Amazing law of escape: you have to pay double for everything you have avoided.

Amazing law of escape: you have to pay double for everything you have avoided.

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Life is a slow hammering process, with frustrated expectations and disillusionment. Once fearless, you are becoming more and more timid.

in the face of unknown suffering, we all instinctively want to escape.

avoid uncertainties, avoid possible troubles, avoid all difficulties, and think you are smart enough to bypass the most fundamental problems.

Jiang Fangzhou mentioned a father who loved playing games. When he was young, he was cut off from reality by playing games.

suddenly deleted the game one day, because the child has leukemia, he can no longer avoid himself.

there will always be a moment when you will find that you are no longer qualified to be young.

No matter how much entertainment and games, no matter how paralyzed you are, there is no escape.


you have to pay for your escape

the writer met a bank clerk who worked at the counter for five years, and the repetitive task gave her a headache.

because she had worked hard to write her resume and was turned down to find a job, her mind was filled with the idea of changing her job: I dare not, I am afraid.

in order to avoid boring work, she actually quit at home naked.

for two whole years, she wasted her time mechanically, learning nothing new and knowing nothing about other industries. She didn't even submit her resume for fear of failure.

she backed out of a slightly more difficult job.

if you want to go back to your old club, you are more afraid of it.

afraid of gossiping, losing face, or even being unable to do her previous job well, she dare not go back at all.

more and more anxious, older and older, less and less savings, but no more work experience, and then want to find a job, can only hit a brick wall again and again.

she is on the verge of a nervous breakdown every day, leaving only a sense of powerlessness to life.

originally it was just a little trouble, but the more you run away from it, the more you will fall into greater suffering.

A man in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province got into a fight and ran away when he heard the siren.

after 30 years on the run, I couldn't bear to turn myself in and found out that the police station had no criminal record at all.

at that time, the police car did not arrest him, but he endured 30 years of eating and sleeping, and when he returned home, his parents were long gone.

No one feels sorry for him, and no one feels sorry for him. At best, he deserves it.

there is a saying in "fact": "when we are in fear, we cannot see reality."

not sober enough to escape, let us suffer too much:

afraid of hardship and tiredness, work dragged on until the deadline passed and was scolded by the leader;

afraid of showing weakness with his partner, a quarrel led to a cold war, no one refused to communicate, and the marriage was on the verge of breaking up;

the family didn't have enough money, drink and hypnotize themselves, and when the landlord urged rent, he found that all the money he had was consumed by alcohol.

run away because of fear, retreat again and again, there is no way to escape, but it can only be worse. Face it bravely, but live a more comfortable life.


facing difficulties is much easier than you think.

the bank clerk is not the only one who struggles at the grass-roots level of the company. if he takes it seriously, the reward is not small.

some netizens endured for a few more years, waited for the leader's approval, took up the project independently, and immediately turned against the wind.

it is even more difficult for some people to be promoted in state-owned enterprises. They studied some official documents, taught themselves some financial statements and decision analysis, and soon became supervisors.

Zhihu respondents work in a start-up company, but the market is not good and they can barely make ends meet.

she has been in the post for so long that she has long been tired of it and can't pick herself up.

for fear of failing to live up to other people's expectations and affecting the relationship between colleagues, she dared not resign for half a year.

she doesn't want to talk to anyone every day, so she is very depressed and often weeps inexplicably.

I really couldn't stand it. I cheered myself up. It was only when I said "resignation" that I realized that these two words could be said so simply.

within a week, she found a new job, smiling and energetic every day. Former colleagues and bosses often talk to her and have dinner with her.

in the face of difficulties, there are always surprises.

hold on for one more second, or just turn around, as long as you don't step back, the willows and flowers will be waiting for you.

there is a blogger in Little Red Book who once had a bit of social fear and had to see people every day at work, but he was afraid to talk to people.

he had to change. He forced himself to learn from a popular colleague. In social situations, it depends on what the other person does.

after a few times, he has been able to easily express his opinions in public, chat with people, and deal with people completely naturally.

in the end, he couldn't tell whether he was really introverted or false introverted.

your so-called powerlessness is just scaring yourself. If you take a small step forward, you will double your gain.

as Liu Tong said:

it is the stupidest thing to run away from worrying about the future. The more worried you are, the more you don't want to suffer, the more you should show your courage and cross the hurdle in your heart.


to eradicate worries, Li Wei, a takeout boy from Shenzhen, was cheated two years ago and owed more than NT $100,000.

in the most difficult time, he chose to face it, running singles while videotaping his debt repayment experience.

in the face of the wind and the sun, he rode his bike through the streets at full speed, in time to arrive on time.

now the debt has been paid off a long time ago. Shenzhen sent the order, and he won the first place.

the number of more than 600 videos shot in the past two years has suddenly soared, with the highest exceeding 620000.

the fire spread all over the network, and his sentence "people are alive.""to open up the road and build bridges in the face of water" also began to spread.

having the courage to be tough and trying to carry it, he earned enough sense of security for himself, and became what the post-90s generation should look like in the minds of netizens.

Internet celebrity Jiang Jia flinched as a marketing manager and dared not do anything.

his work is at a standstill, but he, who is full of ideas, can't even put forward a sentence.

he resigned and wanted to start a business. as soon as he was rejected by an investor, he shut up with frustration. He fell into a desperate situation, as if he had never been smooth all the way.

he gave himself a letter of war, went out in 100 days to say what he thought, and was rejected 100 times.

from being rejected, Chiang Kai-shek gradually forced himself to stay and explain a few more words.

when he sincerely said that he wanted to go to the university to give a lecture, the professor was moved and agreed.

from then on, his life seemed to be hanging up.

casually sent mobile phone videos exceeded 5 million, got reports from Forbes and time magazine, was invited to travel around the United States to give lectures, and sold their own books.

with the rise of the company, Jiang Jia became the winner in life, and refusal was no longer his nightmare.

bravery is never an instinct, but an ability to meet difficulties with a sharp knife in your hand even though you are afraid.

fail once, so why not?

as long as you grit your teeth and don't relax and don't step back, fate will always be in your own hands.

it is only a matter of time before we root out all the difficulties and overcome those difficulties. Not afraid to lose, do not admit defeat, your ability, far more than you can imagine.

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instead of escaping from reality, it is better to have more courage

what will happen in the future, no one can predict, but God always favors the brave.

it takes courage to go to work and to start a business.

it takes courage to express love and to get married.

it takes courage to persist, reflect, succeed and fail.

it's not shameful to escape, but it's useless.

the good fortune of the brave is only a step forward, but a little bolder, and the outcome is completely different.

there is a passage in "the Storm":

when you are worried and afraid, face up to those storms and surpass the hardships and dangers, and everything you expect will come.