Along the way, see through people, see through the heart

Along the way, see through people, see through the heart

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Life is like a train, occasionally speeding and occasionally braking.

No one knows which comes first, tomorrow or accident.

A sudden epidemic caused a busy life by pressing the pause button-- the plan made by

has been abandoned; where you want to go, you can't get there; you can't see those you want to see.

the moon will be full and missing, and people will be reunited and separated.

only then did I gradually realize that the sooner I know these three truths of life, the better.


Life is a state of mind

Samuel said:

all things in the world, there are choices and gains.

if you take it lightly, you will naturally be humiliated and humiliated and watch the pre-court flowers blossom and fall.

but if you think about it, you will inevitably worry about it and add to your troubles.

it is said that the famous Chinese painter Yu Zhonglin is good at painting peonies.

once, with a stroke of his pen, he drew a lifelike "peony picture".

when a businessman saw it, he immediately bought it back at a high price and hung it proudly in the living room.

the businessman thought that this masterpiece would be praised by others, but unexpectedly, when someone saw it, he shouted, "Unlucky!"

the businessman is confused.

the man said:

"you see, the peony in this picture has a flower right on the edge, only half of it.

while peonies represent wealth, and half a flower is missing, isn't it 'incomplete wealth'? "

on hearing this, the businessman immediately felt that he had bought it wrong and was in a state of panic all day long.

after tossing and turning several times, he did everything possible to find Yu Zhonglin and asked for a repainting.

Yu Zhonglin laughed when he heard the reason.

he picked up his pen and wrote four big words in the space on the top left of the picture: "boundless wealth."

he explained:

the businessman immediately turned from sorrow to joy, and happily took the painting back.

in fact, the painting has not changed, what has changed is the human state of mind.

the mentality is different, the point of view changes, the situation also changes.

just like facing half a bottle of wine, different people will react differently when they see it.

pessimists will spread out their hands, stamp their feet and sigh:

while optimists will happily clap their hands:

Life, in fact, how can it always be plain sailing without waves?

the key is to deal with your mindset.

Indian philosopher Osho once said:

if we always want to compare with others, we will feel that this is not enough and that is not good. Even if there is a broad road ahead, we will be frightened. It's like crossing a log bridge.

and if we learn to look at everything with a normal heart, be optimistic and open-minded, then even a small flower can make us feel the spring light all over the sky.

what is it like to know everywhere in life, it should be like Feihong stepping on snow mud? Why not relax your mindset and move forward?


the relationship wants peace of mind

there is a saying:

A really lasting and fresh relationship, what you want is peace of mind.

just like Lin Yutang and Liao Cuifeng, once they hold hands, they will never be separated for a lifetime.

however, Liao Cuifeng is not Lin Yutang's first love.

at the age of 17, Lin Yutang fell in love with his classmate's sister, Chen Jinduan.

at first sight of her, Lin Yutang fell, and Jinduan girl was "born incredibly beautiful".

however, because Chen Jinduan's father was a wealthy businessman in Xiamen, and Lin Yutang's family was poor, Lin Yutang was finally introduced to Liao Cuifeng, the girl next door to Chen's family.

at that time, Liao Cuifeng's parents also firmly opposed it, but Liao Cuifeng firmly said:

Lin Yutang was grateful that the girl did not dislike his poverty and burned the marriage book on her wedding day.

he said firmly:

in the days to come, if there is a quarrel between the two, Lin Yutang will always come forward and gently pinch his wife's nose and say a few humorous words.

what he often says is:

Seek for fantastic navy blue formal dresses and flaunt feminine curves? Enter our store and select the perfect fitting clothes.

two people help each other and love each other all the time.

even later, Chen Chin-duan still kept in touch with the Lin Yutang family, but Liao Cuifeng, who was at ease, could not take it for granted.

even she can talk about Lin Yutang's love history in front of her children.

there is a classic line in the movie "he doesn't like you that much":

A really good relationship will never make you nervous all day, let alone walk on thin ice.

on the contrary, people who love you will take care of your emotions, understand your feelings, and give you full of love and warmth.

when you are sick, he will accompany you and pour you hot water and soup.

when you are angry, he will tell you jokes, make amends and make a smile on your face.

when you are sad, he will give you broad shoulders and give you a support.

hold hands and grow old together.

good feelings will give you a wandering heart and a berthing harbor.


people live in a state of mind

Cai Gentan says:

this sentence means that their hearts are always peaceful and complete, and the world will not be incomplete;

their hearts are always peaceful and open-minded, and there will be less insidious deceit in the world. In a word, what kind of world we have depends on what kind of state of mind we have.

there is such a fable.

there used to be such aPersonally, I often get angry with others when I have nothing to do and be depressed all day long.

other people care about him and ask him:

he frowned, sighed and said,

that man listened and told him that there was a way to help him get revenge.

after hearing this, that person should learn this method to deal with others at all costs.

the result is conceivable that even if he finally takes revenge on others, he is still unhappy after all.

in fact, there are a lot of people in life, aren't they all repeating this person's mistake?

knowing that anger will hurt the liver, I still can't help but want to get angry; when I know that sadness will hurt the body, I always sigh.

in the end, I lost the sesame and lost the watermelon.

there is a saying:

people live a lifetime, nine times out of ten things go wrong.

if we can't see through, forget and let go of the past, it will be difficult for us to be relaxed and at ease.

on the contrary, if we are more tolerant, modest and leave room for others, our world will be much wider.

Hanshan asked to pick it up and said:

after listening to it, he said faintly:

Why hold a grudge, why retaliate for injustice?

right and wrong have their own merits, and justice is in the hearts of the people.

when our hearts broaden, the world naturally becomes bigger.


people live a lifetime, which seems to be a long time, but in fact it is also very short.

what needs to be done has not yet been done, and the person who should love has not been loved properly.

instead of spending time on people and things that are not worth it, why not look out for others and compare your heart to heart?

it's up to us to really decide how we live our lives.

Life, take it easy; be emotional, be careful; in life, be light.

Let yourself live the rest of your life with love.