5 habits of living better and better

5 habits of living better and better

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Bacon said: "habit is a tenacious and great force, he can dominate life."

A man's destiny is hidden in his habits.

fortunately, habits can be acquired.

Uncle Fan believes that there are five habits for a person to live better. Let's see which one you have.


insist on going to bed early and getting up early

Franklin said:  early to bed and early to rise is a positive attitude towards life.

Haruki Murakami, a famous writer, is a practitioner of early to bed and early to rise. He gets up at 04:30 and goes to bed at 9 p.m.

he attributes his success in writing to getting up early and being able to concentrate on his work in the early morning. Novels are born in such a quiet morning.

people who go to bed early and get up early have more time and can see more scenery; their physical condition will be improved and full of vitality.

A friend around me used to stay up late and couldn't get up and go to work on time in the morning, let alone eat breakfast. Over time, his health deteriorated and he was mentally tired every day.

aware of the harm that goes on like this, she is determined to change herself.

now, she gets up punctually at 6:00 every day, goes for a run in the community garden for half an hour, then goes home for a leisurely breakfast, and then goes to work in a leisurely manner, and can read some books to improve herself when she has plenty of time.

in the evening, she finishes washing early, goes to bed punctually at 21:30, listens to music or reads information, and forces herself to put everything down and go to bed at 22:00.

over the past two weeks, she has obviously felt the change, her body is getting better, she is full of energy every day, and she has made great progress in her work.

early to bed and early to rise has the magic of making people better.


do not compare with others

I agree with this sentence:

the reason why people are unhappy is often because they are caught up in unnecessary comparisons. They are older than their children. Once they are worse than others, they feel sad and even hurt themselves.

my friend has encountered such a problem recently.

he is an outstanding man in the university. after graduation, after several years of hard work, he has a good job and salary.

Last month, when he was chatting with his former roommate, he found that he was paid twice as much as his own.

friends feel depressed for a moment and can't accept this fact.

he began to feel sorry for himself and brought negativity to his work. As a result, his salary was deducted for failing to finish the month's performance.

comparing with others, it often puts us in a painful situation, and it is because friends do not understand this truth that they hurt themselves.

people who do not compare with others are wise, and in their own world, it is very lucky to grasp their own rhythm and constantly break through themselves.


reward yourself at the right time

reward is an affirmation of the past and a spur to the future.

Life has a long way to go. Learn to reward yourself at the right time and give yourself positive psychological cues, which can make you feel happy more easily and help you go on better.

writer Bi Shumin said:

"you don't always hope for vigorous happiness, it's probably just coming quietly."

most of life is mundane, there are not often envious achievements, nor are there often meaningful moments.

but it is not advisable to ignore yourself as a result.

there is a colleague who always rewards himself at the right time.

she orders herself a bouquet of flowers on her monthly payday, and when she does a good job, she allows herself to eat a meal she has coveted for a long time.

such a small reward can give her a sense of satisfaction and motivate herself to do better.

people who reward themselves at the right time are happy, and they know better how to create surprises and joys to please themselves.


take care of the house regularly

clean and tidy family environment, almost everyone likes it.

Wang Anshi returned to rural life in his later years and became acquainted with the exquisite Mr. Huyin.

when I saw the neat and orderly courtyard taken care of by Mr. Huyin, I wrote the poem: "the eaves are long swept away without moss, and the flowers and trees are planted by themselves."

the simple cottage has clean eaves and orderly flowers and trees in the courtyard, which really makes people happy, and the sense of pleasure arises spontaneously.

as a daily living environment, the house has a great impact on people. The room is tidy and the people are not in disorder. If the house is disorganized, life will be out of order.

there is a saying: "the house is rented, but life is not".

for our living quarters, whether we rent or not, no matter the area is large or small, we should clean up regularly.

the window is clear and the things are neatly placed at home. In such an environment, happiness will surely arise quietly.

the home of actor Zhang Jingchu used to be a hot network, with well-organized flowers and plants in the small garden, clean and bright floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room, and old objects that can be seen in retro, all of which make people feel comfortable.

in an interview with Zhang Jingchu, he wrote:

"Home is what we live like. No matter where we live, whether we rent a house or our own house, we have to dress up attentively. Beautiful things can be taken away, but time cannot."

people who take care of the house regularly control the order of life and know more about the meaning of life.


find that the small luck around

is those trivial beautiful moments, which are often ignored by us.

Turgenev said:

for ordinary people, grasping the present and grasping the beauty in front of them is the greatest happiness.

during the Spring Festival in the year of the Ox, CCTV reported the New year's luck of a takeout boy in Beijing.

after delivering food home, a child's "Happy New year, Uncle";

A customer who was unable to accept an order gave him cake as a New year gift;

lunch enjoyed a discount from the merchant;

he skidded his favorite scooter after work.

When in unconventional attire wedding your look is magnificent and glamorous. We stock the best selection of your preferred taste.

these seemingly trivial things make the takeout boy happy in the New year, making him happy even if he is alone in a foreign land.

you will find that the lucky people around you can always feel the beauty and kindness around you and be surrounded by love.


Oscar Wilde said: "at first we make habits, then habits make us."

insist on going to bed early and getting up early, you can get good health;

do not compare with others, can maintain a good mood;

timely reward, can please yourself;

take care of the house regularly, can have a comfortable living environment;

find that the small luck around you, life will have more reasons to be happy.

good habits can make you a lifetime. I hope you can develop the above five habits so that you can live better and better.