Amazing Law of cause and effect (profound)

Amazing Law of cause and effect (profound)

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the two ends of human nature are good and evil, and the two ends of reincarnation are cause and effect.

all things in the world, where there are consequences, there must be causes.

everything you do, every word you say, comes back to you.

good is rewarded with good, evil is rewarded with evil, and the cycle of cause and effect is not false, but the real human law.


Evil causes

deceiving others

deceiving others

deceiving others may not be discovered for a while, but over a long period of time, when lies are found out, they will harm themselves in the end.

at the time of Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty, there was a scholar named Li Da, who was skillful in speech and good at boasting, and said it as if it were true.

Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty believed that he not only attached importance to him, but also promised him Princess Wei.

soon, however, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty found that most of the great prescriptions did not work, and he did not have any magical powers.

the angry Emperor Wu was sentenced to halve in anger.

he gained short-term prosperity through lies, all castles in the air, and paid the price of his life.

deceive others once, others will only suffer once, when others see through your lies, you will suffer losses for the rest of your life.

We know that the consequence of the sheep-herding child deceiving the villagers who trust him again and again is that when the wolf really comes, he tells the truth, and no one believes him.

be careful not to lie for the benefit of your eyes, for when the truth comes out, there will be nowhere to escape.

resent others = torture yourself

in ancient Greek mythology, there was a great hero named Hercules.

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one day he was walking on a bumpy mountain road and found a bag in front of him.

so he stepped on the thing, but instead of being crushed, it expanded and doubled.

Hagrid became so angry that he picked up a thicker stick and smashed it. As a result, the thing was old enough to block the road.

just then, a saint came out of the mountain and said to him,

"friend, don't touch it, forget it, and go away from it!

it's called a hate bag. If you don't commit it, it will be as small as it was. If you invade it, it will swell up, block your way and be hostile to you to the end! "

when walking in the world, there will inevitably be misunderstandings and frictions.

when someone unintentionally offends you and gets in your way, please bypass it, because the more you resent, the hate will swell, and the road will be blocked.

hate others, no harm to others, sad is their own, always immersed in the unhappy mood brought to you by others, it is not good for yourself.

when you hold a grudge, you don't like anything but torture yourself.

others have cheated themselves

people cannot stand in the world for a long time without trustworthiness. If they break their promises, they will eventually cheat themselves.

Liu Ji, a writer in the early Ming Dynasty, recorded such a story in his Yu Ion:

said that there was a businessman in Jiyin who fell into the water and shouted for help when his boat sank while crossing the river.

A fisherman used a boat to save him, and the businessman promised, "if you can save me, I will give you 120 gold."

but after going ashore, the businessman backed out and gave only ten taels.

the fisherman said, "you promised me 120 earlier."

the businessman flew into a rage and said, "isn't it enough for you to get ten taels of gold for a fisherman?"

the fisherman blamed the businessman for being untrustworthy and left disappointed.

then one day, the businessman unfortunately capsized again.

someone came and asked the fisherman why he didn't save people. The fisherman said, "this businessman broke his word and lied to me!"

in the end, the businessman suffered the consequences and sank into the water.

when someone loses credit and really needs help, no one is willing to help you any more.

Credit is a passport for people to walk in this world. A hundred taels of gold is not worth one or two credits. As a man, you must never break your promise to others.

envy others = worry about yourself

Wang Xiaobo said: "all people's pain is essentially anger at their own incompetence."

always envy others that they are better off than themselves and never look at themselves squarely, which is punishing themselves in disguise.

jealousy makes all troubles come.

Sun Bin, a famous strategist during the warring States period, worshiped together with Pang Juan to learn the art of war and strategy under the gate of Gui Guzi.

brothers from the same school, they should have been friendly and helpful, but Pang Juan didn't think so.

he knew that Sun Bin's talent was far better than himself, and jealousy made him completely forget his feelings with the same family, and his heart was full of resentment.

so he framed Sun Bin for adultery with Qi, cut off Sun Bin's feet and stabbed words in his face, humiliating him both physically and mentally.

later, Sun Bin defected to the State of Qi and was appointed as an advisor by the King of Qi. He helped General Tian Ji defeat Pang Juan twice. Pang Juanzhi was poor and died of cutting his own throat. Before his death, Sun Bin was unwilling and scolded Sun Bin.

jealousy is a fire that people set in their hearts and eventually burn themselves to ashes.

jealousy is a barrier, it covers people's eyes, can not see farther, the vision is limited to the present, so the road becomes narrower and narrower, and finally into a desperate situation.


good cause and effect

allow others to be open-minded

there is a saying in Cai Gentan:

dealing with others and learning to be modest is a major criterion for us to walk in the world.

