44 unspoken rules for Adult Social interaction (required)

44 unspoken rules for Adult Social interaction (required)

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when children quarrel, they always say, "I won't be friends with you anymore". Adults don't have to say it, don't get in touch with each other, and stay away slowly.


if someone leaves a message for you in moments, be sure to reply, even if it's just an expression.


ask for help. If the other person doesn't agree right away, most of them refuse, so don't force it.


money must be remembered. Most Chinese people are particularly concerned about money, and often measure each other's feelings in terms of money.

would rather give more than give less.


deceit is not as good as honesty.


try to be a good person, but don't waste time proving yourself.


people's intuition is very accurate, if you feel that there is something wrong with the relationship between two people, there must be something wrong.


Don't judge others casually, especially after others.

there is a 80% chance that what you say will be sent back to the person's ear and is likely to be distorted.


do not regard ill-breeding as bluntness or bitterness as true temperament.


Don't argue with others for right or wrong, it's hard. Everyone's life is different, their positions are different, and there is no absolute right or wrong in this world.


others can laugh at themselves, but you can't go along with it.

many people know this, but often can't do it.


if you don't want to come out twice, don't make an appointment next time.


Don't be Xianglin's wife. The first time, others will sympathize, the second time, others will dislike you verbose, the third time, others will be tired of you.

"speak from the bottom of your heart and tell it to the right person."

"if you complain, say it to yourself."


if you are rich, don't show off. If you are poor, don't go around crying about poverty.


in public places, please wear headphones to listen to music and watch TV. It's best not to call.


never let others help you for free. The relationship between people is like a bank. You should take out a little and deposit a little.


you don't have to stab people, but you have to have thorns on your body.


good people are rewarded, but good people don't.

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for friends of the opposite sex who have the other half, consciously keep a good communication distance.


when you hand the scissors to someone else, the sharp one faces you; when you get out of the elevator, hold the elevator door.


the essence of social interaction is reciprocity. You have to give as much as you want. If you want to fit into a circle, you have to have equal value.


all children know that they have to keep their promises, and adults have to keep their promises.


Why people have two ears and only one mouth is the hope that we can listen more and speak less. Listen more to other people's opinions and enrich yourself, and talk less about other people's gossip.


read more books, read more newspapers, eat less snacks and sleep more.

less anger, less quarrel, more smile, less annoyance.


if you don't work hard, it's no use knowing anyone. If others want to give you a hand, they don't know where your hand is.


you can forgive someone without a bottom line, who can hurt you without a bottom line.


Don't be in such a hurry to fall in love with someone, and don't get to know someone too quickly. People who approach you at ten times the speed will eventually leave you at ten times the speed.


Don't show disdain to anyone, even if the other person is really ignorant, this is your most basic respect for people.


not everyone deserves a deep acquaintance.


the office is the least secret place.

if you tell the secret to the wind, don't blame the wind for blowing it all over the forest.


know a person. Don't look at what he says, it depends on what he does. People who say today's treat and go to the toilet as soon as they pay the bill can basically block it.


Don't easily tell others until something is done.


when you hesitate to eat, don't eat; when you hesitate to buy, don't buy; when you hesitate to do it, do it.


Don't make decisions late at night, and don't make decisions when you are emotionally unstable. 80% you will regret it.


the effect of different expressions in one sentence is very different. Change "thank you" to "thank you"; change "whatever you want" to "listen to you"; change "do you understand" to "do I make myself clear"?


A relationship can not be equally rewarded, but there must be a response.


never overestimate your relationship with anyone.

there is no one in the world who can't do without each other forever. People walk cool tea is the most realistic state.


be kind, everyone is fighting hard with life.


Don't be a hand-holding party."make me a ppt", "you have a lot of this stuff and give me one" is not advisable.

it takes time or money, and no one's work comes out of thin air.


what is the most nutritious food? Suffer a loss.


after making a mistake, don't explain it over and over again.

wrong is wrong. Just admit it, learn from it, and promise not to do it again next time.


how to tell who a person likes? "when a group of people laugh together, everyone looks at their favorite person."


read through and recite the full text (just kidding).