Bottom line! (good text in depth)

Bottom line! (good text in depth)

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what makes a man invincible when he lives all his life?

Feng Jicai's sentence gives the answer:

bottom line is not only the foundation of everyone's life, but also the core of dealing with the world.

as the saying goes, it is worthy of looking up to the sky and not bowing to the earth.

if you have a bottom line and act upright, you can be respected by others;

there is no bottom line, and you will be seen through sooner or later by others.

therefore, only by keeping the bottom line can one remain invincible in the world for a long time.


No matter how poor you are, you can't cheat your friends

. Many things are unimportant, but honesty is the only thing you can do without.

Lu Xun said:

only by keeping the bottom line of honesty can we keep the foundation of life and stand upright between heaven and earth.

people with integrity will not turn their backs on their relatives and friends because of trifles. In their hearts, conscience is more precious than gold, and their character is as important as mountains.

people who have no bottom line are just the opposite.

they can betray anyone, even their best friend, as long as it is good for themselves.

as in a fable: the donkey and the fox were close friends, and they discussed going hunting together.

who knew there was a tiger on the way. When the fox saw something bad, he immediately ran to the tiger and promised to give the donkey to him, just to keep himself out of danger.

the tiger agreed.

so the fox lured his friend into a trap. At this time, when the tiger saw that the donkey was already in the bag, the tiger turned around and caught the fox and ate it, and then went to eat the donkey.

thus it can be seen that calculating friends is actually destroying their own way back; hurting friends is tantamount to making things difficult for themselves.

therefore, at no time should we forget that the bottom line is whether we are poor or not.

instead of thinking hard for temporary gain, it is better to deal with the world with a sincere heart, be kind to others, do things seriously, and accumulate a good reputation for yourself.


No matter how long it takes, don't forget the gratitude

Rousseau said:

the most important thing to be a human being is to have a grateful heart.

when in distress, do not forget those who send charcoal in the snow; when you are down, you do not forget those who are intimate with you; when you are successful, you do not forget those who guide you all the way.

in this way, the bottom line and virtue of being a person will not be lost.

A few years ago, a 94-year-old teacher in Suzhou accidentally fell and broke his waist and had to stay in bed.

the seven students he once taught took the initiative to arrange shifts to take care of them, spending two hours a day going back and forth to the nursing home, chatting, playing chess and practicing calligraphy with him.

even though the average age of the seven students is over 73, they still come to accompany the teacher, rain or shine.

the earnest teachings of more than 50 years ago are engraved in the hearts of students. Excellent teachers teach grateful students.

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as the Book of songs says:

"throw peaches and return plums."

people can never forget their kindness for a long time in their whole life.

the kindness of dripping water must be repaid by Yongquan, and the kindness of others will always be remembered.

this is not only the principle of being a man, but also the way of dealing with others.

if you know how to repay your gratitude, you are bound to reap happiness in life.


No matter how bitter it is, you can't lose your integrity

as the old saying goes, "Don't defect for the sake of poverty, don't change your will for the sake of poverty."

to be a man, you should put ambition first, and you should not change your ambition just because of your status and identity.

this is the most basic bottom line for a person to walk in the world.

if you can't hold it, it will be like the roadside weed, spineless and swaying in the wind.

but if you keep it, there will be a momentum, corrosion can not be close to the body, temptation can not enter the heart.

just like Tao Yuanming at that time, although he was a small county magistrate, he had the character that "I can't bend over for five buckets of rice and fight against the villains in the countryside."

during his tenure as an official, one of his superiors sent a post to the inspector.

as soon as the overbearing superintendent arrived in Pengze County, he began to domineering, and ordered Tao Yuanming to put on his official clothes to see him immediately, and a second later was dereliction of duty and neglect.

Tao Yuanming couldn't stand it and said, "I can't bow to this country villain because of this mere five dou of rice!"

so he handed over his official seal and went back to the countryside to farm.

people have ambition, bamboo has festival.

born a human being, no matter how hard and tired you are, you can't lose your ambition and integrity.

as the saying goes, wealth cannot be masturbated, poverty and lowness cannot be moved, and power cannot be surrendered.

to be a man, you rely on your backbone!

if you are neither humble nor arrogant, others will not look down upon you. This is not only a principle, but also a confidence.


No matter how difficult it is, you can't play tricks

in real life, there are often some people who steal tricks.

they work hard openly, but they muddle through behind their backs. For fear of enduring hardships, they always want to take shortcuts and feel that they can succeed by luck and cleverness.

No one knows that a small victory depends on wisdom, and a great victory depends on virtue.

A minute of hard work and a minute of gain in life cannot tolerate any falsehood.

the more eager for quick success and quick profit, the more likely it is to be "smart", not only not getting what you want, but also losing what you originally had.

I still remember Wang Xifeng in A Dream of Red Mansions, who was smooth and shrewd, and never let herself suffer.

but in the end, it came to a miserable end that "all the tricks were too clever, but the life of Qing Qing was lost."

to be a man, you have to keep it.It is really wise to live on the basic bottom line, be a down-to-earth person and work diligently.

do not indulge in fantasy, do not concentrate on false voices, and let yourself live in a down-to-earth state of mind, then the truth can be clear, and your achievements can be done.

less speculation and more effort is the eternal rule of living a happy life.

people have something to do and something not to do in their whole life.

there must be a trade-off between what can be done and what cannot be done.

No matter how difficult life is, you can't deceive your friends.

No matter how long it takes, you can't forget your benefactor.

No matter how hard you are, you can't lose your backbone.

No matter how tired you are, you can't speculate and slip!

only by keeping the original mind and not losing the bottom line, can you be down-to-earth and lovely, and you can be happy and secure.