At work, it's slowly rotting.

At work, it's slowly rotting.

A group of people who want to be "Icarus"

I hope to share with you the world in our eyes

. I used to think that it was another way to show off how tired my brothers and sisters said they were working in the moments.

because I didn't need to think about my work every holiday before, it was just treated as a part of the assembly line, and all I had to do was to follow the rules step by step. So I envy people who can do things on their own, they really seem to be creating something, and then using what they create in exchange for income from labor.

I didn't know that what they called "tired" was really tired until I went to the company where I was working for an internship some time ago. I came here to be in charge of Subscription account's operation. I thought I was already familiar with driving a light car. After all, I had been disorganized for more than a year, but when I really handed it over to me, I realized that I didn't know anything.

before, I thought that the marketing account was just copy and paste. On the first day of work, I excitedly made a push and sent it to my colleagues.

"you're missing the point at all. We want complaints, not the previous analysis."

"your push is too long for others to watch."

"you are not approachable enough. You should remember that we are targeting people in Dongguan. Your push can be used all over the country. How can it work?"

"your typesetting is not good, the key information is not prominent, and the color is too monotonous."

for their comments, I think "the words are very true", because messy and marketing numbers are really different worlds, one is to write "what you like" and the other is to write "what others like". But even in Yuci, I didn't give up any of the same plans, because only by really mastering these two Subscription account's operation methods can I make something that "satisfies others while satisfying myself."

"awesome people never feel that 'satisfying themselves' and 'satisfying others' are opposite things. when they reach a certain level, they satisfy themselves is to satisfy others." That's what my boss said.

# but also really tired #

people in the company seldom take a nap, and they go back to the office to chat after dinner.

"my moments often send photos of me to try, but I don't want to show off, it's really a need for my job. The client asks you for a taste test just to get you to give a good-looking evaluation. If I don't say anything, the boss will ask me why I don't post on moments. "

the editor of Subscription account, a gourmet food, raised her water glass and took a sip: "all my classmates think I enjoy this job, but how do they know that I would rather sit in the office than go out to try it? because after the trial, I have to take pictures and write tweets."

the editor of another marketing account sitting in front of her right interjected: "it looks easier than others, but behind it is that we often have to work overtime into the evening. Take a look at when we Subscription account pushed you to know when we got off work."

"I wanted to be a graphic designer at first. Alas, now I haven't thought about how to improve it in the past, because I don't think it's my business." She put the cup on the table and sighed.

"at work, but slowly rotting."

Do you want to shop wedding gowns for 40 year old woman to appear delightfully charming and bring your figure clearly? Pefect for formal affairs or an informal ceremonies.

Food editor: "have you heard the story of Icarus?"

everyone was silent. I only knew it was Greek mythology, but I didn't know it.

"in ancient Greece there was a famous craftsman named Daedalus who, at the order of the king, designed a labyrinth that trapped the monster Minotus. It is said that no one can walk out of that labyrinth. "

"but because Daedalus angered the king by not smiling, he was locked up in the labyrinth he designed, along with his son Icarus. In order to escape the labyrinth, the father and son collected the feathers that fell from the sky and fixed them with wax. "

everyone listened attentively, but she stopped. "do you think we are very much like Daedalus?" Do your best at the behest of others, and then there is only an 'acceptable' salary, and then the salary becomes a maze that traps you, because you have a burden, so you can't leave. "

"at last they did make wings, but the young son Icarus forgot his father's advice to fly higher and higher."

"Icarus became the man closest to the sun, but the wings made of wax melted because of the heat of the sun, and finally Icarus fell and died."

the editor in front of her right said, "if we run away from the labyrinth like Icarus, will we die without touching the dream like him?"

"but only he really feels the meaning of life."

with that, the boss came in and we started our afternoon work again, but everyone seemed to have made a great decision in mind.