After the age of 40, not in exercise, not in drinking water, please pay attention to these three principles!

After the age of 40, not in exercise, not in drinking water, please pay attention to these three principles!

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there is a question on Zhihu: "how terrible is it to be idle alone?"

40 years old is a very important point in the body.

especially for health, at the age of forty, it is particularly important to learn to take proper care of our bodies.

so today, when we talk about health preservation, we have found some tips for many friends on longevity.

in life, if we abide by these little rules of longevity, it can help us stay away from disease and maintain longevity easily.

for those of you who have entered the age of 40, let's study together.


longevity rule 1

Mo anger

[maintain liver and stabilize blood pressure]

anger is a way for us to vent our emotions and express our emotions.

when we are angry, our emotions will be very excited, and our hearts will have special ups and downs, and as we become irritable, the stress will be released.

but what is left to us is physical harm. Because of abnormal mood swings in a short period of time, it will not only hurt our heart, but also lead to qi depression in the liver, which in turn affects our detoxification function.

We often find that those around us who are not in a good mood generally have weak liver function.

this is due to years of mood fluctuations, affecting the detoxification function of the liver.

so they tend to look dark and have no youthful vitality.

so in order for us to be more energetic and maintain longevity, we must deal with the trivialities of life calmly and be less angry.


longevity rule 2

Don't eat too much

[protect intestines and stomach, prevent obesity]

Food is the most important thing for the people, and eating is what we do every day.

in the face of delicious food, many people are overwhelmed. So when you meet your favorite food, everyone will eat a lot and can't hold on to yourself.

but nutrition experts suggest that such a diet will do great potential harm to our health.

light will lead to overnutrition and obesity; severe will lead to liver, gastrointestinal burden, disease and cancer.

so we must control the amount of food when we eat. We can't overeat, just seven percent full or eight percent full.

and now both advocate a light hunger diet and a healthy longevity method.

giving our bodies some hunger properly can keep our cells alive and make us live longer.


longevity rule 3

do not leave electronic products

[avoid staying up late, sleep]

with the progress of science and technology, electronic products have entered thousands of households.

there used to be only televisions and telephones.

up to now, computers, mobile phones, handheld game consoles and other electronic devices have been widely used in our lives.

this is not only the progress of the times, but also the improvement of our living standards.

similarly, in the face of a dazzling array of electronic products, we should not stay with them for the sake of our health.

if appropriate, some distance should also be carried out. after all, these electronic products have a certain amount of radiation and frequent contact, which will do great harm to our health.

so when you go to bed at night, be sure to put your phone away from us, or turn it off.

try to avoid the radiation of electronic products to us, especially for pregnant women and younger children, these people with weak resistance, we should effectively isolate and protect these electronic devices.

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for our health and longevity, we must say no to electronic products in time. When it's time to rest, we must rest and live a regular life, which is the best way to help us live a long and healthy life.