Behind every confident child, there are parents who will show up.

Behind every confident child, there are parents who will show up.

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I have heard a saying: every child has the potential to become an excellent person, only because the parents' different education gives the child a different life.

parents love to criticize and get angry, and their children are mostly self-abased and cowardly;

parents are good at encouragement and support, and their children are often mentally satisfied and full of self-confidence.

the words and deeds of adults not only permeate their daily life, but also affect their children all the time.


how many excellent children

was ruined by my parents' poor evaluation

when I was in junior high school, my study was always very stable, and I was firmly in the top three of my class in every exam.

coupled with my good performance in all aspects on weekdays, I am often recognized by the teacher. When I was selected as the "three good students" in the first grade, I was successfully selected and got this certificate.

on the certificate, there are not only the teacher's comments, but also the messages I wrote to myself.

at that time, I was so excited that I happily took it home to my father. I thought he would be very happy and praised me severely.

but after reading it for dozens of seconds, my father coldly asked me, "look at the words on your certificate. Why is it so ugly?" How do you practice your words? "

for a moment I was speechless. I only felt that my father's words were like a basin of cold water poured on my heart.

to this day, I can't forget the scene of that day.

A story on the Internet is also very sad.

after graduating from an undergraduate course, a girl stayed at home for ten years without going out to look for a job.

when interviewing her, the reporter asked why, the girl revealed that she liked to draw very much in high school and tried to design her own clothes.

but whenever her parents see her "not doing her proper job", they will criticize her: "what's the use of doing this?" Go and study! "

in this way, every "negative" from her parents makes her doubt herself and feel that she can't do anything well.

at its worst, she couldn't even say a word, but her parents kept belittling her.

because of this, she sealed herself up, and until now, she didn't want to go out of the house, and she really became a person who achieved nothing.

No matter how strong a child is, when he is faced with bad reviews again and again, he will eventually be unable to bear it.

psychologist Adler said: "A child who behaves improperly is a child who lacks encouragement."

as the saying goes, the speaker is not intentional, but the listener is intentional.

Dress and appear sumptuous in our fashionable homecoming tween gowns. Pefect for formal affairs or an informal ceremonies.

A sentence of criticism and scolding may be just a blurt out for parents, but for children, it is an injury to self-esteem, a disillusionment, or even a disaster.

as parents, please don't let our "bad reviews" become a sharp weapon to hit children, but know how to look at them with appreciation.


Smart parents

can always see the bright spots of their children

there is such news on Weibo that a fourth-grade boy in Wuxi invented a new type of schoolbag and won a national patent.

Boys' inspiration for designing schoolbags comes from the fact that teachers often ask them to sort their homework into file bags, Chinese, math, English.

each subject needs to be labeled accordingly. He thought it was too troublesome and wanted to sort it directly in the schoolbag.

however, he found that none of the schoolbags sold on the market had this function, so he decided to design a schoolbag that could classify documents and let more children correct their study habits.

usually, when a child does this kind of thing, parents will think that the child is whimsical or secretly imagine that it is impossible at all.

however, the little boy's father is different. when the child began to draw pictures, the father encouraged him to design according to his own ideas.

therefore, he drew more than ten versions of the design of the schoolbag before and after, and never gave up. Finally, he successfully designed a new type of schoolbag and obtained a patent certificate.

think of MiyazakiHayao's sentence: "parents' true love for their children is understanding, appreciation and encouragement."

I have read a saying that to improve a child's sense of value, we can use the "highlight principle".

parents should be good at discovering their children's strengths and constantly magnifying their children's strengths in the way of praise.

only in this way can children be more confident when they do things.

Smart parents can always find the bright spots in their children and give them the greatest support.


behind every confident child

stands a supportive parent

he Jiang is a doctoral graduate from Harvard and the first Chinese mainland student to give a speech at the Harvard graduation ceremony.

he once mentioned that it was his mother who had been supporting his interest in learning.

although my mother is a rural woman who can't read, she always comes over and encourages her father when she criticizes her poor study.

Mother's support, like the "gentle wind and drizzle" after heavy rain, always exerts a subtle influence on he Jiang.

as he himself said: "I can always find confidence with my mother."

it can be seen that being affirmed by parents is a child's greatest strength.

in the TV series "Life Home", Qiu Dongna did not do well in the exam when she was still in middle school. her mother was not angry with her results at all, but encouraged her daughter:

"it's not good to take the exam once or twice." All you have to do is graduate from junior high school, just like your mother, and go to high school.Just surpass your mother. One more step and you win! You have your mother at the bottom of your life. What are you afraid of? "

when her daughter grows up, she may have problems at work and may be fired. Her mother encouraged her: "how bad can your education be?"

my daughter, who has just started her career, mocks herself because her income is not high: "Unfortunately, my job with a lot of money manages other people's money."

Mother comforted her: "so what?" My girl is the best financial officer! "

it is precisely because Qiu Dongna was encouraged to grow up from an early age, and later encountered problems in the workplace, she was also able to face the difficulties and solve the problems leisurely.

everyone wants to be affirmed, and encouragement is the most powerful language in the world. Like a beam of light, it can always bring great spiritual satisfaction and psychological comfort.

there is a good saying: "parents with high EQ are not only the audience who applaud their children, but also the best lighting artists for their children to shine."

parents' encouragement, praise and support are the best pillars on the way for children to grow up.


Socrates said: "the so-called education is to really guide a person's heart and help him become what he is."

I think of the movie "when Happiness knocks at the door". When his son was frustrated because he didn't play basketball well, his parents encouraged him: "Don't let anyone tell you you can't be talented, not even me." If you have a dream, defend it. "

the blessing of this kind of power will always increase the child's self-confidence virtually, and it is also a kind of love that is supported by others.

I hope that every parent can not begrudge his own language, give encouragement and encouragement to his children, and become the "king of support" for his children.