A good family education is that fatherly love is not absent and maternal love is not rampant.

A good family education is that fatherly love is not absent and maternal love is not rampant.

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as parents, they don't want their children to lose at the starting line, but in fact, parents are the starting line for their children.

it's not hard to be a successful parent, but you need to find your own position, choose the right direction, and then do the right thing in the right place.

in the matter of educating children, no one can be a shopkeeper. Fatherly love is not absent and maternal love is not rampant, so that children can have the strength to live their own lives.


if fatherly love is not absent, there will be no regrets in children's education.

according to the survey report on the social status of Chinese women, among the fathers interviewed under the age of 40:

this means that the vast majority of children grow up under the care and education of their mothers, while fathers are missing in the companionship and education of their children.

there is an interview in Qifa Shuo in which the child is asked what his father looks like, and the child's answer is:

"he often gets angry with me."

"he plays games late into the night every day."

but was asked, "favorite toy or dad to play with you for a day, which one do you choose?" At the same time, the child gave the same answer, "I choose my father."

Dads always think that they work hard to earn money and that creating good material conditions for their children is the best love for them.

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as everyone knows, for children, expensive toys are not as good as their father's company, and delicious food and exquisite clothes are not as good as their father's company.

No amount of money and material can replace the time and energy that fathers should devote to the growth of their children; no matter how many reasons and excuses, they can't compare with the regret of their children's educational failure.

the growth of children needs not only the gentle love of the mother, but also the rules and discipline taught by the father.

Dad was absent in his childhood, missing not only the time of companionship, but also the opportunity to become a role model and shape the child's personality.


if maternal love is not rampant, the child's future is infinitely possible.

Japanese novelist Yamamoto once said:

if the problem of most fathers is that they give too little love and time to their children, then the problem of most mothers is that there is too much love and time for their children.

some time ago, a video was circulated on the Internet: the daughter punched and kicked her mother because she missed the station. Instead of stopping the education, the mother comforted her daughter not to be angry.

as the lyrics say, "those who are favored have nothing to fear."

the same is true of the love for the child, too doting, will only let the child take the mother's pay for granted, rely on being spoiled to have no fear, or even gain an inch.

the mother in another piece of news is another form of maternal love.

A 45-year-old single-parent lawyer mother was strangled by her 15-year-old daughter at home.

later, the daughter confessed to the police that her mother was so strict with her that she wanted to kill her for a long time.

the girl once said to her mother:

but the mother turned a deaf ear and still imposed her will on her child, feeling that "you are my daughter, you must listen to me."

thus brewed such a tragedy.

the true maternal love should be warm and measured, not conniving at the child, but also controlling the child, giving the child strength, and then slowly withdrawing from the child's world, so that the child can really grow up.


the balance of education requires the joint efforts of parents

Family education is never alone. In the growth of children, both father and mother are indispensable.

if the company of the mother can give the child sense of security, take care of the child's life, and cultivate the child's delicacy and kindness.

then the father's company gives the child more independence, strength, problem-solving initiative and optimism in the face of setbacks.

what's more, it is not the tit-for-tat confrontation between father and mother, and the different voices of parents will only make their children lose their way.

as Huang Lei said:

parents with one heart and one mind is the basis of a good family education. The so-called "parents of one mind" is reflected in the purpose of educating their children and the rules and rules established for their children. Especially in the way the two sides deal with their differences.

in the first issue of "Daily Progress", experts suggest that we deal with our differences as follows:

according to the characteristics of both parents, two people can make a clear division of labor, and both parents should try their best to do a good job in their own division of labor.

if some parties do not agree with each other's way of dealing with each other, they can communicate and discuss privately and work together to find the best educational method and reach an agreement.

never in front of a child, one side is educating the child, and the other side intervenes.

Children's education is a long marathon, fatherly love is not missing, maternal love is not rampant, can become the light to illuminate the future of children.