Actually, you don't like him that much.

Actually, you don't like him that much.

Many people watched the movie called "he doesn't like you that much" before. Have you ever thought that you don't like him that much?

I recently fell in love with a restaurant for a free pre-dinner lemonade.

I have a friend, Miss A. I have known her for six years, and the year before that, she had a soul friend of the opposite sex who was "spiritually compatible". She quarreled because of a little misunderstanding, had a cold war, was equally grumpy and stubborn, and was unwilling to bow her head first. And this Mr. B and I know Miss A, they are the kind of people who can talk about the stars, the moon, from poetry to philosophy of life. Later, they went to their own high schools, their own universities, and had their own brand-new lives. But Miss A never let go. She mentioned this person to me more than once. She was sad to say the name when she was drunk. She was so happy that she wanted to share this person in the first place when she took off. All the boys around her have been compared with him, and the craziest thing is that she has written a letter that has been received for seven years but has never been sent.

at one o'clock in the morning at the beginning of this year, I received a strange phone call from Miss A. she anxiously told me that Mr. B had appeared and that Mr. B, who had been silent for seven years, had once again come to Miss A's world. One of his small moves made Miss A, who was usually able to stand up and eat shit on an important occasion, to be calm and hold, so mad that she did not hesitate to cause excessive fluctuations in the mood of an intermittent insomniac in the middle of the night. I fell asleep unusually before one o'clock that night, just as Mr. B contacted Miss An abnormally. I said "Oh" and hung up without hesitation.

I was walking on the playground one evening a week later when I thought of it. To make sure I wasn't dreaming, I called Miss A back a whole week late. "I don't seem to be as happy as I thought," she told me. Seven years, seven whole years, I have been thinking about a person for so long. I always had a hunch that he would come to me, and it turned out to be exactly what I thought. But I always feel as if it would be better not to come. Now I seem to have laid down a heavy burden that I have carried for seven years, and I seem to have lost a goal that I have been pursuing for seven years. I don't seem to like him as much as I thought. "

I told Miss A the story of lemonade. I fell in love with that restaurant because of that free lemonade before dinner. Before that, I always thought I really loved that restaurant, until one day, when I was too lazy to go downstairs in the dorm, I called for the takeout. As a result, I sent the slippery egg shrimp rice into the dustbin almost intact that day, when I was not satisfied with stripping off the rice. From that time on, I was surprised to realize that I fell in love with the glass of water with a light lemon scent, not the restaurant itself.

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my love of restaurants has always been the same as Miss A's love of Mr. B, we are all so fascinated that we forget to examine our true feelings. And I found that I fell in love with lemonade rather than a restaurant, just as Miss A found that she had loved the "spiritual fit" for the past seven years, not Mr. B himself. By the time Mr. B appeared again, the life experience of the two of them had been multiplied several times, just as they might have fallen in love with hiphop and Hong Kong music, and the degree of spiritual agreement had been greatly reduced. I was surprised to realize that I didn't really like what I thought I liked.

like, do you like guitar? Are you sure you like guitar and not want to play handsome gutter girl? You like to travel? Are you sure you don't like to take a photo in a famous scenic spot to prove your pride in being here? You like a group. Are you sure you don't like the benefits that this group can bring to you? You like a public figure. Are you sure you don't like the pleasure of having a constant stream of common topics when chatting with others?

A few years ago, everyone was retweeting the movie "he doesn't like you that much". In fact, I always wanted to say, maybe you don't like him that much either?