At the end of life, it's about character.

At the end of life, it's about character.

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I have heard such a saying:

in fact, really smart people tend to win by virtue, treat people with kindness and dress people with sincerity.

A person's character is hidden in your words and deeds and every move.

it is as good as water and carries things with virtue.

the word "human" is easy to write, but not easy to do.


character is not good, no matter how good it is.

once, when Guo Degang was interviewed by Venus, he was asked, "what are the criteria for recruiting disciples now?"

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Guo Degang said, "when we recruited disciples, there were conditions for crosstalk. If I could say crosstalk well, I would like to have it."

the host then asked, "what about now?"

Guo Degang said: "now the most important thing is character. If my ability is not strong, I still have a way, but if my character is not good, I can't do anything at all! "

Guo Degang once recruited disciples and said in an interview, "some people like to be a little narrow-minded. When the master is around, he works hard actively. Once the master can't see it, he loafs around."

there are still people playing big cards and showing off everywhere in the name of my apprentice, so that a person with bad conduct, no matter how good the performance on the stage, will directly let him go home, which is a disaster. "

character is the test of a person's character. Even if one's ability is not good enough, one can make achievements through hard work. Once one's character fails, the road of life will become narrower and narrower, until there is no way to go.

in A Dream of Red Mansions, Wang Xifeng is a very capable person. She is always good at both management and interpersonal communication.

but although the ability is strong, the character is criticized. Wang Xifeng's inconsistency makes many people stay away.

for her own benefit, she did not hesitate to sacrifice the lives of others. The "Tieshi Temple" forced Zhang's daughter and Li Shoubei's son to kill themselves for a bribe of 3200 yuan.

she could not tolerate the existence of second Sister you, and instructed people around her to abuse and humiliate you in every way, sow discord between second Sister you and Jia Lian, and even bribed a quack to get rid of her child, which finally made second Sister you swallow gold with hatred.

even if her servants reminded her that she had maimed the innocent and believed in retribution, she showed no remorse and said with a smile, "I never believe in retribution in hell. I just say I want to do it."

like Wang Xifeng's judgment: "the machine is too clever, but it misses Qing Qing's life."

No matter how smart a person is, if he does not have the most basic principles and bottom line and does things by any means, he will eventually be mistaken by his own intelligence.

Nan Huaijin once said:

character is sometimes like a direction marker. Only when you have the right direction can your efforts and abilities add icing on the cake. If you start in the wrong direction, even if your ability is outstanding, it will eventually be a disaster.

as the saying goes, "the king of virtue is the king of talent, and the slave of virtue."

to be a man, character is always greater than ability.


being a man, taking conscience as the root and character as the foundation

Liu Zongyuan told a story in the East Collection of Liuhe.

there is a pharmaceutical dealer named Song Qing, who is kind and well-known for his good deeds.

anyone who has bought medicine from him knows that Song Qing is good and kind, and he treats patients alike, regardless of whether they are rich or poor. Even if strangers encounter emergencies and difficulties, he will be eager to help him.

it is common for Song Qing to invite guests from other places to dinner or even stay overnight, considering the long journey.

not only that, the medicines he uses are carefully selected, the prices are reasonable, and there is never a shortage, and everyone is willing to come to him to buy medicine.

if the other party does not have the money to pay for the moment, he can also give him credit, and it is not too late to wait until he is rich. Even if someone drags on his medical expenses for a year and a half, he never collects the bill, and at the end of every year, Song Qing always burns some IOUs that cannot afford to pay.

someone said inexplicably, "there must be something wrong with the head of Song Qing. Otherwise, how could he have done such a stupid thing?"

Song Qing said:

at that time, there was a man who was sick, but because his family was too poor and had no money for medical treatment, it dragged on for a long time, and at last it became more and more serious. When Song Qing knew about it, he asked this man to take medicine for medical treatment. We'll talk about the money later.

after being cured of his illness, this man gained fame and became an official and made a fortune. Even if the receipt had been burned at that time, he did not forget his original debt and doubled the money for medicine to Song Qing.

Song Qing persuaded people with virtue, his character was appreciated by everyone, and his business grew bigger and bigger, and eventually he became a famous rich businessman.

some businesses are done only once, and they will stop dealing with each other because they see your character clearly; some businesses will do business for a lifetime, and they will have long-term contacts because they trust your character.

between people, the most important thing is trust, and trust comes from the rest of the other person's character.

to be a man, you should only pay attention to the immediate interests and forget the foundation of being a man.

those who achieve great things tend to carve their character in their hearts.

although character is invisible, invisible and untouchable, it is the bottom line that we should stick to.

character is a person's most primitive wealth.


your character is your luck

you have read a story.

at the end of the 19th century, an aristocratic teenager unfortunately fell into the water in a village in England. a nearby farmer jumped into the water without saying a word and rescued the drowning teenager.

later, in order to thank the farmer, the boy's father came to the door with a heavy gift, but was refused by the farmer.

the young man's father was moved by the farmer's character. In order to repay the kindness, he decided to help the farmer's son to receive higher education in London.

years later, the farmer's son graduated from St. Mary's Medical College in London, invented penicillin and won the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1945.

the teenager who was rescued by the farmer grew up and contracted pneumonia during World War II. Fortunately, penicillin just had an effect on the disease and was finally cured by penicillin.

this drowning teenager was later British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

A good deed of the farmer not only saved the life of the drowning boy, but also inadvertently achieved his own child.

the father of the teenager, a seemingly insignificant decision, brought good luck not only to the farmer's family, but also to his children.

as Lin Yutang said in Jinghua Yanyun:

in this world, all good luck is not without a reason, it may be that you inadvertently did some good deed and got a reward; maybe it was your sincere efforts and got a response.

these may seem like unintentional actions at that time, but they will become your good luck and blessing in the years to come.

Life is a cycle of reincarnation, and you will gain what you give.

all good luck has cause and effect.

if you plant a good karma, you will eventually bear good fruit.


at the end of life, it is about character

I have seen a question: "what kind of person is the most attractive?"

A high praise replied: "there is light in the eyes, love in the heart, and good people in the bones."

as Balzac said:

people have a magnetic field. People with good character have their own halo, which can attract more good people and things and achieve a better life.

people with poor character are like a black hole, consuming themselves and hurting others.

it is possible that a good character will not immediately promise you a bright future, but it will surely achieve your life in an unexpected way someday, at a certain point in time.

to be a man, you must not be ashamed of your conscience and lose your character.

because, at the end of life, it is about character.