25 good habits to make women happier and happier in 2021

25 good habits to make women happier and happier in 2021

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Jobs once said:

Yes, habits determine fate, a woman with good habits, life will not be too bad.

Today, Uncle Fan has taken an inventory of 25 essential habits for 2021, each of which is worth collecting.



1. Form the habit of reviewing.

try to record your time and money spending for 5-10 minutes a day.

make an effective review of yourself, and you will find that your life becomes more efficient and your consumption concept becomes more reasonable.

2. Learn to meditate.

meditation, also known as "meditation", is a technique in yoga designed to allow people to empty themselves and have peace of mind.

meditate regularly for 5-10 minutes, which helps stabilize the amygdala in your brain. The activity of the amygdala can directly affect your mood-the lower the activity, the more stable the mood.

meditation can also increase the activity of the brain's left prefrontal cortex, which provides you with positive emotions and allows you to face life with a more positive attitude.

A study from the University of Wisconsin shows that

meditate for 5 minutes in the morning to quickly awaken your mind and body, and meditate for 5 minutes before going to bed to put yourself to sleep more quickly.

3. Give up at the right time.

Life sometimes requires the courage of strong men to break their wrists, and people who can stop losses in time have great wisdom and execution.

Don't keep thinking about things you can't figure out, don't solve things you can't solve anyway, and give up as soon as possible if you think it's inappropriate.

4, keep dull.

Junichi Watanabe said in "insensitive Power":

people who are too sensitive are always more likely to get hurt than others and make their hearts "rough" so that they can heal perfectly in the fragmentation of life.

5. Have at least one hobby that you can stick to.

the poet Schiller once said, "people should be true to the ideals of their youth."

when an ideal can't be a job, turn it into a hobby that you can stick to. Only love can take a long time.

one day you will find that it is these things that give you highlight moments again and again in your life.


healthy body

1. Have breakfast.

after a night's rest, people's blood is concentrated, food can effectively relieve the degree of blood viscosity, people who maintain a regular diet can effectively prevent cholecystitis, gastric ulcers and other diseases.

2, aerobic exercise 3 times a week, not less than half an hour each time.

exercise causes people to secrete large amounts of endorphins and dopamine, which can help you fight negative emotions and create a sense of pleasure.

people who keep exercising for a long time can get more preference over the years.

3. Stick to the wall for 15 minutes.

standing against the wall, can effectively improve hunchback and posture, maximize the advantage of height, people's mental outlook will become better.

4. Get into the habit of eating "low GI" foods.

if you want to lose weight, a trick is to learn to eat foods that are "low GI". GI refers to the "glycemic index". The lower the glycemic index, the less likely you are to gain weight.

5. Try not to cross Jiro's legs.

people who like to cross Jiro's legs, look at this picture.

crossing Jiro's legs will not only make you look hunchback, but also cause bending and deformation of the lumbar vertebrae and spine, affecting the image and health.


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Beauty and skin Care

1. After the age of 30, try to "reduce sugar".

there is a medical term called "saccharification reaction", which means that sugar reacts with other substances in the body, and "saccharification products" accumulate in the serum with age. thus causing irreversible damage to the skin, such as wrinkles, acne, dimness and so on.

if you don't control your sugar intake, you will age faster than your peers, and the effect of anti-aging cream will be discounted.

2. Insist on going to bed early.

if you put on a big-name skin care product, you might as well go to bed two hours earlier.

falling asleep before 11:00 can repair at least 30% of the face defects.

3. Try to apply sunscreen every day.

skin care starts from sunscreen, the so-called "sunscreen" is not sunlight, but ultraviolet light.

it's enough to wear sunscreen with a sunscreen ratio of 30 + in autumn and winter, and the specific multiple varies from location to location, but don't skip it.

4. Eat more fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of vc, such as tomatoes, pumpkins, etc., which can resist aging and brighten skin tone.

5. Learn to look at the composition table of skin care products.

can avoid "matching minefield" and avoid skin allergy.


interpersonal communication

1. Don't expect too much of what others have promised you as long as the other person hasn't done it yet.

2. When you ask someone for something, be prepared to be rejected in advance.

in the adult world, not every voice will be answered, not every request will be allowed, and when you get used to being rejected by others, you will consciously strengthen yourself.

3. When you don't do it, don't post a flag in your moments. Posting good results directly will be more eye-catching.

all you have to do is work hard quietly and then amaze everyone.

4. Learn to cultivate "win-win thinking".

Life is a stage of cooperation. You should be good at finding teammates for yourself and achieving value together.Instead of setting yourself up as an opponent.

5. Cultivate your empathy.

empathy is an important social skill. If you learn to look at things from the other person's point of view, you will be able to quickly understand the problem.

if you understand others, you will be able to have more compassion for the world, and those who have no resentment will be more likely to be happy.



1, no matter what age, have a safe haven of your own.

it can be a house bought for yourself, a job that creates money and a sense of accomplishment for you, a person who can let you off your guard at any time, a gentle hometown that soothes your pain.

2. Force yourself to save money.

try not to visit some treasure, some east and other consumer software when you are bored, and you will find yourself saving a sum of money at the end of the month.

if you can't control your desire to spend, try to save part of your salary every month. This money can save your life at a critical moment.

3. Develop "thinking in advance".

for example, the night before, prepare documents, keys, masks, paper towels, etc., needed to go out the next day, so as to avoid confusion and prevent emergencies.

4. Grasp the core of everything.

learn to distinguish between primary and secondary contradictions in life. Things can be divided into four quadrants: "important emergency", "important emergency", "unimportant emergency" and "unimportant and non-urgent".

important things first, make your life more efficient.

5. Don't live a "second-hand life".

try bravely and don't be limited by what others call "experience".

the life I have experienced in person will always be more profound and wonderful than what I have heard.


Lin Huiyin said:

when we were young, we longed for mountains, rivers, lakes and seas. Only later did we know that the best life is the present.

2021, may you form these 25 habits to see the meaning of life in the twilight and the precious of the world in firewood, rice, oil and salt.

May you not be impetuous, cater to, not fit, keep your feet on the ground, live a serious life, and stop wasting time.