As a person, you should turn your face when you turn your face.

As a person, you should turn your face when you turn your face.

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when you are alive, be a man.

be a man, be kind-hearted.

Don't do evil to hurt people.

but kindness cannot be blind.

there must be intelligence quotient and limits.

excessive kindness will spoil some people,

pay blindly, it will hurt yourself.

Life is not long, and the rest of life is short.

never waste your energy and time for someone who is not worth it.

in the face of those who take an inch, refuse when they should.

when dealing with people who get worse, they should turn their faces.

only by doing so can your kindness be valued and your concessions appreciated.


if you are weak and deceivable, the other party will dare to raise rice to nourish grace and hatred.

there are some people in life.

if you help him a hundred times, he is not grateful.

every time you don't help, he bears a grudge.

you may even forget all your previous good things because of a rejection.

in their minds,

you take it for granted.

A good man is bullied by others, and Ma Shan is bullied by others.

so to be a man, you must not be too kind to others.

if you dare to be good enough to be unreserved,

the other person can be unscrupulous.

for such people, there is no need to pay any more.

if you should turn your face, don't be afraid to offend others.


there must be a measure of kindness and tolerance

as the saying goes:

put up with calm for a while and take a step back.

but in real life, not all tolerance,

can make the other person feel guilty and sincerely correct.

kindness without a bottom line will only make the other party more arrogant, and unlimited concessions will only make others more rampant.

you won't be bullied again and again only if you have a sense of propriety and limits.

be a man,

kindness is a virtue, tolerance is a good thing,

but you have to understand that

blindly yielding is cowardice, and

unbridled concession is incompetence.

born human,

see if it is worth it before being kind, and look at each other's character before giving in.

those who get worse, turn their faces decisively.

those who advance by an inch, don't accompany them any more.


as a human being, you will be hurt if you turn your face

if you want to turn your face.

if there is no limit to softness, you will be bullied.

No matter how kind you are, there should be limits.

take a little edge to protect yourself, and

be careful to guard against villains.

unprincipled softness will connive at each other's bad, and

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goodness without edge will encourage each other's evil.

so be careful.

Don't be soft in the face of those who hurt you.

Don't be timid in the face of those who take advantage of you.

learn to turn your face and refuse boldly.

only by seeing your temper,

others will not get worse.

this is the first time for us to be human beings.

No one should give way to each other.

others dare to hurt you because you are too kind.

others dare to bully you because you tolerate too much.

in their eyes, you don't have to pay any price to hurt you.

that's why it gets worse again and again.

the rest of life is not long, love yourself well, those who are not worth it should stay away from them, and those who are not sincere should turn their faces.

leave kindness to those who know how to be grateful, it will not be in vain.

leave softness to those who know how to cherish, there will be something in return!