Being easy-going is an underestimated accomplishment

Being easy-going is an underestimated accomplishment

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there is a term "south wind effect" in psychology.

the south wind is more powerful than the north wind to see who can ask passers-by to take off their coats.

as the north wind blows, people wrap their clothes more and more tightly.

the south wind blows slowly and the weather is warm, so people take off their clothes naturally.

the "south wind effect" tells us a simple truth: getting along with others, a tough attitude and way will be counterproductive.

and easygoing is precisely a kind of self-cultivation and quality that is easy to be underestimated in life.


all eyebrows are gentle

easygoing is a kind of state of mind and state of mind, only peace of mind can achieve easygoing.

"flatter or disgrace, watch the pre-court flowers blossom and fall; leave or stay unintentionally, wander with the clouds of the sky."

easygoing means not self-centered, not clinging to one's own opinions, not haggling over, even if it is a matter of principle, exchanging views with others equally, without anger, prejudice, condescension, or overbearing attitude to suppress others.

easygoing is the mentality of "peace of mind when you come", detached from the battlefield, Enron that has experienced the sea, and calmness in the face of high winds and torrential rain.

easygoing people do not have mood swings when things happen, and their words are gentle between their eyebrows.


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words and deeds are mild

easygoing, which is a kind of quality and culture.

"good words are warm in three winters, but evil words hurt people in June."

easygoing is by no means unprincipled.

easy-going people, first of all, smart people, he has an insight into the world with wise eyes;

easy-going people are modest people who always understand the truth that "a foot is short and an inch has its strength".

an easygoing person is a magnanimous person who can treat each other with humility on the basis of adhering to principles when there is friction between people.

an easygoing person is a person without greed. He can control his secular desires very well.


humility  humility is a kind of wisdom and the golden rule of dealing with others. Those who know humility will be respected by others.

"there are rules in the way of conduct", and being a man is no exception.

it is also in line with objective requirements to treat personnel with peace of mind, because a low-key talent is the key to success.

humble people will take the initiative to suffer. At any time, love can not be trampled on. Take the initiative to suffer losses, the mountains do not turn around, there may be opportunities for cooperation in the future, and come together again.

if a person refuses to suffer losses everywhere, he must want to take advantage everywhere, so he is delusional and arrogant.

and once a person has an arrogant situation, it will inevitably infringe upon the interests of others, so there will be disputes, in the besieged on all sides, how can there be invincible?

take a step back and put up with calm for a while.

there is nothing wrong with blaming others for their mistakes, but being able to tolerate others with a broad mind will make the world a better place.

as the saying goes: gentle and elegant, ladylike gentleman; Yushu facing the wind.  easygoing, is a kind of advanced wisdom, is an underestimated self-cultivation.

May you and I both have an indifferent heart, calm and safe.