Changing oneself is God, changing others is psychopath! (incisive)

Changing oneself is God, changing others is psychopath! (incisive)

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is born a human being.

once we are born, we are all blank sheets of paper.

with age, experience increases.

We have tempers and personalities, and

we understand the ways of the world.

when you are young, your heart is high and exuberant,

you always want to satisfy everyone,

let everyone agree,

will try to change the opinions of others.

after much experience, I gradually understand that

changing oneself is a god, and changing others is a psychopath.

instead of trying to change others,

it is not good to concentrate on being yourself. 01

people are different, there is no need to force

people to others,

to receive different education,

to experience different things, different circles of friends,

is bound to have different levels of thinking.

views on things,

ways of dealing with problems,

will be different.

if you reluctantly change, it is bound to breed contradictions.

people are different, so you don't have to force it.

it's hard to change a person.

makes a person tired.

learn to show respect,

leave some space for each other, and

give your feelings some leeway.

instead of its excessive demands, it leads to contradictions.

makes the relationship stalemate and feelings dilute.

it is better to change one's own state of mind,

to be considerate and tolerant of others.


find reasons for everything

between people,

disputes and conflicts often occur.

the reason is not others, but yourself.

always put oneself first, regardless of other people's feelings.

when problems arise,

shirks responsibility, all blaming others.

find the reason for everything from yourself.

Don't blame others blindly.

take the initiative to change and break the deadlock, and

you will no longer have the desire to change others.

when your mood changes,

demands on others also change, and no matter how big the contradiction is, it can be easily resolved. 03

instead of complaining, it is better to change

happy people do not complain, those who complain are unhappy,

complaining is the most useless method,

is also the strongest poison.

A person complains for a long time,

mood is depressed, heart is dark,

lose enthusiasm for life,

lose interest in life.

live decadent and tired.

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in this world,

many situations are difficult for us to reverse.

there are many things we can't change.

instead of complaining, it's better to shut up and do things,

make changes with actions, adapt to the new environment,

improve new skills and adjust your mindset.

when you change, the world changes.

you will find that

Happiness can be seen everywhere, and happiness is around you.

in this life,

change oneself is a god,

change others is a psychopath.

changing others is the beginning of pain,

changing yourself is the beginning of happiness.

it is often difficult to change others, but it is much easier to change yourself.

so don't bother to change others.

do your own thing, don't insist on everything.

Let yourself live a healthy life.

is the most amazing thing!