As a man, don't blame anyone! (good text in depth)

As a man, don't blame anyone! (good text in depth)

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in life, meeting is fate.

as Dong Qing once said:

"in a sense, everything in the world is met.

just like, when cold meets warmth, there is rain; when spring meets winter, there is time; when heaven meets earth, there is eternity; when people meet people, they have life. "

since we meet, even if there is no result, we are still grateful.

so don't blame anyone.

only if you don't regret meeting, can you be accompanied!


those who owe you

teach you to let go

some relationships come to the end, only to find out that they are just acquaintances.

most of the time, you give the truth, but you may not be able to get the same amount of sincerity.

as the saying goes: those who set their minds to it are tired, and those who don't care don't care.

in life, all encounter, finally can not escape a debt.

but for those who owe something, we can choose not to forgive, but we must let it go.

because life never owes anyone deliberately, it gives you a shadow and is bound to cast another piece of sunshine not far away.

one day, you will find that

those who make things difficult for you will bring you unexpected experiences;

those who let you down will make you see your direction clearly and forge ahead.

those who leave you in the end will let you know that only companionship is the longest.


Buddhism says: if there is no debt, how can we meet.

all the arrangements in life are meant to be. No matter who you meet, he is the right person in your life.

what has been met is inevitable, and what has been missed cannot be turned back.

so don't worry about who owes you what today or who will give you enough tomorrow.

only by being relieved can we live up to this acquaintance and acquaintance.

just like one of the lyrics of Faye Wong in "that year in a hurry":

there is a long way to go in life. As long as you live up to the present, it is the best future.


people who hurt you give you experience

people meet all kinds of people when they are alive.

some people treat you well, others treat you badly.

those who treat you well will bring you warmth; those who hurt you will bring you experience.

as the writer Zhang Xiaoxian said:

Life is a mixture of happiness and suffering. Only when you experience harm and see through the hearts of the people can you have the ability to distinguish and the courage to move forward.

I remember that Goethe, a famous poet, once met a man who often criticized his articles on the road, who made rude remarks in front of Goethe, said nonsense, and refused to give way.

Goethe smiled and stepped aside, not angry or making any distinction.

others all advised Goethe: "how can you put up with his slander and hurt you?"

as a result, Goethe smiled and said:

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when you are alive, when you are angry, a million barriers open.

if you keep allowing yourself to struggle in harm and hesitate in hardship, over time, wisdom will be gone and reason will be blinded, which will not only hurt yourself, but also make life more and more difficult in the future.

on the contrary, accept the storm brought by others, the more painful and muddy days, the more it will become the strongest motivation on your way forward.

always remember that those who can't beat you will only make you stronger.

time will eventually make people gradually forget the hurt, but it will also make people stronger and no longer confused.

therefore, no resentment, no resentment, and living at ease is the best "reward" for those who have been hurt.


for the rest of my life, don't blame anyone in your life

getting along with others is fate.

everyone we meet has a meaning for his existence. He comes with a mission, either to bring you happiness, or to teach you to grow.

but whatever he brings, it adds a lot of color to our lives.

as Sakyamuni said:

so don't blame anyone in your life.

there is no need to feel aggrieved. No matter what kind of struggle and challenge you are experiencing, you should believe that everything is the best arrangement.

the only thing we can do is to accept it as it comes and goes, without fear, without asking for it.

I remember that the writer M á rquez once said:

Life can be fulfilled.

Don't worry about what you can let go, and don't blame those who should let go.

when you open your mind and see through, you will have leisure to taste happiness.