Ask yourself three times and ask yourself sadly.

Ask yourself three times and ask yourself sadly.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

there is a saying in "one sentence at the top of ten thousand sentences":

I don't know when you are no longer the real you in the mirror.

be strong enough to carry all the burdens of the family and take care of them inside and outside;

people suffer painstakingly, but they laugh and tease their friends;

they dare not even watch tragic movies. I can't stop crying for fear of life.

the more mature you are, the more afraid you are to hear the question:

are you happy enough now?

Love yourself, did you do it?

have you put it down, those who are separated?

you are silent. Those corners are soft that have been hidden for many years and have never been touched.


are you happy enough now?

rush to work, wash and subway every day, and only buy a piece of bread for breakfast when I get to work.

Last night, I worked overtime, sat in the workstation and had an eyelid fight, and you had to answer your boss's email.

I want to leave it empty for two seconds, but it pops out in my mind:

"it's time to pay the property fee, the water and electricity bill has just been paid, and after deducting the usual meal money, the rent will have to be put off until the next payday."

A spirited person taps the keyboard in front of the computer again.

I used to watch "chicken feathers in one place". When I read the story and then read it later, I always felt like the prototype in it.

the protagonist Xiao Lin forgot to put tofu in the refrigerator and was blamed by his wife.

from the sour tofu to the kettle, and from the kettle to the vase, the two quarreled flushed.

it's not easy to move over and over again and ask people to change jobs.

when you get home, you and your wife have endless quarrels, and no one knows what to do about the children going to school.

brush your cell phone when you are free. Takeout boys delay orders because they fall into the water, women squat in the corner of the subway in tears, migrant workers squat by the side of the road, stuffing tasteless soup and rice.

none of them are you, and it seems that every one of them is you.

when people reach adulthood, their fantasies have become chicken feathers, and you have no choice but to be patient.

think of Janet's words:

you may have hidden too much bitterness.

I always think I have to do it, but I never think about whether I am happy or not.

remember when you were a child, your parents were very happy to give you a fruit candy, a meal of dumplings during the Spring Festival surprised you, the rainbow when the sprinkler passed by, and you hurried out of the house to see …...

now you are no longer interested.

most people only care about whether you are successful and respectable, and close people will ask you if you are tired and if you want to rest.

but no one ever asks you, are you happy?

because you are the only one who can ask this question.


those who are separated, have you put it down?

walking on the road, I think of a lyric:

when you see it, it may be in whose circle of friends, or in some beautiful article, when you think of it again, your eyes are already a little pantothenic.

my friends at school had dinner together every day and went home on the same way. They suddenly wanted to ask her how she was doing. As soon as you opened your mouth, you called her by the wrong name.

colleagues who have been working together for many years haven't been in touch since they changed careers. I'd like to say hello, but you don't know where to start.

the neighbors who have lived next door for more than ten years, their parents are friends. When they moved out, they said to each other, "get together later", and we lost word.

A friend who talks about everything and a bosom friend who is intimate will be separated in an instant.

you finally understand that the separation of people is far more natural than imagined.

A friend who used to come to your house for dinner every day has gone out of town to look for a job.

at first, you often talk on the phone, then occasionally voice greetings, and then only send a blessing text message during the holidays.

I finally saw her message one day, "I just went back to my hometown on a business trip. Shall we get together?"

you have a burst of joy, just want to reply to the word "yes", and secretly wonder if you will run out of time when she comes for those two days.

between hesitation, she has withdrawn the message.

was replaced by a sentence: "Sorry, I made a mistake."

you flipped through the chat transcript. The last one was a bargain in pinduoduo at the beginning of the year.

I just feel a little sad, and you remember when you were going through your diary that she had lived in your house for a week.

you are more and more convinced of the sentence in "the Dead of Mountains and Rivers":

you have regretted and regretted it, but when you break up, it is scattered, and some people can only be memories if they do not give up.

put down what you missed. There must be someone waiting for you at the next intersection.


Love yourself. Did you do that?

there is a popular role ranking on the Internet. Who is the most important in life?

you tried to line up: parent & gt; child & gt; partner & gt; himself.

In search of an outstanding tea length formal dresses to make you look your best? The largest choice of superb dresses with discounted prices.

later, I thought it was wrong. There were brothers and sisters, relatives and friends ahead.

in your heart, you are always the last.

once followed a food blogger, Kung Pao chicken fried full color, chicken legs roasted crispy inside tender, his specialty sweet and sour eggplant, looked at the meal.