A good mouth wins for a while, and a good heart wins forever! (incisive)

A good mouth wins for a while, and a good heart wins forever! (incisive)

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In this world, everyone has a mouth, but not everyone has a heart.

Confucius once said, "clever words are seldom benevolent."

the more hypocritical people are, the more accustomed they are to flattering you with their mouths.

those who are sincere to you like to treat you with practical actions.

to be a man, rely on your heart, not your mouth;

do things with your heart, not your mouth.

Don't be blinded by some sweet words. Only by seeing your heart clearly can you see whether the person around you is a wolf or a sheep!


hypocritical people use "mouth"

the scariest thing in the world is not to look fierce, but to pretend to be intimate with you.

such people, who are good at using sweet words to confuse sentient beings, rely on an invincible tongue to gain favor and trust.

and their malice will only be revealed when you achieve your goal, or when you are of no use.

there is a saying: "if the words are too sweet, the heart will be bitter."

the more beautiful you are, the more endless traps there are.

throughout history, the villains who have won the favor of the emperors are not clever words. Their only skill is to make the emperor happy, but they do not have any skills. On the contrary, they will use all means to get rid of those who really make a difference.

when the army of the Western Jin Dynasty was defeated, Wang Yan, the prime minister, was captured by Shiller's army.

Schiller was born as a slave, unable to read, but educated-he often asked people to read to him and respected the scholar.

when he heard that Wang Yan was very knowledgeable, he called Wang Yan and asked him to talk about the reasons for the defeat of the Western Jin Dynasty.

Wang Yan said: "I am not responsible for the rise and fall, and I usually do not care about political affairs."

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Shiller is very strange: "you are the prime minister, regardless of political affairs, then what are you doing?"

Wang Yan said: "clear talk, just coax the emperor."

Shiller sighed: you don't like political affairs, but the emperors of the Western Jin Dynasty let you be prime minister. It is strange that such a dynasty will not perish!

I still remember that there is a saying in Caigen Tan:

I think so.

Beautiful words are nice, but useless, like drinking poison to quench thirst, and it hurts you in the end.

those who appear to be polite and often say flattering words are mostly hypocritical villains with evil intentions.

they often show two attitudes before and after others.

he doesn't even have faith and is mercenary. Anything can be done for his own benefit.

as the saying goes, it is better to make friends with a group of cheating ghosts than with a sweet-mouthed thief!

when dealing with people, you must see his true face clearly. Don't be blinded by false words. Just listen to beautiful words.


sincere people experience more with the "heart"

, they will find that sincerity can not only look at the surface, but should feel from the action.

once read such a story: a rich businessman went out to sea with two friends. Suddenly, a strong wind hit, and the rich businessman was accidentally caught in the sea by a storm.

at this time, the first friend stood on the deck pretending to be very anxious, shouting "you hold on, I'll save you", but there was no action;

instead, another silent friend jumped into the water and rescued the rich merchants in spite of the danger.

it is only when people are in trouble that they can see who is true to them and who is false to them.

Kazuo Inamori said: no matter how eloquent, it is better to have a sincere heart.

there are some people who flatter you every day, and when you really need help, they run faster than anyone else and even stab you in the back;

while some people seem clumsy and often make us angry, but every time something happens, they are the quickest to lend a helping hand.

as Billingsky said:

in this world, empty words are easy to say, but sincerity is rare.

pretend to praise everyone, but the sincerity who is willing to do something for you may not be met all the time.

so, to see if a person is worth interacting with, don't listen to what he says, but what he does.

after all, satisfactory words can be happy for a while, but a sincere heart can warm a lifetime.


put your mouth at ease, speak for your mouth with your heart

all say that the eyes are the windows of the soul, then the mouth is the channel of thought.

how can a hypocritical and pompous person expect to hear real language from his mouth?

the fact that beautiful words come soon after opening their mouths shows that this person has never lost his mind and is extremely perfunctory.

there is a good saying: a good mouth wins for a while, and you really win for a lifetime.

people who use their mouths can deceive people for a while, but not for a lifetime. Only by treating each other sincerely can they be friends for a lifetime.

so the first rule of life is to put your mouth at ease and speak for your mouth with your heart.

Cai Kangyong once said, "the way I speak is to take you to heart."

Don't make promises easily, don't brag, it's respect for others, but also respect for yourself.

believe that the relationship of heart for heart will last longer.

May you know people with discerning eyes, choose those who are good and choose those who are sincere for the rest of your life.