2021 the latest husband price list has been released! Look how much your husband is worth!

2021 the latest husband price list has been released! Look how much your husband is worth!

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

how good can a man be?

is a man worth loving or not?

some people say that it is the appearance of his undying romance and love of life;

some people say that he spoils you like a child, gives you support, and becomes your safe haven.

the appearance of love is tens of millions, and it also needs to have a standard.

so, is there a formula to help you see if your husband is qualified?

of course the answer is yes!

Let's do the math!

first of all, remember

floor price



height 175cm, each more 2cm, add 200yuan;

each little 2cm, reduce 200yuan


weight more than 150jin, lose 200yuan

radish and green vegetables have their own preferences,

their own standards!


good voice, plus 100 yuan;

good cooking, plus 300 yuan;

photography, plus 300 yuan;

eloquence, plus 100 yuan;

singing well, plus 100 yuan;

can play the piano, plus 200 yuan (many kinds can be superimposed);

painting is good, plus 100 yuan;

dancing well, plus 100 yuan;

will change magic, plus 100 yuan

can write calligraphy, add 100 yuan;

other talents,

, such as taekwondo, opera, crosstalk, sketches, etc.,

can add 100 yuan.

living habits

net addiction, 200 yuan less;  like smoking, 200 yuan less;

regular drinking, 200 yuan less;

life untidy, 300 yuan less;

I often stay up late to play games, reduce 300 yuan;

have no sense of time, sloppy work, 200 yuan less;

like children, add 200 yuan;

good hygiene habits, add 300 yuan;

love sports, add 200 yuan

eat healthily and regularly, add 200 yuan;

can manage your emotions well, add 200 yuan

attitude towards you

, reduce 200 yuan;

always have no time to accompany you, reduce 300 yuan;

always talk about things that can't be done, reduce 200 yuan;

reply messages very slowly, do not say anything in advance, reduce 200 yuan;

be close to the opposite sex, regardless of your feelings, reduce 400 yuan

if you don't like the holidays and have no sense of ceremony, reduce 200 yuan;

will coax you in a quarrel, add 200 yuan;

will remember your preferences, add 200 yuan;

Selecting from empire waist dress wedding to perfectly illustrate the essence of fashion. Our stylish options are gentle on your pocket.

the holiday will give you a gift, add 200 yuan;

single-minded, only you, plus 400 yuan

Price Standard list

less than 2500 yuan-- men have to work hard. Those who have not yet reached the standard

2500-3500 yuan-- pass more than

3500-4500 yuan-- good, good

4500 yuan-- excellent! Women should cherish it!

finally attach the "Code for good Men of the New era"

remember to let your husband read it and recite it!

1. Wives are for spoiling, not for yelling!

2. The wife is never wrong, when there is a contradiction, you have to admit it first.

3. You have to discuss things with your wife and don't make decisions without authorization.

4. A good man obeys three virtues and four virtues and should obey them.

three obedience: 1 follow 2 obedience 3 followers

4 get: 1 know what's on your mind, 2 birthdays, remember 3 spend money, 4 be angry

5. What the wife likes, to find a way to buy it for the wife, what the wife hates, to help her block it.

6. In addition to the wife, daughter, mother, mother-in-law, other women can not touch!

7. When your wife is hard, you should take the initiative to care about her, such as chatting with her and giving her a massage.

8. Praise your wife three times a day, whatever you want, such as "you are beautiful" and "clothes are beautiful".

9. Anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine's Day and other festivals, we should give gifts, just express our wishes, and have a sense of ceremony.

10. Will be sad because of his wife's sad, when she is unhappy, must accompany her, can not be reasonable!

11. I have to respond to everything my wife wants, every time. For example, if you see the information and want it back, you have to do it if you say yes.

12. Remember your wife's preferences and habits.

for example, remember what she likes to eat, order what she likes every time she goes to the restaurant;

remember that she has rhinitis, especially when it gets worse in winter, so put on clothes for her to keep warm.

13. My eyes are full of wives, but my heart is full of wives.

14. Hug your wife every day and say "I love you".

15. If you plan the future with your wife and put it into practice, you will work harder for a good life.

16. Have a sense of responsibility, take the initiative to undertake housework, do not let his wife suffer.

people who love you will always want to show you the best and will be willing to change for you. If you encounter it, please cherish it.

click [watching]. May you find the person who treats you as before and loves you to the bone, and will never be disappointed.

have all the girls calculated yet?

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this article is only for entertainment

of course no one is perfect

what kind of husband is

good to yourself

only you know!

the relationship is harmonious, as long as you are comfortable with each other!