2021, 20 ways to improve happiness! (recommended collection)

2021, 20 ways to improve happiness! (recommended collection)

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about living habits

1. Insist on going to bed early and getting up early. If you sleep well and don't stay up late, your skin will get better and people will become healthy and energetic.

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2. Eat breakfast on time. A healthy breakfast can not only fill your stomach, but also warm your heart and start a full day.

3. Tidy up the room regularly. Take some time to clean the room with your lover on weekends, a reasonable division of labor will help to promote the relationship between the two sides, and a clean room will also make people feel more comfortable in an instant.

4. Learn to break up. Whether it is out-of-season clothes or idle books, unwanted items can be passed on through donations and other ways.

5. Walk with your head up, chest out and back straight. Never hunchback, hunchback affects temperament, you can practice yoga body when you have time.


about keeping a mindset

1. Smile in the mirror before going out every day. Smile, ten years young. Optimistic and smiling people are always full of sunshine and make people feel warm and close.

2. Less complaining, open mind, no anxiety. Complain less about things you can't change and worry less about things that haven't happened yet. Keep a normal mind, people will also become open-minded and leisurely.

3. Less worry, less anger, no comparison. Everyone has a different definition of happiness. If you don't compare yourself with others, just be yourself. Be content and be content with what happens.

4. Lower expectations and reduce dependence. The same is true for people and things. Only in this way can we get more unexpected surprises.

5. Learn to be grateful and cherish the present. Cherish what you have in front of you, always feel grateful, always do something grateful, good luck will come.


about health

1. Pay attention to a light diet. Eat less midnight snacks, less spicy pickled food, and more healthy fruits and vegetables.

2. Drink plenty of water every day. Plain boiled water is the best drink and does not contain any calories. Drinking more water will help the body detoxify, and the skin will get better with it.

3. Arrange regular medical check-ups. Have a clear understanding of your body, see a doctor in time for minor ailments and pains, and never be afraid to spend money. If you have a healthy body, you will not only avoid suffering, but also enjoy happiness for your children and grandchildren.

4. Keep exercising every week. You can run and play badminton to enhance your resistance, and sweating can also make you feel better.

5. Soak your feet in hot water before going to bed. Not only can promote blood circulation, sleep at night will also be very comfortable and sweet sleep. If you sleep well, you will be in a good state the next day.


about ritual

1. Learn to reward yourself. When you find yourself making progress, you can buy a gift you love for a long time and reward yourself.

2. There should be something to show for each holiday. Be sure to surprise each other on special days such as Valentine's Day and wedding anniversaries. A word of warm concern, or a small red packet is fine.

3. Spend more time with friends. Hanging out with friends, eating, eating and watching movies is always full of happiness and carefree.

4. Have some alone time. In your spare time, you can read and listen to songs by yourself.

5. Take more pictures of your family as souvenirs. Have the condition to take your parents to travel to see the outside world and take more family photos. Usually make more phone calls to care about them and cherish the happy time of the family.

in the new 2021, stick to these 20 lifestyles, improve your happiness index, and make your life sweeter and sweeter.