All the troubles are due to thinking too much

All the troubles are due to thinking too much

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maybe there have been moments in which

has not encountered any unhappy people or things, or even had a smooth life, but we just feel depressed inexplicably.

whenever you are unhappy for no reason, it is probably because you think too much. Even if things happen for a reason, they will think too much and put themselves under unnecessary mental pressure.

people are prone to wishful thinking when they are idle.

the more you think about it, the easier it is to get into the alley of thinking. You will have comparisons, envy, and even complaints and unwillingness.

originally you were working and doing things well, but when you think about running around for a living every day, you will feel physically and mentally exhausted.

originally you lived happily, but when you think of a house you can't afford, a car you can't afford, and a good life before, you feel hopeless.

originally you had a simple and happy family, but when you think of the small quarrels you have had, it is always difficult to open the knot and hurdle in your heart.

A person who thinks too much will probably not be happy. Because most of the troubles are out of my own mind.


Happiness is often not imagined, but passed.

do a good day's work, do a good day's work, you will have the harvest of this day, but if you just think about the hard work and not easy, you will feel depressed.

if you eat every meal and sleep well every night, you will have the energy of this day, but if you are always eager for success and quick success, you will feel that life is hopeless.

if you go for a walk and chat with a loved one, you will have the happiness of the day, but if you cling to the unhappiness and unease of the past, you will make each other feel tired.

there are many moments when we focus on the irreparable past and tomorrow that has not yet arrived, while neglecting the beauty of the present.

in fact, to live is to live, not just to think about it.

No matter think about the past or the future, it will not make people feel happy, but will only add a lot of unnecessary psychological burden.

because only when you have a good day can you have a good tomorrow and a good future. When you look back, everything in the past is fine.

but if you think about yesterday's bad today, worry and worry about tomorrow's bad, then you will be caught in an endless vicious circle.


if you want to have a better life, you need to keep working hard instead of staying where you are, anticipating too many disappointments, or too many unrealistic expectations.

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feel that the work is hard, perhaps because the pay is not good enough and the sense of self-worth is not fully reflected. At that time, instead of thinking more and more discouraged, it is better to try to change the status quo.

feel that life is difficult, maybe there are too many greed and desires, at that time, instead of thinking more and more painful, it is better to reduce your blood pressure and burden appropriately.

the feeling of emotional frustration may be due to giving the other person too high demands and expectations. at that time, instead of thinking more and more painful, it is better to let go of too much control and pressure.

in fact, in this world, all fantasies and delusions not only can not solve any problems, but also add countless troubles to themselves.

any good life is mostly the result of action, struggle and struggle, thinking too much and thinking too much, and life will only get worse and worse.

everyone has a desire for improvement, but only when you have stepped through all the hurdles and difficulties and through all the hardships and tiredness can you reach the other side of happiness.


when a person is working hard, he probably has no trouble.

because all his mind and energy are focused on how to make himself better, how to overcome difficulties, and how to create a better life.

if you just think about the unhappiness of the past, it will be even more unpleasant, and if you only think about the future, then you will regret the unhappiness of the present.

Mr. Yang Jiang once said, "your problem is that you read too little and think too much."

when a person stops learning and making progress, he will have more and more distractions, and the more tired he will feel, the more powerless he will be.

you can't do a good job if you think too much about your work. Only by doing things in a down-to-earth manner can you constantly increase your ability and irreplaceability.

it is not good to think too much about life. Only by living in a pawned life can you make every moment meaningful.

emotional thinking too much, will not be good, only cherish each other together every moment and detail, in order to resist the trivial life of a chicken feather.

all the troubles are due to thinking too much.

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