A 6-year-old beggar recognized his mother in the street, but was rejected: I am not your mother, my child is at home

A 6-year-old beggar recognized his mother in the street, but was rejected: I am not your mother, my child is at home

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I have seen such a piece of news:

A child who has been separated for many years appears in front of you, but he cannot recognize each other.

it was an evening. Ms. Wang was preparing dinner at home and her son was playing at the door. But when she prepared the meal and went to the door to ask her son to eat, she found that her son was missing.

Ms. Wang realized that something was wrong and hurriedly called the police and actively looked for the whereabouts of the child, but after trying countless methods, she could not find her child.

until recently, she was on her way to shopping when she was suddenly hugged by a beggar child who kept shouting "Mom, Mom".

Ms. Wang immediately recognized that this is her son who has been separated for 3 years! Although there are a few scars on his face and his whole body is dirty, there is no reason why the mother can't recognize her son!

but she pushed the child away and said loudly,

then took out a few dollars and hurried away.

after walking around the corner, Ms. Wang immediately called the police. the police quickly rushed to the scene, rescued her son, and rescued more than 10 poor children like Wang Li's son.

afterwards, the police praised Ms. Wang for doing the right thing!

because of this, it not only protects the safety of children and themselves, but also helps the police arrest human traffickers and rescue more abducted children.

traffickers will use the abducted child as a tool for begging, and some will deliberately break the child's hands and feet and then pull him along the street to beg for more sympathy and charity.

parents must remember to keep an eye on their children and don't let them out of their sight!

sometimes, when you shake your mind, the child may be carried away directly.

such a danger is actually lurking around us all the time.

remind parents again that we must guard against those abominable human traffickers!


I still remember that last year New Year's Day, Ms. Su of Shenzhen and her sister went shopping with their respective sons and daughters.

in the crowded shopping mall, a man suddenly sprang up and wanted to leave without saying a word.

in a hurry, my sister shouted, "what are you doing?" He grabbed the child and waited for Ms. Su to catch up with her before she took her daughter.

when the man saw this, he was timid, left a "I'm kidding" and wanted to flee the scene.

fortunately, there were so many kind-hearted people in the mall that they succeeded in stopping the man.

in the face of doubt, the man still argued strongly:

in broad daylight, human traffickers can still rob children in the hands of parents, which is really crazy!


six common "kidnapping tricks" of human traffickers

hope to know!

A netizen on Zhihu once said:

kidnapping has nothing to do with your knowledge, seniority, or family background, it only cares about the bottom line of human nature, and at this point, you can never be lower than human traffickers.

Yes, traffickers are heartless, and it's much easier to kidnap a child than you think!

the following tricks are the most commonly used "kidnapping tricks" used by human traffickers after consulting real cases one by one. Please take your children to read them carefully.

the traffickers will take advantage of the child's parents' defenselessness


to take the child away

, while the middle-aged man

sees the youngest child


and drags it away

fortunately, the boy's brother

hurriedly pulls the child back

Taking his son for a walk

suddenly a woman

reached out to take the child away

the father wanted to come forward and grab the child

, but he didn't expect it. A group of bad guys swarmed in all directions

shouted: catch the bad guys! Rob the baby!

the father was outnumbered

watched his child be robbed.

the most classic case  pretending to be a nurse  directly steal children from the hospital

and netizens share their experiences

the trafficker pretends to be a takeout

and tricks the child into going downstairs to get takeout . P>

in the convenience store

the traffickers see that there is no one around

directly forcibly take away the little girl looking at the store



take advantage of motorcycles

to rob the child in broad daylight and run

the boy jumps home

A man by the side of the road

pulls the child into an endless black hole.

traffickers who are good at asking for directions

tend to focus on old people with children

or mothers with children

on the pretext of asking for directions

take advantage of

Wanna shop stunning gowns for teenager dinner and show off your pulchritude? Whatever your taste, we have just what you need.

traffickers pretend to be relatives of children  and deliberately create family conflicts in the crowd

make way unclear. Dare not intervene

finally take the child away by force in front of the child's family

(cut off from the TV series "next stop") Marriage

and human traffickers

Suddenly rushed forward and slapped his mother and shouted:

the child is sick, and you bring it out!

after those children are abducted, they are adopted or sold, and they are treated as child laborers who work day and night, and beggars begging along the street, more children will fall to the point where life is worse than death.


prevent children from being abducted

what should we do?

what we need to do is to take precautions and learn more about "anti-trafficking" with our children.

A research group from the School of Journalism of Fudan University synthesizes more than 70,000 pieces of data related to child trafficking in hospitals and train stations where children are most likely to lose.

therefore, mothers and the elderly had better avoid taking their children to these dangerous places as far as possible.

in addition, please note:

never let your child out of your sight!

most parents, especially mothers, like to share their babies in moments, sometimes with a location.

maybe you just want to share your good life with your friends, but there is a group of people who are secretly hiding behind your circle of friends, staring at you with cold eyes!

there is no doubt that the "privacy" posted in moments may unwittingly become a "clue" for human traffickers.

here, parents should pay attention to the following points when using Wechat:

1 turn off the function of "allow strangers to view 10 photos"

2 turn off "people nearby"

3 turn on "verify when adding me as a friend"

4 do not open "location"

5 do not post tickets, tickets and other photos that contain a lot of personal information. Photos and names of old people and children are also released cautiously. If privacy is involved, lovely stickers can be used to put mosaics on key messages.

in every kindergarten anti-trafficking education meeting, the teacher always tells the children such a classic case.

Xiao Li, a large class of kindergarten, was waiting for his mother at the school gate after school, when a strange man came up to him and asked him:

Xiao Li nodded yes, but he wanted to go to the bathroom first.

then, Xiao Li ran into the kindergarten and told the teacher:

the teacher was very confused, but still called 110, only to find that the man was really a human trafficker!

later, Xiao Li told the police uncle:

therefore, we must teach our children this. Kindness is good, but it should be more moderate, and refuse when it is time to refuse, because when something happens to adults, it is impossible to turn to someone weaker than themselves for help!

what if, in case, you find that your child has been lost?

the first thing to do is to call 110 to call the police immediately! There is no such thing as "wait 24 hours"!

secondly, the most scientific and effective method of finding people is adopted: ten people and four chases.