Adversity should be stable, prosperity should be determined; frustration should be achieved, and prosperity should be light.

Adversity should be stable, prosperity should be determined; frustration should be achieved, and prosperity should be light.

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adversity should be stable: stabilize the situation and make plans again

A person's life cannot be plain sailing, and he will always encounter difficulties of one kind or another.

as the saying goes, "it is up to man to plan things and to get things done."

there are always many uncontrollable factors that make you into adversity.

be sure to be steady at this time and don't mess up. If you mess up, you will lose the chance to make a comeback.

it's like playing chess. Once you make a bad move, the situation falls into a passive position, and the more you want to get it back.

Chess style will suddenly become very aggressive, the bigger the flaws in chess, but let the opponent take advantage of it, and eventually lose the whole game.

hold steady in the face of adversity. What you have to do is not to win immediately, but not to lose now.

as the old saying goes: if you keep the green mountains, don't worry about firewood.

first stabilize the present, control the situation, and prevent the situation from getting worse. Then gather strength and wait for the opportunity.


prosperity is more vigilant than adversity

Kafka has a saying:

the heart is a house with two bedrooms, one lives in pain;

the other is happy, and one can't laugh too loudly. Otherwise, laughter will wake up the pain in the next room.

as the saying goes, if not, great joy leads to sorrow.

temporary prosperity does not represent eternal prosperity, and temporary joy is not necessarily eternal joy.

Luck can't stand with you forever. It's not the ability to succeed with the wind and the river, but the ability to resist adversity.

in farmland, plants such as pumpkins must be pinched if they grow too fast, but they will not grow melons if they are not pinched.

people in good times are easy to float, but not solid.

just like this pumpkin, you have to be calm and down-to-earth in good times.

during the Spring and Autumn period, Sun Shuao, prime minister of the State of Chu, was a great minister, but he left no property to future generations.

before he died, he told his son to go back to his hometown for farming and specially chose a barren land for his son as a fief.

Sun Shu-ao believes that if the land is not fat, children and grandchildren have to be diligent and thrifty and accumulate slowly. This is a good way for children to become talents.

Sun Shuao understands that prosperity deserves more vigilance than adversity.


frustration must reach: mindset is a person's fate

Life is a bad thing. Nine times out of ten, many things in life are not based on people's will. It is impossible for each of us to succeed in everything.

Su Shi was relegated. When he first came to Huangzhou to write "long hate this body is not mine, when to forget the camp",

"pick up all the cold branches and refuse to live, and the lonely sandbar is cold." his inner entanglement and bitterness can be seen.

but then what happened?

Su Dongpo was demoted to Hainan, where he wrote, "eat 300 lychees a day and grow up to be a native of Lingnan."

because Su Dongpo is open-minded, the mentality has changed the color of the landscape.

and once people are up to the point of view, they can open up another field and make it look like what they want in the place of frustration.

in Hainan, he educated the people, taught them to plow the fields, and realized his ideal of helping the country and the people in a wild land.

there is no fate that punishes others. Complaining and giving up is a real tragedy.


be complacent: get rid of glitz, fame and wealth are only embellished

Guo Ziyi has made great contributions to the world, and there are countless children and grandchildren who have been officials in the family, and even the boards used in the last dynasty can make a bed.

so what? At the end of the day, it is not a shack and an empty cobweb.

"the success or failure of right and wrong has turned into nothing". From the three emperors and the five emperors to the present, it is just your singing and my debut, how many heroes in ancient times, fertile soil and mud on the north and south hills.

as the Diamond Sutra says, everything is "like a dream bubble".

87 version of A Dream of Red Mansions, Chen Xiaoxu, who plays Lin Daiyu, became famous and set up his own company after performing A Dream of Red Mansions.

was at the peak of his career, only to be diagnosed with breast cancer. since then, he became a monk with shaving and died in the same year.

if you lose too much, you will lose sight.

people who have died once on the operating table and who were pulled out of the rubble during an earthquake are more likely to be bearish.

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Westerners often say that people don't understand what is most precious in the world until they know the limits of life.

Health, family affection, friendship, these things are worth much more than fame and wealth.

as a result, life begins to fade from glitz, and ups and downs are just embellishments, not necessities.

such people began to have an unbreakable home, fame and wealth come and go, can no longer disturb his peace of mind.