8 life characteristics, more than 4 of them, prove that you are doing well.

8 life characteristics, more than 4 of them, prove that you are doing well.

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years is a ruthless file, decades of grinding, smooth people's edges and corners, but also rub off the fascinating paper, so that we can see the truth of life.

whether a person's life is good or not has little to do with money. Money can buy materials, but not life; money can buy playmates, but not friends.

take a closer look around, those who really live a good life, they often have some common characteristics.

the following 8 life characteristics, of which more than 4, prove that you are also living a good life.


Family harmony

Family harmony is a clich é, so it comes first.

We spend too much time with our families in our lives, so the quality of a family also affects our way of life and personal emotions.

A good family can keep people calm or happy forever, and make people feel warm after hard work.

I didn't feel much about this when I was a child, but it was not until middle age that I became more and more aware of the importance of family harmony.

when husband and wife are in harmony, a home is harmonious; home should be a place where people can relax and let go of their troubles, not another helpless "prison".


there are three or five bosom friends

when people reach middle age, we take family as the center. Those who used to play well and chat with each other are gradually drifting away at the fork in life. Although they occasionally get in touch with each other, they are only a few.

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if you still have three or five bosom friends around after a bumpy ride, it will be a great blessing in life.

A bosom friend does not lie in how knowledgeable he is and does not need to be talkative, but a person who can come to his side when he thinks of it and have a few words of light tea with a cup of tea.

such friends do not need to have interests entanglement, as long as they can listen and understand you for five years.


the elderly have a place to live

middle-aged people are not old. Life is a mountain peak, and middle age is the peak.

A sense of security for the elderly is more a feeling, a feeling related to the way of education and the thickness of emotion.

at this age, children grow up slowly, and good education and companionship nourish flowers of gratitude and fruit of support.

when we grow old in the future, we may not need our children to take care of us, but children's gratitude to their parents, this feeling of "a sense of security for old age", is also what parents want to have.


there is nothing wrong with it

the living conditions in the past were not as good as they are now. At that time, the work was also hard, and after working for most of his life, it was impossible to say that there was nothing wrong with his health.

Today's young people have all kinds of spondylosis and sub-health in their twenties, not to mention middle-aged people.

when people reach middle age, it is not terrible to have minor ailments, but we should also be on guard against big ones.

go to the hospital regularly for physical examination every year, or pay more attention to diet, rest and exercise in daily life, so as to improve self-immunity and prevent the occurrence of diseases.

only if there is no disease in the body, can you be qualified to experience the beauty of life.


have a good appetite and sleep

as the saying goes, "food is the most important thing for the people", and sleep is the key link for us to recover our energy.

Hunger makes people uncomfortable, and lack of sleep makes people irritable. Occasionally, it will do great harm to people's health for a long time.

after middle age, if you can still get enough sleep every day, eat every day, and have appetite, it will be a great blessing in life.

when you are young, you are reluctant to spend money on delicious food. After middle age, or after retirement, there are so many delicious foods in the world. It must be a pity if you don't enjoy it.


some people have conducted a survey that more than 80% of centenarians believe that keeping a happy mood is the best way to maintain good health and the key secret to longevity.

smile is the most beautiful language in the world. It has its own appeal and affects itself.

as the saying goes, "when you smile for less than ten years, your head will turn white with sorrow." smile is the most aging makeup, and a sad face is easy to make people old.

after middle age, if you can still smile in the face of the trivialities of life, you must be a positive and optimistic person. Such people are often the most likely to have happiness and influence their families.


there is nothing to disturb

middle age is the peak of life, and then most people begin to go downhill, not because of bad luck, but because half of their lives have passed, they see through the essence of life and understand the meaning of life, so they take the initiative to give up some disputes over fame and wealth and become mediocre.

because of this, they walked down step by step, like sober people who were drunk, watching others push their cups, turning away and closing the door.

when we stay away from disputes over fame and wealth, our worries will be much less.

when people reach middle age, it is actually very difficult to say that they have nothing to worry about at all, but compared with the busy people who are tired of socializing, our ordinary life is already very high quality.


have something to do

busy words are opened as "heart, death", but leisure is also a way to enjoy leisure.

people will inevitably think and worry about gain and loss when they are idle. If you sit around day after day, the time will become long and the years will become boring.

only after leisure, some idle things can kill time, so as not to feel that the years are long and life is boring.

tidying up the yard, reading and drinking tea, listening to music and singing, planting flowers and grass, these are all good hobbies and hobbies, but also in life orMore or less meddling.

meddling may not necessarily make your life richer, but it can make your life more interesting.

after middle age, the length of life is shortened, but people are idle, and the years seem to be long. If you have something to do at this time, you will live a leisurely life.

Life is only a hundred years old, and middle age is almost the tipping point. Everyone should make more plans for themselves.

A good life is not rich, but ordinary. People who have a good life in ordinary life are often the ones who lead a good life.

these eight characteristics, if you have more than 4, then congratulations, you are a very good person who knows how to live.

if there are less than 4 items, then we work together, not for others, but for our own better life.