Chen Xiao not only didn't argue with him when he saw it.After waiting for Gibb to leave, he quietly pulled up the fence, moved an inch to his own land, and added the land to Gibb.

when Ji Bo found out later, he was so ashamed that he automatically repaid the occupied land and withdrew from behind him.

give others three points, and they will give you three points back, and the land will be lenient because of courtesy.

in dealing with people, you might as well be modest and open-minded, and many problems will be solved by people, and fighting will turn into friendship.

help others = be happy yourself

We often say that giving others roses has an aftertaste of fragrance, helping others can also bring us a happiness.

once when Wang Xizhi, a great calligrapher of the Jin Dynasty, was walking in the street, he saw an old woman hawking with a pile of fans, shouting hoarse, and no one stopped to buy.

Wang Xizhi felt sorry for her when he saw it, so he borrowed a pen from the shop next to her, went to the old woman, and wrote words on each fan.

passers-by opened the fan and saw the words inscribed by the great calligrapher Wang Xizhi. They watched and snapped up the fan, and the fan sold out instantly.

the old woman turned from grief to joy, took the money to buy rice and went home. Wang Xizhi smiled, brushed her sleeves and went away.

inscription for the fan, for Wang Xizhi, it is just an effort, but for the old woman, it is a great help, related to survival.

Gibran said: "collecting honey from flowers is the entertainment of bees, but giving honey to bees is also the joy of flowers."

be kind, big or small, help others and be happy with yourself. Why not!

be tolerant of others = be kind to yourself

Zi Gong once asked Confucius, "teacher, is there a word that can be used as a lifelong principle?"

Confucius said, "that's probably 'forgiveness'."

"forgiveness" means tolerance, tolerance of others, and kindness to yourself.

in the Spring and Autumn period, Guan Zhong intercepted Prince Xiaobai on the way to the throne, but Prince Xiaobai not only did not die but also inherited the throne as Duke Huan of Qi.

for this "revenge with one stone", Duke Huan of Qi not only did not retaliate, but also attached importance to Guan Zhong and let him be his prime minister.

this tolerance made Guan Zhong loyal to Duke Huan of Qi and helped him defeat the heroes and achieve hegemony.

Yu Dan said: "can put it down and put it down, be tolerant, and leave a broad sky for yourself."

the sea can accommodate all rivers, because it has the capacity to accommodate, and the broad life lies in the capacity to accommodate people.

give others a tolerance, give yourself a piece of pure land, reduce unnecessary troubles, life can be more leisurely.

fulfill others = achieve yourself

there is a saying in the Analects of Confucius: "A gentleman has the beauty of adulthood, but not the evil of others."

in life, others have virtually accomplished themselves.

Ouyang Xiuhui, the literary leader of the Northern Song Dynasty, had unique eyes. After discovering Su Shi's talent, he immediately recommended Su Shi to the emperor.

Su Shi glorified the literary world of the Song Dynasty with the help of Ouyang Xiu, but Ouyang Xiu not only was not forgotten, but also was praised by later generations as an open and aboveboard model because of recommending Su Shi and others.

in Journey to the West, Sun WuKong spared no effort to escort Tang Sengxi to learn the classics. after 9981 difficulties, it finally came to fruition.

fulfilled the wish of the Tang monk, and he also achieved good results and became a struggle to defeat the Buddha.

No one is an island and can fend for itself. The best relationship between people is to help each other, help others, and finally get good results.

people live in the world, only do good deeds, good rewards come from themselves, and sow good causes and eventually get good results.

the fruits of life are made by themselves.  as the saying goes, "reap what you sow, reap what you sow."

whatever cause you plant, you will bear fruit.

does not harm the hearts of the people, this life is a blessing; if you want to be opportunistic, you can only end up being smart.

you punch others, others hurt, you also hurt; you give others a candy, others are happy, you are also happy.

the causes and effects of good and evil are interchangeable.

Life is like a book. The value of a good book lies not in its thickness, but in its content.

each person's story is written by each person. How to have a happy ending in a life of joys and sorrows depends on how the writer writes.