A really good man never helps with housework.

A really good man never helps with housework.

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someone in Zhihu once asked, "what kind of man is more worthy of marriage?"

A highly praised answer is: "A man who takes the initiative to do housework."

I agree with you.

A really good man never helps with housework, because he is a member of the family, this family is also his home, and the housework at home is also his business. only such a conscious man can make the family happy and harmonious.


Last year, the variety show "Men who do housework" became popular, among which the Wei Daxun family was more controversial.

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Wei Daxun and his father's daily routine is all kinds of sofa paralysis, staging the scene of "the father does not move, the wind and rain do not move," in sharp contrast to the busy, hard-working mother Wei.

Mother Wei is busy washing, cleaning, shopping and cooking from six o'clock in the morning. During this period, father and son did not take the lead and asked for a lot.

Mother Wei said with grievance and helplessness, "that's what traditional Chinese women are like."

because of the influence of the traditional concept of "men dominate the outside and women dominate the interior", in real life, many men come home from work and lie down on the sofa with peace of mind, saying that they have been working hard all day. Righteous words put all the housework on the wife.

his wife is sweeping the floor while washing and ironing, he is raising his legs, drinking tea and watching TV; his wife is cooking and washing dishes to coax the children, and he is chatting, sleeping and playing games.

Women's grievances and men's grievances, of course, have become the most dangerous trigger for marriage.

even if she didn't make a fuss, she didn't have a change of heart. However, with the trivialities passing year after year, her heart was like the ash cooled in the stove, leaving no warm sparks.

every man should understand that you marry a wife who shares your joys and sorrows, not a babysitter who is confined to the kitchen every day.

A home is not a person's home, but a common home. It is so difficult that without a wife, you don't wash and cook, and you don't clean for a long time.

there is nothing to take for granted in a family, nor should it be taken for granted, but we should clearly understand that this is a common home, a part of it, and we should all pay for the family.


Miller. Berman pointed out in "intimate relationship":

A public service advertisement "does Love have to be endured" tells about a woman's sadness.

the hostess is washing dishes in the kitchen and does not stop cooking dinner after work, while her boyfriend is playing with his cell phone.

the hostess finally couldn't stand it and said, "Don't you ever want to do it together?" Do I deserve to do housework all my life?

the man disagreed and retorted impatiently: "Don't you just do housework, it's just a little thing?"

when the male mother heard this, she said:

to the point.

when a woman does housework, she doesn't do her duty, but loves this man and this family in her heart.

so sympathetic men will understand that families need to work together and pay together, so that such a home can be warm and happy.

the beauty of marriage lies in managing life together and doing housework together. You cook, I wash the dishes, you do the laundry, I mop the floor, you hold the baby, I amuse me. Even if life is covered with chicken feathers, you can still live in peace and warmth.


in the Life of yearning, actor Huang Lei and his wife Sun Li are like the happy couple of ordinary people, who have been in love for 24 years, married for 15 years, and have two daughters and one son.

in the ordinary life under the camera, people deeply feel their luck and warmth.

when it comes to Sun Li being not very good at housework, Huang Lei still has a faint pride in his tone, saying that his wife has finally retained her "clumsy" nature because of his years of hard work.

then sweetly confess:

all the affection is as deep as the sea and never gets tired of it for a long time, all from mutual understanding and common commitment.

A really good man never helps his wife with housework, nor does he regard housework as a task, but knows that it is also his duty.

as the writer Ma de said:

put love into real life such as dressing, eating, and lodging, so that it can last for a long time;

it is most heartwarming to keep your promise in the chores such as washing, cooking, and raising children.

Marriage needs to be maintained by two people, and housework has never been exclusive to women. Only by undertaking and supporting each other can we face the ups and downs of life together and bear the ups and downs of life together.

Happiness is actually very simple, living with the right people in a comfortable way for each other.

from the beginning of every day, from every little thing of housework, we can see each other's good, and we are not stingy with our own efforts.

this is the warmest way of life, and what marriage should look like.