A good mood is actually a kind of accomplishment (epiphany)

A good mood is actually a kind of accomplishment (epiphany)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

being in a good mood is not all people have, but it can influence them all.

it is difficult for people to seek fame and wealth in life, it is difficult to find a good mood, and it is even more difficult to be at ease.

whatever you do, don't spoil that good mood by pursuing fame and fortune too much.


in a good mood, the body produces good gas

Stanford University in the United States once did a very famous experiment: the experimenter collected the gas exhaled by the subjects, introduced it into the snow through a catheter, and injected it into the mice.

two groups of people took part in the experiment: one group exhaled the gas angrily, the other exhaled the gas happily.

if the snow water is extracted and injected into the mice, the mice will die after 1-2 minutes.

A person's mood has different effects on the state of the body.

A bad mood will cause the body to produce toxic gases. Anger will continue to rise as body temperature rises, and more and more toxic gases will be produced.

when you are in a good mood, the body will be more energetic and at its best.

A person in a good mood often gives off a unique good gas with a smile on his face.

meet a person in a good mood, just like meeting a good weather, people will unconsciously like this kind of weather.


be in a good mood and look at it from a different point of view

An and B have worked in the same company for many years.

Mr. An always goes to work in a good mood, smiles, and faces things positively.

while Mr. B is used to muddling along, he can muddle along as much as he can.

once the district leaders held a wrap-up meeting and announced at the meeting that the annual performance had been completed by 50%:

"it is still half unfinished." Mr. B complained to the leader with a sad face.

"there is only half left, so I am confident of achieving the annual goal!" Mr. An assured the leader with confidence.

every time I think of Mr. A, the smiling face full of happiness comes to my mind.

the quota for promotion was selected at the end of the year, and the leader filled in the name of Mr. A with a knowing smile.

the same performance indicators, different moods, different angles of view, and different conclusions are given.

there is no right or wrong in the production of good or bad mood, but the consequent effects are both positive and negative.

A person who is always in a good mood is full of confidence in himself, full of hope for tomorrow, and always shows positive energy.

people like this are welcome wherever they go.

as the old saying goes:


A good mood will bring

one winter morning, a taxi driver goes out early and wants to take advantage of the rush hour to earn more.

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he soon caught the first passenger, but the car didn't drive very far before he had a flat tire.

the taxi driver took out his tools and changed the tire while shouting, because the weather was so cold that he had to get up and warm up after a while, and he was furious.

at this time, the passenger got out of the car and offered to change his tire.

because of this, he quickly came out of his depression and went to welcome the next passengers in a good mood.

he said:

"with the help of the first passenger, I was in a better mood and seemed to have good luck."

he was very busy that morning, one passenger after another, making more and more money in his pocket.

nine times out of ten people are unhappy when they are alive. However, the loss of a horse is not a blessing.

many things in life often worry us. Most of the time, we just need to change our mindset, maintain a good mood, and face it with a positive attitude, and things will take a turn for the better, and good luck will come naturally.


keeping a good mood is actually very simple

1. Before getting up, you can do stretching exercises

when you wake up in the morning, you can loosen your muscles appropriately.

turn your head, twist, stretch your shoulders, take a deep breath and get up again.

keep the body in a comfortable state, the whole person's body and mind will be much more comfortable.

2. Give yourself a smile in the mirror

you might as well smile more at yourself in the mirror before you go out.

Life is actually a mirror, if you cry to it, it will not give you a good face; if you smile at it, it will smile at you.

when a smiling face is facing you, the mood will feel better immediately.

3. Cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, keeping a clean and comfortable environment

the kitchen dishes and chopsticks have not been washed, the dirty clothes have been piled up in a large basket, the living room is in a mess, instead of looking more and more upset, take some time to tidy it up.

dusting, vacuuming, and washing dirty clothes. When you look at the clean and comfortable environment around you, you will feel very comfortable.

4. Go out more and have a good time

No matter what happens in life, only good weather can live up to it.

when the weather is fine, face the sun and the breeze and enjoy the good time.

sit in the park, take a walk, shake off the mildew of life, make yourself in a good mood and get back into life.

5. When you encounter troubles, make an appointment with friends and have a knee-jerk talk

everyone will encounter some troubles from time to time. Instead of being bored and meditating, you might as well ask a few friends out to get together.

talk about their recent livesIn the situation, if you say something that is not satisfactory, you will feel a lot better, and people will be much more open.

6. Calm down and read a book

the trivialities of life and the stress of work can easily make us lose control of our emotions.

so we need to set aside a specific time to calm down and read a book.

indulge in the plot of the book, temporarily cut off contact with the outside world, and put aside the troubles of life and work.

Reading can make people physically and mentally happy.

7. Life needs some small surprises

Life needs some small surprises. When we finish something, we can buy a small gift.

reward yourself appropriately, it can be a bouquet of flowers, a shawl, or a delicious meal.

spoil yourself once in a while, give yourself a small gift, and the moment you receive the gift, you will feel better immediately.

8. Only when you have a good state of mind can you have a good mood

in reality, many things are beyond our control. Since we can't control them, let's face life with a good attitude.

Zeng Guofan has a famous saying:

I no longer miss what happened in the past.

No matter what achievements are made at the moment, high or low, I will not be wishful thinking.

I will not deliberately flatter no matter how beautiful things are in the future.

in this way, you will have a good state of mind and you will have a good mood.