9 reverse thinking stories with incisive humor

9 reverse thinking stories with incisive humor

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Su Shi said:

across the side of the meandering mountains, there are steep peaks, but there are thousands of different ways in the past.

the reason why we can't know the true face of Lushan Mountain is because we are in the middle of these mountains.

many times in life, we are easily blinded by the obstacles in front of us.

if you can break away from the current environment and solve the problem from a new point of view, it may be bright.


A tuhao wants to buy a wolf dog to protect the house every time he goes out, but he doesn't want to hire someone to feed the dog and waste money.

after thinking about it for a long time, I finally found a way: change the WiFi to no password every time I go out, and then rest assured to go out.

every time I come back, I can see more than a dozen people squatting at their doorstep with their mobile phones, and there will be no worries from now on.

it is not necessary to have a dog to protect the hospital.

perception: if you think about things from another point of view, the results will be very different.


someone in a doctoral group asked: if a drop of water falls freely from a very high place, will it hurt if it hits someone? Or smashed to death?

the group became lively at once, and the calculations of various formulas, assumptions, resistance, gravity and acceleration were discussed for nearly an hour.

later, a man who accidentally entered the wrong group asked silently: haven't you ever been in the rain?

perception: people are often easily imprisoned by daily thinking and forget the simplest and most direct way.


an uncle went to the vegetable market to buy vegetables, picked three tomatoes to the scale plate, and the stall owner weighed: "one and a half jin 3.7 yuan."

Uncle: "it doesn't take so much to make soup."

got rid of the biggest tomato.

stall owner: "two for one jin, three yuan."

just when the people around me wanted to remind me to pay attention to the scale, the uncle calmly took out 70 cents, picked up the big tomato that had just been removed, and walked away chic.

perception: change the algorithm, find your own way, and you will find another way to solve the problem.


two tigers, one in a cage and the other in the wilderness.

both tigers think they live in a bad environment and envy each other.

they decided to exchange identities and began to be very happy. But soon both tigers died: one died of hunger and the other died of melancholy.

feeling: sometimes, people turn a blind eye to their own happiness and always turn their eyes to the happiness of others. In fact, what you have is the envy of others.


the child didn't want to do his father's homework, so the father had an idea and said, "son, how about I do my homework, why don't you check it?"

the child happily agreed, checked his father's "homework" carefully, and listed the formula to explain to his father.

but he probably doesn't understand why Dad did all his homework wrong.

perception: skillfully change roles, one step back, sometimes another way to move forward.


in a bathroom:

Man: boss, how much is your bath here?

shopkeeper: 10 yuan for men's bath and 100 yuan for women's bath.

Man: you rob the money.

shopkeeper: do you want to go to the men's bath or the women's bath?

male:. I paid 100 yuan decisively.

when I go into the women's bath, they are all men.

feeling: having mastered the real needs of customers, some people are willing to pay even if the price is high.


the old monk asked the young monk, "if you die one step forward and one step back, what should you do?"

the little monk said without hesitation, "I'm going to the side."

perception: in life, we are particularly easy to fall into the dead corner of either An or B thinking, but in fact, when we encounter a dilemma from a different perspective, we may understand that there is a road beside the road.


the old man said to his child, "clench your fist and tell me how you feel."

the child clenched his fist: "I'm a little tired!"

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Old man: "try to use more force!"

Child: "more tired!" I'm holding my breath! "

Old man: "then let it go!"

the child grew up and said, "it's much easier!"

Old man: "when you feel tired, the tighter you hold it, the more tired you will be. If you let it go, you will be relieved a lot!"

realize: how simple it is to let go!


the young man accidentally burned three small holes in the hotel carpet. When he checked out, the waiter said that according to the hotel policy, the compensation for each hole would be 100 yuan.

Young man: are you sure it's 100 yuan for a hole?

waiter: yes.

Young people light cigarette butts and burn three small holes into one big one.

perception: vulnerabilities are sometimes fatal.

people who master reverse thinking can often find another way to solve some thorny problems and find ingenious ways to solve them.

nine times out of ten there are unpleasant things in life.

in life, use reverse thinking and look at things from a different point of view, and you will find that

losing is another kind of possession, and frustration will become poetic.