of life, ebb and flow, all kinds of suffering, only self-ferry.

Sanmao once sighed: "what is the heart like? it is like a myth, which spans thousands of miles, in which there is no boat to cross people, and there is nothing others can do to help."

after all, if you don't work hard, no one will grow up for you, you won't be brave, and no one will be strong for you. At any time, it must be you who can pull you out of the abyss.

and self-crossing is a kind of wisdom.

is a kind of wisdom that is in the dark, but not afraid, but still bright at the bottom of my heart;

is the ability to look back and reflect in the face of failure, but never give up;

is a kind of spirit that is stuck in the bottom, indomitable and still striving to make progress.

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in this way, failure turns into success, trough turns into highland, and a bad hand plays surprisingly well, even if you are in a sea of hardship that spans thousands of miles.


spiritual practice

also has half a glass of water. Pessimists will be sad because it is half empty, while optimists will be happy because it is half full.

also get a rose, the pessimist will complain about being pricked, but the optimist will sigh the fragrance of the flower.

the true meaning of happiness lies not in what you have, but in what you think of it.

Lin Qingxuan once said, "what life needs to prepare is not expensive tea, but the mood of drinking tea."

this kind of heart for drinking tea often comes from "crossing".

to meditate, we should learn to let go of the things we can't see; learn to be bearish about the knots that can't be untied; and even if the world is troubled and changeable, we will always have peace of mind.

Life is always varied, some insipid, some strong, some smiling, some tearful.

even if everything is hard, you can't always let your heart suffer.

after all, when the heart is bitter, the happy event becomes sad; when the heart is sweet, sorrow becomes nothing.

even if you are tired all the time, you can't always make your heart tired.

after all, when the heart is tired, nothing will become something; if the heart is light, nothing is called a thing.

people with peace of mind are harmonious and perfect everywhere. People with a quiet heart accommodate all things and are unrestrained and at ease.

Master Huikai has a good saying: "there are flowers and months in spring, cool breeze in summer and snow in winter. If you have nothing to worry about, it is a good time for the world."


those who can't get it will put it down; if they can't get it, they will turn around and let go of what they can't change.

people practice all their lives. To ferry others is to ferry oneself, and to cross oneself is to ferry one's heart.

What happens to life in the end depends on how we "cross" ourselves.

never be afraid of temporary frustration. Only through the desolation of life can you reach the prosperity of your heart.