Bad acquaintance.

Bad acquaintance.

If Wechat adds a new function and clicks badly, what will the moments look like?


Arvin didn't inform his family before he got home, so when he opened the door, he found that his family was gone. As soon as he called, he knew that his family had gone out to celebrate the festival.

"then come here now. You said you had something to do on Wednesday, so I thought you wouldn't come." Arvin's mother said on the phone that there was a lot of noise on the other end of the phone. They must be eating at that roadside stall, Arvin thought.

"No, I'll just get something to eat." After that, he hung up, but instead of going to Shaxian across the road to buy a cloud to eat, A Wen sat down on the sofa and lit up the wifi icon on the phone.

in fact, browsing moments when you are in a bad mood will only make you feel worse. Arvin may have forgotten this for a moment. After the wifi connection was successful, he clicked on the dazzling red dot.

what's behind the red dot? People have always liked red because they thought it was festive, but with the development of the times, red has a special meaning.

for example, if a junior high school student wears a pink underwear one day, she will certainly become the focus of the class. If she is beautiful, people will call her coquettish, if she is ugly, they will still call her a slut.

and when we grow up, when we see the red envelope, we will think of such a scene: the wallet that should have been in the pocket is tied to the rocket, and then, though reluctantly, we still go up and light the fire with our own hands. Watch the wallet lift off.


A lot of familiar Wechat avatars pop up after clicking the red dot. Of course, they are just familiar. Arvin didn't chat with them.

"I love today's Guangzhou sausage and Chen Tianji's fish skin. If you have a chance, you must eat it."

"here comes the gt; & lt;."

"I said a lot of things this afternoon and said in one breath what I dared not say before. No matter what happens in the future, I hope we can go on together." (photo of a man and a woman)

"traffic jam again." (photo of steering wheel in hand)

"Happy May Day, thank you for accompanying me crazy, let us live a chic life."


Arvin couldn't watch any more. He remembered that he was half crowded with others on the bus when he got home today, and because he was free on the highway today, the traffic was larger than usual, and rear-end accidents also occurred one after another. so the original two-hour drive was stretched to four hours.

but just as he was about to click on the left arrow in the upper left corner, he found a sign of a cracked heart next to the icon originally used to open the comment. He is curious because he has just updated Wechat, which may be a new feature.

so A Wen likes today's Guangzhou sausage and Chen Tianji's fish skin. If you have a chance, you must eat it. " The circle of friends clicked on the cracked heart.

then his profile picture and a gray word appeared at the bottom of the moments:

"one person thinks it sucks."

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A Wen hurriedly wants to cancel this "bad" because he is afraid that his avatar will appear at the bottom of that person's circle of friends, so that he will be known by his owner that he thinks this circle of friends is "bad".

but when I was about to cancel, there were three new messages reminding me:

Zhang Jingzhi


Wang Jun


Li Wenjing


A Wen Hu was shocked. What happened? He asked himself that someone, like me, thought this circle of friends was fake. Obviously is the ordinary sausage and 20 yuan of fish skin, shot like a food magazine, is not pretending to be what?

at the same time, new message reminders are constantly sent to the top of Arvin's moments. The "rotten" under this moments is out of control. Usually, a pretty girl's selfie only has 50 likes at most, but the number of rotten under this moments has reached 13 in 10 minutes. This is only seen from Arvin, there should be more in the original owner.

A Wen suddenly felt a warm current coming into his heart, and he suddenly cheered up and clicked "rotten" on the above moments. Then there are new messages reminding me all the time:




A Wen, like a thief, took the diamond in the locker fair and square under surveillance and put it into a small dark yellow stone. Not only was he not afraid of being discovered, but he also brazenly attracted the attention of his stolen owner.

his moments are "bad", and then he sees less and less "likes" and more and more "bad".

it turns out that when people praise a certain moments, they want to say that it is very bad. It's like when we laughed at those stupid classmates when we were young, we used to call him genius. However, some "geniuses" will think that other people's mockery is a real compliment, so they show their IQ again and again.

A Wen is very gratified to see these "rotten" one after another. He feels that he has a lot of real friends in his circle of friends.

they are not courteous and nauseating compliments in officialdom.

but a bad acquaintance who has the courage to express his views regardless of affection.


this function is available today.It is the third day now, and the red dot next to the moments has not appeared for a long time.

however, a selfie circle of friends appeared in the morning. Ah Wen remembers that this girl used to post 10 moments every day. After she washed her face, she would post a selfie at breakfast, as well as lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, midnight snacks, and then end the day's circle of friends with words that people don't understand, such as "Hope that we can be happy in parallel spaces."

Arvin is hesitant, because now he has to make his own judgment on every circle of friends, whether it is bad or like it.

then he found that the like column was all boys, and the bad column was all girls. No, take a closer look, one of the men also ordered rotten, that is the sissy of his class.

he decided to trust his intuition and clicked a like.