A person's top way of keeping in good health: enrich oneself.

A person's top way of keeping in good health: enrich oneself.

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A person, rich or poor, can enrich himself.

enrich yourself, not only to nourish yourself with money, but more importantly, to know how to be kind to your body, how to be kind to your mind and spirit.

those who know how to enrich themselves can enrich themselves even if they are poor; those who do not know how to enrich themselves will suffer from "poverty" even if they are rich.


enrich yourself and cherish your health

as the saying goes, "money is something outside the body."

A person is most likely to ignore his health when he is in good health, and even get money by overdrawing his health. When there is no physical problem, he believes that his physical quality is excellent, so he squanders his health wantonly.

until one day, when there was something wrong with the body, it suddenly dawned on me: without health, how much money is there?

some people say: "the first half of life for money, the second half of life for money."

in fact, can the health consumed in the first half of life be fully exchanged for money in the second half of life? I don't think it can be changed back.

those who can make money are lucky in comparison.

what's more, he traded his life for money in the first half of his life. He didn't make much money, but he lost his health. In this way, the loss outweighs the gain.

the moral Classic says, "which is more, the body or the goods?"

that is to say, "which is more valuable, the body or the goods?"

obviously, the body is more valuable. Money, fame and wealth serve life. If life is damaged, then why pursue it?

A person's greatest wealth lies not in how much money he has, but in good health, sleeping soundly and eating well.


enrich ourselves and maintain a good state of mind

very often, the root cause of our body's so-called diseases is our bad emotions.

I have heard a saying: "A clown in town is better than a dozen famous doctors."

if a person is always depressed and depressed, not only his mood is depressed, but also a series of physical problems may occur over time.

emotion can not be seen or touched, but it does have energy, and the power of this energy is not to be underestimated.

so, if there is something wrong with your body, you might as well calm down to reflect on your emotions and whether you are in pain and depression for a long time.

if the emotion as the root cause is not addressed, then, even if it is cured, it is likely to relapse.

how to maintain a good state of mind?

mood is like a flood, which should be sparse rather than blocked.

when you encounter unhappy things, don't always keep it in your heart and suppress yourself. You should learn to talk. Even if you can't find the right person, you can also use diary to vent, or exercise to vent your emotions.

when you meet unreasonable people, you don't have to worry about them.

as the saying goes, "it is not incompetent to be afraid of villains." Choose to give in, not to be entangled with it, not to be afraid, but to prevent the "villain" from ruining our good mood.

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although material enrichment is indispensable, spiritual enrichment is also indispensable.

to make your mind peaceful and peaceful, you are enriching your mind.


enrich yourself and broaden your spirit

Gao Xiaosong said: "Life is not only the present, but also poetry and distance."

if there is only "chicken feathers" in front of his eyes, how can he be happy?

A person who can "live poetically" may not be rich, and he may even be in poverty, but he cannot disturb his "tranquil" state of mind in the end.

Why can he do this?

because he has a bigger world in mind, his spirit is rich and interesting enough.

people with poor spirit will be indifferent even if they see the spectacle of "water pouring down from a height of 3,000 feet";

people with rich spirit can also find the glitter of human nature during a meal and drink, and they will also feel that "all things are complacent."

so, how to make your spiritual world rich and beautiful?

first, travel ten thousand miles, and second, read ten thousand books.

traveling ten thousand miles allows us to see different customs and customs, famous mountains and rivers;

Reading ten thousand books allows us to talk to ancient saints and sages and learn more about the names of plants, trees, insects and fish.

as the saying goes, "the belly is poetic and bookish." after reading more, a person's mental state will naturally change. This change is from the inside to the outside, which is better than the most expensive cosmetics.

the greatest kindness of a person is to be kind to himself, and the best kind treatment is to enrich himself.

when a person learns to enrich himself, it will be easier to find the fun in life, and will not be easily confused and disturbed by the outside world.

enriching oneself is a person's top way of keeping in good health.

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