Change the card

Change the card

Finally, I got a new card with smelly sweat and beriberi.

I hope to share our view of the world with all college students

Today is 09:05 in the evening on August 30, 2015. You asked me on Wechat:

"do you remember the Thank you Dinner at the end of June?"

I said, "I can't remember it for a long time," but it's not so easy to say and forget. I just want to treat him in his own way.

I remember you were so drunk that you were lying on the stage, suddenly held up the Budweiser on the table and said to me:

"We must go to the same university."

I quickly raised the bottle of Budweiser in my hand and collided with you, but you should not know that the smile on my face is as bitter as beer, because I know this kind of thing is not so easy.

sure enough, the admission letters we received were not even the same color.

when I was volunteering in July, I took an opportunity to say casually, "I don't want to stay in the same city all my life, do you?"

you play with your head down on Wechat: "my family wants me to stay here and go to school. after all, my grades are not high and I can't go to a good school even if I go to other provinces."

well, you must have forgotten, otherwise you would have seen the loss in my eyes.

I know that I am a man, and so are you.

so I don't seem to care about every word you say to me. And I know that all of you who are reading this article are probably full of homosexuality, GAY, right? I don't want to explain that I used to like girls, but now I like a man, because I don't know why. It can only be said that people's feelings are really wonderful, and they can really fall in love with someone regardless of age, status, or even gender. There is a saying on the Internet that I like very much-I like you, not because you are a man, but because the person I like happens to be a man. Emotion is not something that everyone can control. If you have a crush on someone else, or if you have been in love, you will understand that love transfer is almost impossible. So, I like it, I can't change it, that's all I can do.

but it doesn't matter, because even if the whole world knows that I like him, he won't believe it, because I once said to him:

"if you are good to me, I will be nice to you, and it will be better. Because you are good to me, so I am good to you, that's all. And even if I am gay, I also like tall, powerful, sunny and extroverted people. How can I like you as an otaku? "

and even today, he stayed in the city I wanted to escape, and I chose to go to the north.

before, I couldn't figure out what it was like to like someone, but now I know what the phrase "that's because you haven't met the right person" means. Think that maybe secret love is like this, even if he does not know that you are talking to him, you will want to give him your blessing.

so today, August 30, 2015, there are only 123 days left in 2015, and I still hope you can promise me two things.

first thing, can you cheer up in college? Just because my grades are better than yours doesn't mean I know more than you. I just think more than you do. Before the college entrance examination, we went to the canteen every day to give advice, but after your grades, you learned to "accept fate" to stay here like a loser.

the second thing, hey, usually go to bed early, stay up late and don't grow tall, otaku. I saw an article in moments about the harm of staying up late, and then forwarded it to you. You didn't reply. I'll see you comment on other people's moments in an hour. It's nothing, and I'm used to you not answering me like this. In fact, many times, you are told that your stomach is not good, do not eat randomly, walk well, do not stoop, you also nodded, and then nothing has changed.

well, that's it. I saw your moments the other day with a picture of you and her.

I used to be single because of you, because you are also single.

now I am still single, because of you, I can't let you go. I can't be with other people, even if there are a few girls around me hinting at me.

I'm leaving tomorrow.

Hello, goodbye.

Zhang Jingshi:

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in fact, at first I didn't understand why there was love between men of the same sex. It wasn't until I read "East Palace and West Palace" written by Wang Xiaobo when I was a freshman that I began to understand what "everyone has his own love".

in fact, we are all the same, but from the majority of people of the opposite sex to a few of the same sex. A few days ago, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television asked a program of "Qifa Shuo" to be removed from the shelves on the grounds of "challenging traditional morals and values."

Cai Kangyong told them not to come out of the closet with red eyes in that program, because in China, this road is very difficult.

I think of a contribution from a long time ago, called "Zhi Sheng Huaibei". What we are talking about is:

"if the wrong emotion grows in the wrong place, it will not get the right result." I beg your pardon for saying more inexplicably