Amazing crab law (good text in depth)

Amazing crab law (good text in depth)

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anyone who has ever fished a crab knows that there is a crab in the bamboo basket. You must remember to close the lid, or it will climb out.

but if you catch a few more and put them in, you don't have to close the lid anymore, and no matter how hard the crab struggles, it won't get out.


because when there are more than two crabs in the basket, each one is scrambling to climb towards the exit.

but when one crab climbs to the mouth of the basket, the rest of the crabs will grab it with pliers and eventually drag it to the lower level, and another crab will step on it and climb up.

this cycle goes on and on, and no crab can succeed.

this is the famous crab's law.

and this is also the mentality of many people in society now:

if I am unhappy, then I want to see that others are unhappy; if I cannot climb, I will hold others and make it impossible for others to climb.

in the final analysis, the greatest stupidity of human nature is that it is not good for others.


the lower the level of people, the less they see others

crosstalk actor Yue Yunpeng once talked about such an experience in an interview:

he came to Beijing from rural Henan at the age of 14 and suffered all kinds of grievances in society.

he has worked as a security guard, a waiter, and even cleaned toilets.

Guo Degang said: "Yue Yunpeng has done all the suffering all over the world, and he has become like this step by step."

when he was a waiter at the fried sauce noodle restaurant, he met Guo Degang, the "Bole" of his life. He worked hard and worked hard step by step, and the "wage earners" eventually counterattacked into a popular crosstalk performer.

endless bitterness has finally transformed into a great fortune in life.

however, Yue Yunpeng said: "after my success, every time I go back to my hometown, I feel very uncomfortable."

because he found that no one in the whole village put in a good word for him, and the villagers only disdained when they mentioned him.

sometimes even sarcastically said: "We do not like to see him, he is just lucky to meet an important person, in fact, he has no ability."

Mr. Lu Xun described it particularly aptly:

"many people can't see others lead a good life. If they don't have it, they will hate it."

Keigo Higano also wrote in his book malice:

"I hate you for realizing my dream first, I hate your superior life, and I hate that you have a bright future now, which I despised so much."

I also hate my own cowardice. I hate that I don't have enough luck and ability.

I give you all my hatred for myself, and I use it all to hate you. "

the lower the level of people, the more like to denigrate jealousy, tear each other apart, because they are not good, and do not let you.

they can't see you happy, so you must step on it to satisfy their fragile vanity.

people like this will only narrow the road.


jealousy is like a knife, and people harm themselves in the end

I have read such a story:

there was a man who got along very well with his neighbor, but quarreled over a trivial matter. Estrangement.

one day, he met a fairy. The fairy took him aside and said to him:

"you can say whatever you want, and I'll give it to you, but no matter what you wish, your neighbor will get double."

after hearing this, the man couldn't help thinking in mind:

"if I want one house, my neighbor will get two, and if I want 100 million, the neighbor will get 200 million."

how can it go on like this? how can he be better off than me! "

so he couldn't wait to make a wish to the immortal: "I want you to blind one of my eyes!"

this is the stupidity of human nature.

be jealous that others are better off than you are, try to destroy it, and in the end, it is yourself that will be hurt.

Bai Taiguan, a famous martial artist in the Qing Dynasty, saw that the child was good at kung fu and was jealous. He was afraid that he would lose his position in the future, so he killed the child.

but did not think that the child was his own son, and finally repented and grieved.

in ancient times there was a Potter who was jealous of the good business of the laundry next door. In order to stumble, tell the king that the laundryman can wash the black elephant into a white elephant.

unexpectedly, the laundryman sent him to the army and told the king that he would first build a pottery basin for elephants within three days.

finally, the Potter was ordered by the king to be executed because he could not make it.

there is a saying:

Life is not a win-or-lose race, and everyone has their own track.

if you don't like others, you are often the first to destroy yourself. those who really want to be good to others will be rewarded by fate.


to fulfill others is to fulfill yourself

as the old saying goes: "good people lift each other, stupid people step on each other."

the better and higher the people are, the more they know how to build bridges with each other.

remember an impressive fable.

A young man asked God, "what's the difference between heaven and hell?"

God smiled and took him to visit the two places respectively.

when visiting hell, a group of people in hell sat around in the dim light, each with a long spoon, but because the handle was too long, although there was a large bowl of broth in front of him, it was impossible to spoon the broth to his mouth.

can only look at the lack of siblings.What to do.

I was so hungry that I was dying and didn't get a mouthful of broth.

but heaven is a different story.

everyone also has a long spoon in his hand.

but they use such a long spoon to deliver the broth to the mouth of the opposite person, and everyone can share the broth.

so everyone in heaven eats red and contented.

truly wise people all know that mutual support is the greatest accomplishment.

Xiong Hao once said that heaven is heaven because

No one can be an island and be self-sufficient.

only when people help each other and build bridges for each other, can there be a broad road.

while fulfilling others, you are also fulfilling yourself.

Lu Xun once said:

Lu Xun once said that

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as the old saying goes, "crossing oneself is a kind of ability, and crossing people is a kind of pattern."

click to watch. May the rest of your life be less jealous, more fulfilling, and make your life more warm.