A person's first-class fengshui is not modesty, education, kindness, but.

A person's first-class fengshui is not modesty, education, kindness, but.

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I have read such a story in which someone invited Mr. fengshui to his graveyard to see fengshui. On the way, he saw birds flying in the direction of the graveyard and panicked.

he guessed that there was an urchin picking fruit on the tree, and for fear that the child would fall from the tree, he let Mr. fengshui go back.

unexpectedly, Mr. fengshui told him: "you don't have to look at fengshui. Families like you will do everything smoothly."

the man was confused, and Mr. fengshui said, "Don't you know?" The best feng shui in the world is character! "

everyone knows that fengshui nourishes people, but they don't know that people also raise fengshui.

Confucius said: why is it so crude for a superior man to live in it?

No matter how bad feng shui is, it cannot resist the brilliance of the virtuous.

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Destiny may have its own destiny, but fengshui can be changed by itself.

born to be a human being, no matter whether it is triumphant or perilous, we should bear in mind that

at any time, character is a person's greatest capital and strongest backing.


character is a person's hardest card

what is the most valuable in one's life?

money will be spent one day, wealth will plummet, only good character will never decay.

A young man got a job in a sales job. before that, he was the sales champion of the original company, and he was able to answer all kinds of difficult questions from customers.

later an interviewer asked him, "what do you think is the best indication of your sales ability in your sales career?"

the boy thought for a moment and replied, "when I was in my last company, I successfully recommended a nurse training worth 5,000 yuan to the cleaning aunt who earns two or three thousand yuan a month."

the young man thought his answer was perfect, but he didn't expect to get the job offer a week later.

call the interviewer, and the interviewer says bluntly, "I don't doubt your ability, but I don't like your character."

the young man's sales ability is indeed very strong, but he does not consider how the cleaning aunt who earns only two or three thousand yuan a month can afford it and how many maintenance problems it will bring to the company in the later stage.

as Goethe said, "it doesn't matter whether you are born noble or humble, but you must have the way to be a man."

it's human instinct to do everything from your own point of view.

but those who think of others and think of others in their hearts are truly kind and generous.

people with good character are open and aboveboard, sincere and reliable, even if they are mediocre, they will stand out, and even if they fall into the doldrums, some people will lend a helping hand.

on the contrary, those who lose their character for petty gain will only end up in trouble and no one will answer for help.

there are many smart and capable people in the world, but only character is the passport to socializing.

in this life, we may not be extremely rich, even less famous in history, but with good character, we have already won the hardest cards.

A person cannot lose his integrity when he is poor, and he cannot lose his conscience when he is rich.

in this way, you can walk in the world calmly and have a clear conscience all your life.


if the character is good, the road will become wider and wider

there is a saying in Zuo Zhuan: "there is virtue, followed by meritorious service, followed by words, which have been handed down for a long time. This is called immortality."

the so-called "Li de", that is to say, a person must have a good character.

there are thousands of difficulties in the world, and it is the most difficult to know people, but as long as the character is good, everything will be all right.

when Yu Minhong is mentioned, many people call him the "godfather of studying abroad" and "the richest man of teachers", but few people know the things behind his founding of New Oriental.

at the beginning of the founding of New Oriental, there was an urgent need for a large number of outstanding talents. in order to "tempt" students to return home, Yu Minhong spends a lot of money abroad every day in order to let them know that they can make money even if they return home.

later, the students came back, but the reason was very unexpected:

it turned out that when he was a student at Peking University, his dormitory had never arranged a sanitary schedule.

Yu Minhong cleans the dormitory every day and fetches water for his classmates. when the school shows movies, he carries the stools of the whole dormitory to occupy the seat. I've been doing it for four years, rain or shine.

We often say that appreciation of a person begins with appearance, falls into talent, and is loyal to character.

what on earth is a good character?

probably means to be the same as you appear to be, not double-faced; to do things openly, not to play tricks; to treat people sincerely, without hypocrisy and treachery.

the world is not stupid. If you show your heart to others, you will have friends to share hardships; if you show hypocrisy to others, there will be villains to make trouble.

there is no shortage of rich people in this world, and there is no shortage of people of status, but there are few people who have set their minds to it.

with a generous heart and good character, this is the foundation of being a man.

talent is enviable, but talent alone, without character, will be incomplete.

the reason why successful people go wider and wider is that they are reliable and trusted to do things.

youdao is: those who are virtuous and rich take advantage of the situation of wealth; those who are not virtuous and rich take advantage of the situation of wealth and wealth to destroy their bodies.

moral character, guarantee of doing things, and character of establishing a career are the only way to success.


be a man, never ignore the character

the famous poet Heine once said a classic saying: "Life can't make brilliant flowers out of lies."

A person of good character would rather be aggrieved than hurt the interests of others. Everyone is willing to have a heart-to-heart relationship with him!

on the contrary, those who have nothing to lose have nothing to lose.For those who are angry, people tend to back off and stay away.

many people like to watch Guo Degang talk crosstalk, nothing more than to be able to interpret the truth of current life from those gag jokes.

there are three kinds of people mentioned in crosstalk:

one is that those who go out to take a taxi and grab the back seat can't do it. Because it is usually convenient for those who take the front seat to pay.

the second is to go to the bathhouse and take off your clothes quickly, but you can't hand in those who wear clothes slowly. Because most of them are checked out first.

third, restaurants are quick to eat, and those who check out can't pay in the bathroom. Because by the time he came out, the bill would have been settled.

when you think about it, the words are not rough. These three kinds of people are really clever, but their character is indescribable.

when you see that your interests are damaged, you will try to avoid it. No matter how good the person is, no one will want to associate with him.

so if you want to know about a person's character, you might as well see how he reacts when there is a conflict of interest with him.

as the saying goes: benefit intersects, benefit does its best, and potential intersects, potential goes away.

A person can be without money and power, but not without virtue, because once his character collapses, most of his good fortune will cease to exist.

A good character is the integrity and kindness flowing in the blood, the dignity and integrity hidden in the bones!


things can only be carried by virtue, and things can be carried by inner saints and outer kings

as the ancients said.

means that if a person has a good virtue, there is nothing he cannot control. On the contrary, without morality, it is very difficult to achieve great things.

in history, Liu Bei went from having no generals and no place to stand, to the final three Kingdoms, dividing the world equally, based on his character.

many people think that "Liu Bei's rivers and mountains cry", but it is not true.

apart from the character of perseverance and knowing that people can make good use of it, the most important thing for Liu Bei is to be benevolent and righteous, to be loyal to his brothers, to salute his subjects, and to be kind to the people.

"there is much support for those who gain the way, but there is little support for those who lose the way." this is exactly what he said.

people live all their lives, in the final analysis, what they spell is character.

people with good character treat people with sincerity and magnanimity, have help in case of trouble, and have help when they fall.

if you act with a conscience, you can gain a firm foothold at any time.

so, in this life, don't have no conscience, don't lose anything.

No matter what you are going through at the moment, never forget to be upright and focus on being good.

only when people do a good job first can things be done well.

in this life, try to live as you like. May you live up to heaven and earth, live up to your conscience, live up to time, and live up to yourself wherever you go.