25 messages for the New year of the Ox to my favorite child!

25 messages for the New year of the Ox to my favorite child!

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Dear baby, it will be Spring Festival in a few days.

time is as fast as the water in the faucet, and the "clatter" runs out, which is non-renewable and irreversible.

at the beginning of the new year, you are about to grow up one year old. regardless of the joys and sorrows, ups and downs of the past year, as your parents, I hope you will be bovine academically, live a smooth life, and be healthy and safe in 2021.

these 25 New year messages are for you!


Learning and dreaming

1. Learning is never easy, or it is not easy to achieve anything in this world. Who is not all the way to work hard, who is not gritting teeth to forge ahead, very hard work, there is a harvest.

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2. Do you know what the easiest thing in the world is? Easy to be poor, easy to be fat, easy to be lazy, easy to get old, easy to be stupid, easy to be sleepy, easy to get tired, easy to slack off. The more you want to take the easy road, the more you will accomplish nothing and mediocrity. Learn every piece of knowledge in a down-to-earth way, and only by taking the hard road can you have the opportunity to cheer for your dream.

3. When you encounter difficulties in your study, take the initiative to consult your teachers and classmates. Don't be embarrassed and don't be afraid that no one will answer you. Working hard alone is always not as good as a group of people helping each other, asking for more advice and helping others more. Let learning form a virtuous circle, and you can make like-minded good friends.

4. Don't stick to the knowledge in the textbook. After all, the content in the textbook is just a drop in the ocean. Your parents support your diversified extracurricular reading, which can help you broaden your horizons and increase your knowledge, so that you are not limited to the level of your grades. Focus on the enrichment of your knowledge and the strengthening of your ability. Extracurricular reading can also help you improve your interest in learning and make you fall in love with learning and the pleasure of absorbing knowledge.

5. Only students can read books without worry and read wholeheartedly. At the age of parents, taking time out to read has become a rare luxury. Child, I hope you cherish such a student age, time is gone forever, a little bit of knowledge to shape their own character, improve their own ability, for the future for their own more rights to choose life, to achieve your dream.


people and things around you

1, open your heart and make more friends. Get out of the virtual world, don't be a mobile phone user, go out more, communicate more with friends on weekdays, make a few bosom friends, and when you are unhappy, you can have someone to talk to without suppressing yourself.

2. Don't take the initiative to stir up trouble. If you make a mistake accidentally, correct it in time, apologize in time, if you are wronged, stabilize your mood, ask for help and think about how to clarify your grievances.

3. Make friends with excellent people. This excellence is reflected not only in academic achievements, but also in character and habits, which need to be carefully identified with your heart. When you find that there are qualities in a person that you envy and want to have, then get close to TA and learn TA.

4. Protect yourself. Mom and Dad can't always be by your side and pay attention to the people and things around you. Dangers and accidents are everywhere. You don't have to panic all the time, but you need to be careful. Youth can be wanton and publicized, but you have to set a yardstick for yourself, and you have to be measured in what you do.

5. Human nature is good, but human evil is in the blink of an eye. Son, no matter what achievements you make, don't be too modest or too proud, it's no big deal, it's no big deal, people's resentment is very strange, sometimes you can't control yourself, be an ordinary and progressive student, be a kind and warm child, and the people around you will give you more kindness.


Health and exercise

1, more than 80% of teenagers do not exercise enough. Children, sitting for a long time really hurts your body. You may not be aware of it now, but the harm is slowly forming. Move as much as you can, walk more at recess, do more activities, run and run more during the holidays, and good health is the premise of everything.

2. Mobile phones are really charming, but being addicted to mobile phones will be invisible. You can have a little leisure and entertainment, but games and novels should be enough, and occasional recreation is enough.

3. Be sure to pay attention to the use of the eyes, the eyes are the windows of the soul, myopia is irrecoverable, and the fuzzy world is neither beautiful nor convenient.

4. I hope you have at least one exercise you like, such as running, rope skipping, yoga, etc., doing exercise regularly, just like charging your cell phone, having enough power and having the spirit to do everything.

5. Fried chicken cola is delicious, spicy gluten and potato chips are also delicious, we do not exclude you from eating snacks, but only if you have a balanced diet, vegetables and fruits, eggs and meat, dinner> snacks.


Family and Life

2. Everyone has moments of emotional instability, and so do Mom and Dad. If our emotions have accidentally hurt you, I'm sorry, we hope that you can take the initiative to put forward your demands, your sadness, and your expectations.

3. If there are any contradictions or problems, we must communicate in a timely manner. If you don't say that we won't understand your grievances, if you don't ask us, we won't know your confusion. Only with active communication can we have mutual understanding.

4. I hope our home will always be lively and harmonious, which requires the efforts of each of us, care more about our family and get along with them more, instead of playing with our own mobile phones and watching our own TV.

5. No matter what happens outside,Don't be afraid, home is a harbor, right behind you, push open the door, you can smell the warm smell of food.


goals and habits

1. Emerson once said that habit is either the best servant or the worst master. A good habit can help you become a better self, while a bad habit will accelerate your depravity.

2. Cultivate the good habit of reading every day, and you will benefit all your life; cultivate the good habit of going to bed early and getting up early and exercising regularly, and you will be refreshed; whether you will be extremely successful in cultivating the good habit of being kind and helpful to others. The sooner you develop a good habit, the sooner you begin to harvest what you want.

3. Maybe you don't know your dream right now, but you must have a goal. How many points are higher than the grades of the following semester, such as what kind of person you want to be, moving firmly toward your goals, no matter what the future is, it is much better than growing up aimlessly.

4. Child, I hope you will become a person who has a firm goal in your heart, use habits and efforts to speed up its completion, and take time to witness your transformation. One day, you will feel that all the hard work is worth it.

5. You will encounter many setbacks along the way, but no matter how painful the fall is, you must remember to learn to restrain yourself, motivate yourself, and control yourself. This is the beginning of success.

the bell of the New year is about to ring, the new year, everything new.

Baby, the biggest wish to be a parent is to hope that you love yourself, improve yourself, hope you are healthy, hope you are happy, hope you are happy.

2021, let's move on!