Awakening in middle age (this article is priceless)

Awakening in middle age (this article is priceless)

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"when you hear the death of an old person frequently, you can see many teenagers in front of your eyes." The words of the poet Bai Juyi are the truest portrayal of middle age.

A person's age grows unconsciously, like a clock hand moving slowly.

when the gray hair appears, the acquaintance is scattered, and he looks at the childish and strange faces around him, he can't help but be surprised:

time flies, suddenly middle age, some reasons can only be awakened.


there are many problems in life that can be solved with money

Wilde said: "I thought money was everything when I was young, but I didn't know that was true until I was old."

when I was young and ignorant, I didn't understand the hardships of the world. I always felt that people should enjoy and be happy all their lives, and they shouldn't work hard for money.

stay in middle age, look at all kinds of expenses your children need, look at their parents' thick medical record cards, look at the continuous billing information in their mobile phones, touch their empty pockets, and can't help but break out in a cold sweat.

money is not everything, but you can't do it without it.

have seen such a piece of news.

A 48-year-old middle-aged man in Jiaozuo, Henan Province, is the backbone of his family and has been working outside for a living.

unexpectedly, an accident suddenly hit him. He was found to have coronary heart disease and needed to be hospitalized.

when he learned that the cost of treatment might cost more than NT $100,000, he immediately had a psychological burden: the child was still in school and the family was not well-off, where could he have the money?

after several hesitations, he used an excuse to get rid of his wife, disappeared into hospital surveillance alone, and lost contact with his family.

until six days later, bad news came.

he chose to give up his life in order to save the medical expenses.

writer Sanmao once said: "comedies in the world can be produced without money, but most tragedies in the world have something to do with money."

when people reach middle age, they are old and young, carry too many burdens, and face too many problems, which need to be solved with money.

with money, you can buy your own house without having to look at the landlord's face.

with money, you can provide children with a better education and suffer less unnecessary suffering.

with money, parents can stop working early and live a stable life for a few years.

money is the strength to support life.

after living for half a lifetime, you can't fall into the eye of money, but don't take money seriously.

learn to cut expenditure, know how to open source, and manage money reasonably.

only by accumulating enough surplus can we make the future a little less helpless and a little more happy.


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mistakes made in youth will have to be repaid sooner or later

it is often said that it is okay to make mistakes when you are young.

indeed, young and frivolous, not deeply involved in the world, it is inevitable to take some detours.

but if you let it go, it will eventually make your life more and more difficult.

like a broken mirror, mistakes made when you are young will have to be repaid sooner or later.

in July this year, Wang Wei, a takeout boy with a score of 623 in the college entrance examination, became a hot search.

at first, everyone liked his inspiration until he told the truth.

it turns out that he was admitted to college as early as 2013.

Wang Wei, who has a lot of time, is not used to study hard, but is addicted to games.

in his senior year, he failed repeatedly and was eventually expelled from school and had to leave school sadly.

watching other students go to work smoothly one after another, he has no real knowledge, but like a headless fly, he often hits a brick wall.

with no choice but to do so, he had to deliver takeout and barely make a living.

the life in the wind and rain makes him miss the happy college life in the past.

so he decided to muster up the courage to work and prepare for the exam before he was finally admitted to college again and was able to start all over again.

in this regard, he sighed with emotion: "if life can go backwards, maybe everyone can walk very well." But you can't go backwards in life. I hope I can learn from the examples of negative examples. "

this is the way life is. Mistakes made at random in youth may affect the whole life.

the mistakes made yesterday will certainly be paid for in the future.

all kinds of experiences in the past are regrets, but they are also a warning: when you are alive, you must live well in the present, make fewer mistakes, and do not make mistakes in order to make the road of life smoother and more open.


Marriage is not a harbor. Always remember to grow up

someone on the Internet asks: "Why do people want to get married?"

someone replied, "it is to find people to support each other, accompany each other and live together."

the imaginary marriage is that two people who love each other come together slowly, and the lonely souls can stay and live.

but when people reach middle age, when they are more than half married and their passion gradually fades, they suddenly realize that if they really regard marriage as a harbor and stop their self-growth, they will get chicken feathers sooner or later.

in the South Korean TV series "the second Twenty," the heroine, Helula, gave up her way to school at the age of 19 because she was unexpectedly pregnant, married early, had children, and lived the life of a housewife.

at first, she and her husband, Jin Zhe-woo, a university professor, were incomparably in love.

but as time goes by, the gap between the two becomes wider and wider, and their love gradually dies out.

at the age of 38, the husband finally couldn't stand the wife who stayed at home doing nothing all day and mercilessly filed for divorce.

the life of River Lula, so she suddenly fell into hell and became dark..

after several blows, she fell into despair and decided to start all over again.

she fought hard with her son and finally both were admitted to college.

on campus, she not only acquired knowledge, but also luckily met her first love and lived a happy life.

in marriage, instead of expecting others to hold umbrellas for you, you might as well give yourself umbrellas.

waiting for each other to come to the rescue, the end result is either falling into a quagmire or breaking up with each other.

Why not, as Shu Ting wrote in "to the Oak Tree": "I must be a kapok near you, standing with you as the image of the tree."

No matter what age you are, don't let yourself stop growing.

Marriage, only when the strength is equal, can the water flow for a long time and spend a full moon.


Life is a journey. Experience it for the rest of your life.

there is a saying: "the world is bustling for profit."

the journey of life is full of traffic and people come and go.

there are too many people who live in a hurry, but forget to stop, take a look at the prosperity of the roadside and listen to the birdsong in the trees.

wait until the body gradually declines, the accident comes suddenly, just wake up, I am afraid it will be too late to repent.

in the variety show "Adventure Life", there is such an impressive clip.

in the program, host Aya and singer Mao, accompanied by a music therapist, came to a local home for the elderly in Taiwan.

people here, most of the conversations are like this: "where is that person?"

"gone, gone."

every day, there are a large number of lives, like leaves in late autumn, falling silently.

such a picture makes people feel, and even more heart-wrenching.

as the philosopher Heidegger said, "when you are infinitely close to death, you can deeply understand the meaning of life."

if you really have to wait until death is coming before you begin to cherish life, you will miss too much.

in fact, the journey of life is not short as long as it is long.

only by cherishing the present and grasping the present can we reduce regret and avoid regret in the future.

be kind to everyone you meet during the journey and treat each encounter as a special fate.

cherish every experience in life, fight, cry, laugh, is perfect.

hug every scenery on the road, look at the sleepless begonia flowers, taste the fragrance floating at dusk.

if life is a blank piece of paper, you should bravely pick up the paintbrush, doodle boldly, and depict gorgeous colors for life.

Bai Luomei said: "Life is a game of chess, about winning or losing." There's nothing we can do. When you are confused, you are mostly in the bureau, and when you are enlightened, you are already on the outside. "